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Europe and Asia Will Kneel

Author File Description
AZ ViTrAzhAs
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
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Vytautas the Great was the greatest and best known duke of the Great Duchy of Lithuania (GDL), (today Lithuanian Republic). He reigned from 1392 to 1432. Through these forty years GDL became a very large and strong country, covering about 967000 km². It spread from the coast of the Baltic Sea to the deep Black sea. GDL controlled territories which nowadays belong to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.
In XV century the Teutonic was the biggest problem for GDL. Lithuanians were pagan so it was a great pretext to start a crusade and usurp the lands of the heathen. There were many fights, especially near the west borderline. Lithuanians were christened later, in 1387, by duce Jogaila and Vytautas. In 1410 the Grunvald Battle (It is a Polish territory now) crusaders were smashed and their force has disappeared, opening the way for the Great Duchy of Lithuania to collaborate with the western Europe countries. It was a big defeat for the Teutonic and one the greatest battles in Lithuanian history, although Vytautas’ men presented only half of the army; Jogaila, king of Poland, was Vytautas’ ally.
When Vytautas reigned, cities like Vilnius, Kaunas, Trakai, Grodno, had expanded a lot. GDL became an educated western country. Vytautas also annexed Samogitia (Lower Lithuania), fought against Polish hegemony. Vytautas also invited Tartars to live in his country. They joined his army.
In 1430 duce Vytautas the Great had to be crowned (he would have become the second king in the Lithuanian history) but it wasn’t meant to be. He died in October 27, 1430.

The two following stories are fictional:

PART 1 : Europe (very hard)

After the Grunvald Battle crusaders are finely defeated and Vytautas can collaborate with the Western Europe but the countries aren’t very friendly. Soon the strongest rulers in Europe formed a coalition and Vytautas understood that a big war will begin sooner or later. It was obvious that Vytautas couldn’t fight against the strongest lords alone. Presently he found a trustful ally – The king of Sweden. Sweden sent a part of its army and some goods but just then Europe declared war and Vytautas had to struggle against the whole continent. It seemed that he was fighting a losing battle…

Mission: Vytautas the Great (human) against:
Richard the Lionheart
King Philip
Pig duce Truffe
Rat duce de Puce

Vytautas the Great - 3500
European lords – 3500

Starting goods: 100 wood, 48 stone, 10 hops, 2 iron, 5 pitch, 8 wheat, 35 bread, 25 cheese, 20 meat, 30 fruit and 5 bows.

These features are disabled:
• Low walls, perimeter, square and round towers, stables, ballista, mangonel, oil smelter, small gatehouse, killing pits, dig moat, drawbridge.
• Apple orchards and hop farms.
• Well, water pot, church, cathedral, bad things.
• Armorer’s workshop
• Catapult, trebuchet, fire ballista, knights, swordsmen, pikemen, crossbowmen, slaves, Arabian bows, slingers, horse archers.

Staring date – April, 1412

Part 2: Asia (hard)

Almost twenty years have passed from the beginning of the war in Europe. Now the whole continent kneels before Vytautas the Great, but the Asian rulers aren’t satisfied with the situation in Europe at all. Soon Vytautas faces powerful attacks of rovers and Arabian armies. Vytautas realizes that another campaign must be started and he gathers a huge army. Unfortunately Vytautas dies in 1430 and Asian rulers think that the danger has disappeared. Although the army lost its leader, Vytautas’ name lived in the hearts of his men.


Kill the strongest Arabian rulers: Caliph the Scorpion, Emir Omar, Wazir the Terrible and Nizar the Silent.

Gold: 2000
Troops: 657
Starting date – June, 1432


--- Don’t expect easy playability in the missions. Space and resources are very limited.

--- Don’t restart the missions! Quit the mission and then play it again.

--- In part two you will see the starting gold in the upper left corner, although it doesn’t matter because you receive your starting money anyway.

--- The minimap may look inaccurate and disproportionate, but you will find two other pictures which look more realistic.

AZ ViTrAzhAs
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Here I am again pal.I played your maps and they are just amazing.I had a lot of fun on it and I even played it twice after I won it.Real nice war :)

Balance: 5
It's unbalanced, but this is normal according to the story and the ages.I don't take many points for balance, because this isn't important for me.But anayway...

Creativity: 5
I think I have seen this map idea before, but it's very cool and you better have an atlas or map on the whole world (recomnended)

Map Design: 5
The design must have 6, but there isn't rate like this.It's very realistic, man!It's very difficult to make map with real details.I have tryed few times, but a mess happened.So you must be very good map maker to make map like this.i congratulate you for this!

Story/Instructions: 5
Well...You have quite large story and it's true, I think.It got a five from me.

Additional Comments:
WOA!!!One of the best invasions I've ever seen.Well done.I don't make many maps, becasue I have the pleasure to play them and rate them earlier.So I'm very exited what will be your next map.

All the health,
Dido, BG
Bartimaeus M
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Part 1) to start off with you were surrounded by the 5 AIs, pig in my opinion was the closest and most annoying if aloud to grow.
I also missed my favourite things like
Apple orchards - good food dammit :)
Cathedral - no monks that I can laugh at from what they say
Horse archers - best unit in the game if used well
But I’m glad I had the ninjas because that allowed me to kill of the pig and at one time the snake too when I got it right :)
I also was restricted to a basic defensive castle as you disabled some of the buildings and because you disabled the stables armour and swords I had to make good use of the starting units you gave me because they will be hard too get later and some impossible.
The other thing I didn't like was the fact the disables didn’t apply to the AIs (damm them) because the amount of times I wished I could have catapults to crush them yet they had them was annoying.
Overall for this map I gave a 5 because the way you had to play this was enjoyable in the end. Good job here.

(Part 2) The key here I think is timing and the 10 engineers because without them surviving then your in trouble. I started with attacking the Nizar then the Wazir then Emir and the Caliph.
Nizar 1st because of the moat that must not be finished… and then the Wazir because of the random attacks that you don’t need then I retreated to the towers to re-group my remaining forces hopefully with all 10 engineers. Then I go against the Emir taking out the mounts firsts then picking of his troops and burning the place till I kill him. Then the caliph is nice and easy as usual (the 5-fire ballista’s were good :) ) keeping them out of range but in their firing range to attack, this took some time to get, some cases impossible. All in all it is possible to do and that was a good challenge too.

Creativity: 5 + Map Design: 5
(Part 1) The map design looked so real and was far from plain as you can get. :) I liked what you did to join them all together and to be able to get to England though the connection (even though there was none), also I liked all the little rivers that’s was good also allowed me to use them as a defence.
There wasn’t too much resources or to little, but they were hard to get to some e.g. the pig had most of the stone I used while the iron in the south was a long travel away with the snake and King Philip in the way. Also when the Lion heart built his castle right next to the coast looked nice as well as annoying because it meant I had to think about the way of attacking him though the tiny pebble walk able water thing :), which was right next to his gate. Though at time he had problems building his castle from scratch though I think he managed to finish it at one point when I attacked him and lost at one of the games only to come back and destroy him :).

(Part 2)
The desert plains in my opinion are hard to do but you make it look easy XD, nice and barren, also the placement of the AIs proved a challenged but if done right you can do it. Also the land going to desert with the hill in the middle then ending at the coast with the AIs looked real enough for me :).

Story/Instructions: 5
(Part 1 + 2)
You got a story here (better then some which I make straight away a 3) and then you give clear instructions and then set the scene. Also you included the starting goods etc which there gives you the 5, good job there.
Balance: 5
(Part 1) – once you got started it was hard for the player and the AIs but when time went along and one went down it got easier from there. Resources spread nicely. I believe you could of giving a little more wood/stone to start with (only a little) that would have been nice but then again you might lose some of the challenges. But the balance of place and goods was good.

(Part 2) right amount of troops for a good challenge is always a key in a siege map. I think you did this here too. Though time was one thing you need because I think I played this map for 3 hours maybe more to complete this because I took to the slow road to killing my enemy and setting fire to things. Good show all round here.

Additional Comments: I would give you 6.0 or more if possible but lets be sensible and stick to the range of 0 – 5 shall we. Nice maps all round, and great that they are based upon the real life world map, bit like Rome-total war and other similar games. Also to have both maps blend together was a nice trick well done for pulling that one off :)

Just one question: more of a challenge then a question: could you make America and Russia then you could say you did the world XD

[Edited on 03/28/08 @ 07:00 AM]

Map Design5.0
For months, I looked this double map, waiting the good moment to test them. Finally, I found this moment. Well, it's a spectacular work, very hard, especially for Asia.

Playability: 5
Europe - Well, you're really a good programmeur, because it's a skirmishe. I don't know how you managed to, hbut it's quite impressive. I cant' doi my classic defense, composed of round tower and crossbowmen, but I can adapt myself. The IAs aren't too aggressive, letting me a suffisant time to develop my defense (the bows come quickly). However, I must admit I lose the first time, the macemen of the Pig killing some of my archers. Anyway,n playing on this map was really joyceful. We do not have a lot of place, so I must make very close buildings, with a little population. About the IAs, the Serpent was the better IA ; all the others, especially the Rat or the Pig, made a poor development. Killing them was very easy. In a way, it's easy to create a city, because we begin with some resources, and the oasis is very close, so it's quite simple. I feel disappointed about the iron, which isn't in the market. I didn't use it, because I haven't any polace to build maces, so I bought them.

Asia - For me, it was really hard. We have a big army, but the IAs don't stop to attack it, especially the Wazir, or the Nizar. So, I've attacked very quickly after a first failure, beginning like Bartimaeus, by killing the Nizar. In my first attempt, killing the Nizar took me a very long time, very too long. The Caliph had more than 600 soldiers (!), the Wazir more than 300, and about 300 for the Emir. So, killing them was impossible. I was more fast in the second several, and I did a better protection of my engineers. It was pretty hard. I realized how the castles of the IAs must be hard to destroy. Normally, I used a lot of fire ballistas, or catapults, or trebuchets, mais I don't care about my troops. Here, well, losing one troop (especially a engineer) was a terrible thing for me. Yet, contrary to Bartimeus, it was really hard for me to killing the Caliph. He had a big army, and I lost a lot of swordsmen by doing a desesperate assault which works (a miracle ^^).

Balance: 5
Europe - Well, you've said in your instructions that Europe is "Very Hard". Compared to Asia, I disagree with you. I found Europe very simple. Well, I'm also a specialist of shirmishes ; I finished the Crusader Trail a very lot of times, and I played for years on some hundreds of skirmishes, so I can say I'm quite good in skimirsh mode. I think the difficulty in this game can come from the restriction of defensive building. Indeed, suing little towers can be very complicated against the catapults, but the enemies don't use them a lot. About the archers, well, they aren't like the crossbowmen, but the bows were produced very quickly, so I can make a lot of archers. They were very useful against the knights or the pikemen. Then, killing the IAs wasn't very hard. It's normal, because the IAs you chose don't make a good and developed defense... A chance, because, well, if you've put a IA like Wolf, it would have been very hard to kill him, without having the possibilty to use catapults or fire ballistas. So, we don't have the possiblity to make a strong defense, but the IAs aren't very strong on this map, therefore everything is proportional. But, be careful, I don't say this was an easy skirmishe (the first attempt was a failure for me, don't forget it), but, if we compraed this skirmishe to the other, in my mind, Europe is very more easy than Asia.

Asia - So, what about Asia ? Well, the difficulty comes from the defense of the IAs. We have to be very strategic in order to destroying all the IAs. Yet, if we are too slow, the IAs come extremely strong (the Caliph can make more than 600 units). So, I begin by killing the Nizar, trying to kill this slaves quickly. During my first attempt, I was too slow, so I need to be more fast. It was a real success. Then, I followed the same order than Bartimeus. However, killing the Nizar was, in fact, quite hard. This map is clearly very difficult. It was a great challenge for me. The protection of tne engineers was sometimes very difficult, especially against the Nizar and the Caliph. Killing the Wazir was very easy, and the Emir as well. In fact, we have to choose the good place in order to make a siege against the IAs. Because we are all the time attacked by some troops : the horses archers from the Wazir, the arabians bows from the Caliph (and also the Nizar), and, last but not least, the Arabian swordmsne from the Emir. I think that is the major problem of this map. We lost little by little all our army, especially the archers, horses archers, or crossbowmen, who are, with the engineers, the key of the victory. Very difficult, I was fond of.

Creativity: 5
Europe - The simple fact to create a skirmishe in a custom scenario is very, very original. Moreover, you make a skirmishe very special, quite amazing. The limitative conditions, allied with a few space and resources, was a good idea.

Asia - Well, I never played on a map like that. It's a kind of mixture between a classic siege and a classic skirmishe. I'm bluffed.

Map Design: 5
Europe - Even if you forget my region in your reproduction of Europe (Haute-Normandie is quite torn), the global result is very good. It's an excellent reproduction of Europe, from the West to the East, including also Turkey, even the Iceland, lost in the North. The IAs are putting in some countries : the Player fights in Germany, whereas Philippe Auguste is in France (a good choice xD), and the Lionheart in Grezat Britain. I don't know if the Spain would be delighted to be represented by the Rat. Wellk, in a word, it's a very good work.

Asia - The map is less impressive than Europe, but very completed. The south of the continent is well drawn. Moreover, when I see the double minimap, I see that there is no "rupture". You separate the deux continents at the level of Oural. A very good work, I'm bluffed too.

Story/Instructions: 5
I don't know Vytautas the Great (sorry, I don'tknow a lot of things about the story of Lithuania), but the story you invented is very nice. When I played on Europe and Asia, I thaught I was in "Civilization", trying to conquer all the world.

Additional Comments:
If Europe and Asia kneel in front of me, I kneel in front of your work. Very good ! I'm bluffed.

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Map Design5.0
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