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Reckless Hate - Part 3

Author File Description
The Dragonheart
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Easy

It is the year 1343 and a war has been erupting for the last year and a half between a kingdom of rich and beautiful cities and a kingdom ruled under a cruel lord.

In 1341, just before the war started, the two lords came together in a friendly meeting to form an alliance between the two kingdoms. Before this event, they were not known to each other. They sent messages to one another and then they agreed they would meet not at a city, but at an oasis. The kind and brave lord suggested this. He didn’t not like the idea of a neutral lord being in his city. He had a bad feeling about it because the other lord was neither enemy nor ally.

They met under the cool shade of a tree next to a watering hole 10 miles from the closest town. Both lords had a small party of troops. The lords stood at least three meters apart, not once taking their eyes off each other until an elegant man stepped forward and announced the names of both the lords, ‘King Agather and King Edward are brought here to pledge allegiance to each other…’ and he droned on…

King Edward, the kind and brave. King Agather, the cruel and heartless. King Edward did not know how cruel the other was. A few moments past and the elegant man was still talking, then he handed King Agather a scroll of paper and a feathered pen to sign. He finished and handed it to the kind lord. King Edward took the scroll and realised the other lord was smiling like the devil. It was unusual but everything was going good so far so he continued to sign.

Suddenly, an assassin lunged forward at King Edward! There was no time to think! He was stabbed in the shoulder before a group of spearmen hurried to save their king. The assassin was slaughtered in an instant. The two groups of soldiers fought each other and one of the spearmen yelled, ‘Sir, get out of here now! We’ll hold them off!’

King Edward grasped at his shoulder as he ran back through the rocky desert and away from the small battle. King Agather was furious. The plan did not go as well as he thought it would. He was supposed to kill King Edward and claim the kingdom as his. The cruel lord now had one more enemy; but this enemy, was like no other. King Agather made the biggest mistake of his life.

Sub Story:

Reckless Hate - Part 3
The siege of Rubist

After the attack on Dragorsk, Half of King Edwards army tracks off into the desert to look for their lord. They travel the desert for many days, coming across small villages that contain twenty peasants at the most. These villages are not hostile; they have no knowledge of the war that has begun. The army passes through and kindly asks the people some questions that could help them. But nothing. Hope slowly starts to faint without their king.

Village after village, day after day… still nothing. On the 10th day of searching, they come across a large town, at least 200 square meters in area. The tired army enters along the main dirt road and is gazed upon by many distraught people. The army questions these villagers, wishing that someone would just say where their king is. Again, no good answers. They begin to leave when suddenly a teenage boy emerges and speaks.

‘Wait!’ he calls. ‘You are looking for the one known by King Edward?’

The army stops and some turn back. The boy’s mother tries to hold him back and shhh’s him. ‘About a year ago,’ he says. ‘There was someone taken through here by that name. He was a prisoner-’
‘Then you must know where he is?’ A soldier cut in. There is silence and then the boy continues.
‘He… he was taken to the city of Rubist. I warn you though: it is a cruel place.’
‘Thank you, so much,’ the soldier answers. ‘Men! We leave for the city of Rubist.’

The small army cheers and then follows the main road out of the town. Maybe they can still win this war…

Enjoy part 3.

The Dragonheart
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dido Another great map done from you.I have really great fun, playing your maps.Especially if I'm defending.
von Schmidt
Map Design5.0
This map was awesome. But a bit too easy, although I had times when I thought I wouldn't have enough men to win. It was also fun, and you seemed to give just about the right amount of troops to each side. The tunnelers were probably the most important part of your army. Without them, I probably would've lost, since I wouldn't have been able to destroy one of the turrets. But like I said before, I found that it was a bit too easy.

The map was well-designed, and the town looked realistic. I could tell you put a lot of time into making the map, because parts that you would never look at were designed very well. I liked the bridge to the city, especially because if your swordsmen destroyed it you could still cross. The town was made realistically, with many crowded hovels, and the walls and towers were made well, and it was hard to attack, because the tall towers had the crenallations so that your arrows would bounce off them.

The story was well-written and understandable, and fit with the story, even if it was a bit long.

Good job!
The Dragonheart
File Author
Thankyou. I can't believe the map design got a 5 because I sort of gave a half hearted job.

[Edited on 07/03/07 @ 05:58 AM]

The Pale Rider Hey all,

I will be playing this map tonight and rating it when finished. Hope to see more good maps to come. This looks like the most popular one recently.

The Pale Rider

(AKA Lollard97367)
The Dragonheart
File Author
Why did you change your name?

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