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-Troy- *Updated*

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
The Greeks have landed on the beaches of troy. Take your force and destroy the city of Troy.

I have been working on this map for a while just never got around to it, just finished it. anyway have fun playen it. And if its to hard or to easy tell me.

Story in the zip folder and if thier are any problems plz tell me and dont mind the spelling errors if thier are any.

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File Author
Updated now
New updates include-
-Added more Invasion Forces.
-Added a Stronger Defence for Troy

Feel free to rate and comment.

[Edited on 04/14/07 @ 01:16 PM]

Silver_Legions nice map :)
File Author
Thx =) Reviews are welcome.
k4pod Want ot exchange review with my Lord of the Rings: The Siege of Isengard?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Sieging the castle was quite fun, but much too easy.

Balance: 4
Way too easy. After gending off the inital attacks and scouting the castle, I decided that the right wall was the weakest; it was the only section with one wall in the way as well as NO archers were protecting that flank. After moving my troops in and busting the outer wall, it was little more than a mad rush to the king. I ended up in more than half of my army left. It wasnt intill later that I relasied that I had a catipult.


Still a bit to easy but harder. The right flank of the castle is protected (when I tried attacking there, I was defeated) so I attacked the right. I won with many of my troops left, but much less than before, dispite my use of the catipult and three portable shields (i finaly figured out what the extroa engeneers are for).

Creativity: 4
I cant give you too much creativity for a Troy map, but the small add-ons boosted this. I especialy like the 'sails' on the ships as well as the roads leading to Troy

Map Design: 5
This map is exellent. The castle looks as one should and most of the landcape is carved naturaly. I liked the rocks leading up to the mountains. And the outposts near the beggining.

Story/Instructions: 4
A great story in the file, but not realy anything infomative about the map itself. And the information on the page is about two snetences.

Additional Comments:
Nice job. If you update the map to include a stronger flank, ill update this review.

[Edited on 04/19/07 @ 06:55 PM]

File Author
Ok... is thier anyways to improve on the 4.0's? any ideas to help up them?

[Edited on 04/19/07 @ 10:11 PM]

Amir88 Yes ,its a great map.castle design is very good.
surajsubba Troy by Yoda48:

I had fun playing the map. However it wasn’t much of a real challenge one would be hopeful of.

At the outset there’s a small fight with the Trojans on the beaches of Troy. A few of your troops will get killed in the process either by the traps or enemy. My first try on the map was based on my curiosity to check out the difficulty of the map. Gathering the whole troop (even the slaves) i sent them towards the neatly aligned enemy swordsmen (The main gateway where Hector awaits). My archers & crossbowmen were within a good range. BTW the Trojans are represented by Arabian troops :s I wanted to see if this was worth the shot, turns out it was sheer suicide. On the second try however, after scanning the whole fortification, i found that the best way to break into their fortification was from the right side. The absence of archers on the walls made it easy. The macemen is the best choice to bring down a section of the walls. A handful of them were shot down by the enemy archers. The rest were used to deal with the archers behind the crenellations. I simply had to work my way around the walls. So pretty much 90 % of the enemy archers were dealt with. After this I just had fun burning down the city using the slaves. Most of the Trojans (Arabian swordsmen) were doomed. Only some 20 % of my troops were lost. The challenge one hopes to get by playing a Troy map is to experience the difficulty in penetrating their walls, which was easy in this case.

The design is great. Recreating the battle scene of Troy on a Crusader map is tricky. Here the author has quite adeptly designed the city and the surroundings looked really beautiful. It is the high walls of Troy made invasions difficult. Troy, it’s high walls and it’s finest archers; they are inextricable. The walls which the author has made are quite low. Using the terrain tool to make high walls will give it a more realistic appearance. I was among the first five to download the map. So my observation here is based on the prior version. I’ll definitely download the update.

Thanks for the map

[Edited on 04/22/07 @ 12:17 PM]

File Author
kk thx i will be looking forward to your update
Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
The map is highly playable. I personally had a lot of fun playing it and managed to conquer the city from all possible directions and even killed all the castle's troops, though that was not the task requied to win the scenario.

Balance: 3,5
The problem with this map, it was too easy. On a direct attack upon the castle, the player would have less chances to win. A strategical conquer using archers, crossbows and shields is enough to take down all the troy archers. Walls and towers should have been unpassable so the player will be forced to enter the city through the gate. After all, that's why the movie troy has the walls before gate in a square shape - to concentrate the firepower of archers upon anyone who tries to reach the gate. Using the catapults and troops, one can enter in city through almost every point, from there having free path to the king.

Creativity: 5
The author showed high creativity, everything is layed in the map in an unique way. I liked everything regarding the scenario and it prooved the author is capable of so much more compared with his previous maps

Map Design: 4.5
The terrain was designed carefully, especially the mountains which look very realistic. Some neglectable negative aspects about history accuracy of the map would be:
1.The size of castle. made on a 300x300 map and it's still just 1/4 from it. 2. The castle was not situated near or connected to any mountain. 3. The boats, compared with the size of castle look fine, but only like 5 troops would fit in one. Greeks had poor boats indeed, but not toy boats. 4. Useless quarries protected by some crossbows.
They're just historical points which I see different than the author. It won't take any of the design score but I felt neccesary to mention them. However there are certain spots on the flat area in front of the city which doesn't blend with the overall terrain which is enough to take 0,5 from the 5.

Story/Instructions: 5
No complains here, the story presented a very detalied version of the trojan war, I enjoyed reading it.

Additional Comments:
A map worth to play

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Map Design4.8
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