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The Real Helm's Deep

Author File Description
The Dragonheart
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Hello all! I know what you are saying, "Not another Helm's Deep". I assure you, this one is like no other. I have worked on this map for a very long time and am glad to submit it so everyone can enjoy. I have play tested this map over and over again and the playability is perfect.

You all know the story behind the battle so I have no need to re-tell it. The men and women of Edoras leave for Helm's Deep, hoping for protection. Saruman's army of ten thousand Uruk-hai marches on towards Helm's Deep. It is an army bred for a single purpose: to destroy the world of men.

This is important for perfect gameplay: The riders of rohan are in the bottom left corner of the map, hacking at segments of wall so they can get out and win the battle. So keep an eye out for when they appear during the battle.

I think this is one of the best looking Helm's Deep maps I've seen. Although, I have seen better than mine, but this one is definitely worth having a go at.

UPDATE: I have updated the map:
- better castle design
- more attackers (in perfect formation)
- longer gameplay

UPDATE 2: I have updated it for the second time.
- no longer need to manually control the rohirrim to break out

I hope you all enjoy my version of Helm's Deep. All reviews and comments are welcome.

The Dragonheart
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The Dragonheart
File Author
Ah yes, I completely understand now. The rohirrim in the bottom corner. I remember having trouble with timing their outbreak, but didn't think about the second part of the wall they had to destroy. Thank you for pointing out that little problem, will update the map immediately so you don't have to manually control the rohirrim.

EDIT: I'm sorry, I can't update the map. I tried and it would cause me to restart the enemy. You will have to manually control the rohirrim.

[Edited on 01/28/08 @ 01:00 AM]

Hypernova90 Hmmm ok,restarting such large invasions forces is a lot of work i admit. But would it be an idea to EXTEND the first wall the Rohhirim run into and then earasing the second wall, so that you make a wall just as long as the two walls toghether ?

This should not be such a big problem, cause you can do this while pausing the game. Haven't tried myself but it's a suggestion. Nice map by the way, great map design although i'm not very skilled so I haven't beaten this map, just because I was instantly busy with the fortress and forget the Rohhirim.
The Dragonheart
File Author
Good point. I have updated the map and you don't have to manually control them anymore. They should break out automatically.

It was tricky to update it. I was laughing by the end because I had to plan my timing perfectly and jump into the map to fix it (there is no "Game Paused" in the editor). I think it took me 3.5 seconds. lmao :D
Hypernova90 Nice ! Also got any tips for me, because I'm not really able to win this map ( *cough* NOOB ). But what do you mean there is no game paused in the editor ? How did you ever preplace to units and order them to attack ? Really stupid question maybe but you pause the editor with ALT+H ( if I'm correct ).

Also a second suggestion is that the enemy pikeman destroy the stairs running up to the keep directly ( not the deeping wall ) is eventually being destroyed by them! After this is happened the enemy will only march towards the deeping wall and attack from there. This isn't like the movie ofcourse. Wouldn't it be better to make earth beneath the stairs leading to the keap ? In this way the enemy will also attack across the stairs ( probably, knowing the behaviour of AI ). I know this might have some big changes in your map. But it could be worth it.

Also if I get it finished a couple of times I will send you a review as soon as possible.
The Dragonheart
File Author
No I think this map is good enough as it is. I know the enemy doesn't respond correctly to the movie but this is the closest I can get it. I made half the army stand in front of the deeping wall and do nothing to make it look like a larger force. Hard to explain (I say that a lot), but the Rohirrim's job is to come in and sweep them up when they save you. Good luck, I look forward to a review.

The Dragonheart
Map Design4.5
Here is the review as promised.

Playability: 4
The map was really really fun! It was so thrilling to see large armies ( most preplaced, which act more intelligent that is way more fun ). Also to make the army larger by putting half of the army in front of the keep standing there was really helping the film-feeling. I was so relieved that I've finished this map that I tried again immediately. But what I didn't think was nice was the fact that when my Rohhirim broke out it took really long annoying time to kill every enemy out there. Maybe the enemy left behind at the Signpost shouldn't be there, because they don't move and are useless. Instead make the Rohhirim force smaller. But I thought it was a pity that there were no battering ram making a hole in the deeping wall. But still very nice!

Balance: 4
Yeah! The balance was superb! Especially in first part when the Rohhirim haven't arrived. This requires some special care in destroying the siege towers and forces moving to the keep. But in the second part I think it is better to make the Rohhirim army size smaller so you can take special care in using them and ereasing the remaining enemy forces. I just used them with no brain and at the end they where with 65 Rohhirim left.

Creativity: 5
Helms Deep shouldn't be suppressed by the fact that there are already so many out there. In this case you used your own creativity by sending large preplaced units on the map. Also recreating a movie/book is a very creative idea and if good worked out it deserves a 5.

Map Design: 4.5
I have nothing to say about the environment. It's really good and there are no ugly points at all. But the keep doesn't look that nice overall. The High Walls of the keep standing on the ground don't look that nice. The deeping wall is bended I know, so you did good work with that aspect. Almost everybody makes the deeping wall straight and this is just way better. The part connecting the keep with the deeping wall could be a bit thicker because It may just look better.

Story/Instructions: 4
You got the story of Helms Deep not told in Details. So that's a pity. I know we all know the story of Helms Deep but if you tell it in your own way or very detailed it shows that you did some work and effort.

Additional Comments:
This is the best Helms Deep Crusader map for sure. I recommend it to everyone who wants to play a strong strategic ( not watch and see ) invasion.

[Edited on 03/16/08 @ 06:58 AM]

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Map Design4.5
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