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Region of Slofgomb

Author File Description
Lord Netral
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Number of Players: 2
Balance: Balanced
Difficulty: Hard

- Designed fot 1 vs 1
- AI works well
- Best for Multiplayer
- Oils in the middle, sigh, that's the one which
make the war between Sripitaka and Zrudazer
- Due to make the game harder, i disabled some
things like:
a. Mercrenary Post
b. Stone wall, large stone gatehouse
c. Ballista, Fire Ballista, catapult,
portable shield, battering ram, siege
d. Tuneller Guild
e. Dig Moat and frawbridge
f. Brazier
h. Oil Smelter
i. Cathedral
j. Water pot

The Story

"That, I, Bariputridewo, King of Sripitaka, announce that the Region of Slofgomb is Sripitaka's." The King of Sripitaka announced. Region of Slofgomb is a region that's rich of oil. Large quantitiy of oils discovered after researchers and peoples migrate here. This region is between 2 border, border of Kingdom of Sripitaka and Kingdom of Zrudazer. After large quantity of oils discovered here, Kingdom of Sripitaka claim that it's their. It's signed by some of enemy's troops, people, workers, and siege equipment tresspass the border, but they were'nt attacking. They just tresspass, because they feel that it's their.. The King still ignore this, even peoples feels that the king should angry about it. The King said that there's no prove that they tresspass the border. But, the situation starting to be hot. Some Sripitaka troops steal oils in the land, and force people to be slave and work there. So, The King starting to angry, but he still discuss it with tactician and some governor. Finally, the King of Sripitaka will meet with King of Zrudazer, King Robin. They'll discuss it in the Slaur Village, Slofgomb Region. Opened in nature, they discussed about it. After 1 hour, and no result, the King of Sripitaka said "Give it to us or...."
quickly some troops spawn "You'll die here!"
But King Robin is smart, he also have a plan to assasinate King Bariputridewo. Then, their troops also spawn. King Robin run, escorted by knights. also King Bariputridewo run safely... Then, the village run with blood, many innocents die.. Sripitaka troops burn all the pitch rigs and houses, burn the village, destroy the outpost and watchtowers. Finally, Sripitaka troops and Zrudazer troops withdraw from the region. The result of this is, King Robin declare war to Sripitaka, and rally most of his troops to destroy them..

Now it's up to you, will you support Sripitaka or Zrudazer?
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
AZ ViTrAzhAs
Map Design4.0
Region of Slofgomb

Playability: 4
When I first saw you map I came up with a thought that AIs won’t work well due to the limited space. However, all the computer lords managed to build their castles (There were a couple exceptions, Wolf for example. He blocked the gatehouses with his own walls. The gatehouses, you have built, didn’t solve the problem. Choosing the enemy to play 1 VS 1 was complicated, too. It was obvious that lords, who dig a moat, won’t be able to defend their castles as usual. Later I picked Frederick because he could finish his castle and run strong economy. I’ve played a death match with a full computer advantage. The map itself offered enough resources to develop fast, and I did. Pitch and oases had to be defended really well. Soon I had a big castle, lots of gold, and circled Frederick with swordsmen and pikemen. He fell soon. The playing time wasn’t very long (1 VS 1 against a computer opponent ends up soon). Still the map is quite cozy for a nice multiplayer game. You have created enough space to build an average castle; the resources were near my stockpile. Well done!

Balance: 5
The map is balanced perfectly. The space and resources are even. Maybe you placed too much oil in the marsh, but still the oil rigs had to be protected with lots of archers, crossbowmen and a few pikemen or macemen. The oases were spread well, too. There were many paths to attack the enemy as you placed fords everywhere in the river. Players can think about different strategies. As for Frederick, he developed fast (who wouldn’t with 40000 starting gold!), and attacked me often (I didn’t expect that from the Emperor). You did a nice job balancing. Thumbs up!

Creativity: 4
I must say that the idea of the map isn’t plain. I like that the two players are on high-land and attacking each other can be tricky due to the natural defense – hills. The mountains are created interestingly. The river and the swamp is the most entertaining. You offered tons of oil and plenty of oases but it’s quite hard to protect workers from deadly arrows. The ruins are sinking in the marsh creating an interesting design. But something was missing, maybe a new and original theme. Still I like the idea!

Map Design: 4
The design is intriguing, huh. The first thing I noticed was the miscellany of the river, marsh, rocks, shrub, trees and ruins. It looks very realistic and nice. The animals make the map livelier. The two mountains were created nicely (I liked the hills mixed with rocks, boulders and iron ore) but the high plain was unimpressive. I didn’t like how you filled the empty land with the little grass squares: it didn’t look attractive or realistic. Still the design is amusing. The oases on low land were created interestingly. Right on!

Story/Instructions: 3
In my opinion, the story was the weakest side of the map. Although it blend well with the map and the idea was thrilling, I found it hard to read due to the grammatical mistakes. Nobody’s perfect, but still the story can be improved.

Additional Comments:
An interesting and easy playable 1 VS 1 map. Your design and creativity are nice, but you should enrich your stories a little. Good luck!

AZ ViTrAzhAs

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Map Design4.0
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