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Quake of Gonalz valley

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 4
Balance: Balanced
Difficulty: Normal
The village of golaz in a pityful state with not enough food to eat.King golan comes in work hard men,lets get our village running.Day and night we work making this village prosperous king golan says and so it was.Work till you die lets get this villlage prosperous.King gonlaz was 23 years old when he became the king of gonalzHe married when he was 25 with a beatiful girl of age 24.The people lived happily under his rule.The village prospered there graneries filled with fruits.When king golan was 29 years old he had a son names karikara.karikara grew up into a handsome looking but stupid person.When king golan was 33 years old a second child was born his name was tikhahara.Tikhahara grew up to be a clever but very ugly.When king golan was 38 years old he had a son named kamran.Kamran grew up to be handsome,clever and a powerful commander.When king golan was 48 years he had a son called raven.He was very clever,cunning,well mannered,Handsome looking and very powerful more powerful than all the other sons.He was king golans favourite son.King golan had decided to give the thrown to raven.His elder sons were always envious about Raven..The kingdom had prosperity and was peaceful.After 45 years of peace and prosperity
an earthquake divided the kingdom into four equal halfs.King Golan died during the earthquake.His eldest 3 sons knowing that Raven would become the king waged war against each other to gain control the empire.The war has lasted for 10 long years and still goes on.With his four sons fighting against each other the kingdom of gonalz valley had been drained of its wealth its graneries empty,its treasurie empty,the people starving to death.The kingdom had almost turned into a wasteland.Can you defeat your brothers and reunite the kingdom.This map is best palyed as every king for himself.This map can also be used for a multiplayer game.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
EliteAce Playability: 5
PLayabilty was very nice. It was fun to play the masp mostly because of the choke points that you usaly had to fight to get through.
And, all the recources are placed relitizely close to the castle, so its easy to get supplies.

Its also fun to just build up a large ampount of arches and just have them wait and hold the choke point while you build up a large and creative castle.

Balance: 5
I thought that the balance was superb!
since the map was almost perfectly sysmeterical it was not harder or easyer for anyplayer to get more resourse than their oponets, which maent that everybodeys army is going to be relitivly similer sinc eeverybodt has alot of the same resources.

PLus, since there was realy only one main choke point, it was just as hard for each player to get to and attack thier enemies.

And since there was an equla amount of resources on the map, everybodey had acsees to the exact same type and amount of resources.

Creativity: 5
The creativity was superb.
I think that with all those resources avaliable to use, it was easy to create creative castles, which inturn meant (at least to me), that the map had some good creativity.
You could create a realy impressive castle on that map, and eventhough the castle wasnt on the map befor you played, it could still get on the ap, and i think that that could be comsidered as good map creativity.

The only drawback on the map was that it didnt have alot of eye-candy, but that didnt lessen the score very much.

Map Design: 4
The map design was allso very good
I like symetrical maps, and that is what this map is.
A very nice symetrical map.

The terrain on the map looks very nicly planed,
and fits in very well.
using some uneven terrain a bit more might make the map a bit more intresting. After all, it gives archers a vantige point.

Story/Instructions: 3
Your story could have been a bit better. try to use many discriptive words, and some metaphores. alo try to make the story longer.
I can imagen that its hard to make a story for a map that doesnt have any scripied events, so focus specificaly on what happend before the map. You started out that way, you just needed to make the story last longer.

Additional Comments:
Sorry, but don't have any.

[Edited on 04/21/07 @ 02:55 PM]

EliteAce Uh!
the rating didnt show up!
Now i will have to make it againn :(
Sulis Your review did show up, EliteAce. However, all new reviews and comments will now require approval from either myself or Lady Arcola. This is hopefully a temporary measure until the continuing abuse of the downloads section is resolved. The review meets the minimum standard required, and has now been approved.

EliteAce oh. ok
File Author
Thanks for the review and all reviews and comments are always welcome to my maps.

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