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Battle for Daern

Author File Description
von Schmidt
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 4
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Hard
The night was foggy and wet, with no moon to shine light on anything. The guard walked along the wall, hugging his tattered cloak around him and holding his lantern high. Suddenly a man grabbed him and gagged him, while another tied his hands and feet.
"Yer not gonna be shoutin' anything," said the first, lifting the mans feet. "Yer gonna go down, down, down, to the ground. Then ye can't talk, oh no, yer gonna be too dead t' do that."
The other man lifted the guard, grabbing his shoulders and hoisting him up. They started to walk to the edge of the wall to throw him down.
The guard started frantically wriggling about, trying to get free of his bonds. He managed to whack the one holding his feet in the jaw, who fell cursing and nursing his wound. The guard then rammed the other in the stomach, who gasped for breath and stepped back, onto air. He screamed as he fell backwards, clawing at cracks in the stone walls. The scream brought several other guards running to the walltop, drawing their swords and brandishing spears. The first man cursed all the more when he saw he had been discovered, and bent down near the trussed-up guard, with a long hunting knife in his hand.
"Can ye give 'is kingship a message? Sure ye can! Tell the others the Carhans are coming, they'll tell 'is royal 'ighness what 'e needs t' know," said the man, slashing the guards wrists and throat. "I'm leaving, y' know. Wanted t' deliver the message meself, but this'll 'ave t' do." And with that the man flung himself off the wall, plummeting into the darkness below, just as the first guards reached the dying one.
"What happened?" one asked, looking at the bloody mess covering the walltop.
"The... Carhans... coming... uhhh..." the guard's eyes glazed over as he took his last breath and died.
"The Carhans? Coming? No!" The guards raced to the kings keep, each of them eager to tell him the terrible news.

Sir James, a friend of the king, was riding through the forest with five hundred men to reinforce the king's army, when suddenly war drums boomed all around them, and loud war-horns sounded. A herald stepped out, holding a flag with the flame of death on it.
"The Carhans," James breathed as hundreds of soldiers stepped slowly out of the foliage, holding long pikes and spears forwards.
"Join the Carhans, or DIE!" the herald cried out harshly, as the Carhans gave their war cry, a scream sounding much like fingernails against a chalkboard.
"Never, scum! Go back the lands from whence you came! Draw swords!" His troops drew their swords, ready for a fight to the death.
"Charge!" cried out the herald, and the Carhans rushed forwards, killing all in their path.
When they charged, James was knocked to the ground. A dead man fell over him, and he remained unnoticed, surviving the fight. He got up and stealthy crept away when he was sure nobody was around. He ran as fast as he could, and managed to sight the king's castle before the Carhans sighted him. He took two arrows, one in his shoulder and the other in his back before he reached safety. He then told the gatekeeper to tell the king the Carhans were coming, and they had a great host.
"The king knows," the gatekeeper answered. "A guard was killed, and the people of small, undefended villages have come here to escape the Carhan's ruthless killing of innocent people." James did not answer. He was dead.
The gatekeeper then looked at the arrows that had wounded him, and saw that they had been poisoned. He then heard war horns and drums. Turning around, he didn't notice the arrow until it was too late.

Hello everyone

This is my tenth map. You are blue. There should be plenty of grass, and hopfully enough stone and iron. You should be in the north and play against three, but heck I don't care where you put yourself. The keeps are kind of close together, so archers are very useful. You should do either:

Emperor Fredrick in the middle, because he's good and uses mangonels
Richard or Saladin in the middle, because they use mangonels
Snake in the middle, because he uses a lot of archers and get his economy up fast
or the Caliph in the middle, because he uses lots of archers in tall towers

The ruins in the bottom-left of the map are from an old watchtower, and thats about it!

Have fun, v_Schmidt/Netro
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