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Duc De Chevaliers-Part 1

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

The year 1101 AD a boy is born to the greatest sailor of the time, the child is named Chevaliers is born and thus begins the story of the dynasty named Chevaliers. He was born in a ship as his father was a sailor, his father had sailed the seven seas, explored unexplored and lands, embarked on the most dangerous adventures, defeated monsters never seen before. The sight of his father commanding the fleet and fighting monsters always inspired him to become a pirate or even the captain of the ship. He was fascinated
by the wonders of the sea which made his desire to become a sailor strong .He has traveled the seven seas with his father fighting monsters and pirates and sailing in stormy weathers.

When he was 7 years old his father died fighting with enemy pirates. From that day onwards he dedicated his life to become the captain of the ship in respect to his father’s position as a captain. sailing through the whole world with his fellow friends his sole desire to become the captain of the ship became stronger. He became the captain of the ship in 1131 AD; he was then 31 years old. Having fulfilled his dream of becoming the captain of the ship he visited his father’s burial site in honor. He was very successful as a leader and had full respect of his troops but that didn’t last long, during his voyage at "SEA OF TRANQUILITY”, his ship was caught in a storm. His ship was able to withstand the storm for a day but eventually it broke apart and all the crew died including his mother but chevaliers survived and got carried to the shore of a near by island by the waves. He was rescued by the son of king Grever from the kingdom of "ARAZGHAN”, his son was playing in the beach when he saw chevaliers lying on the beach.

Chevaliers was took care of and fed with royal food because the king respected him as his father had helped the kingdom a lot in difficult times. A long time passed after he had been rescued. Attracted by the respect that the people gave to the ex-military commander of the kingdom a new dream came into his mind "maybe I
should become military commander here the people give so much respect to him and since leadership is in my blood I should make a great commander" he asked the king "Sire, may I become the military commander of your army" the king said "I know that leadership is in your blood but you must prove it to me by defeating the neighboring kingdom with a small army of 20 swordsmen and 20 assassins” Chevaliers agreed and marched off to the neighboring kingdom and skillfully defeated them. Chevaliers returned home victorious he had gained victory the king said " chevaliers I didn’t know that you were this strong as a leader I am ready to make you my military commander" and so he was made the military commander of king Grevers army. The whole empire was in joy of having a new military commander but some were jealous. He served the kingdom for a long time he had won the most difficult battles for Arazghan and had made amazing plans to defend the kingdom against invasions in the worst conditions. From his view he had grabbed the heart of the people as well as the kings but he was wrong. One day while he was walking in the streets he heard one of the people saying “who wants that commander he is such a sucker and we don’t have to fear him when the king is around”

From that day his greed for the throne kept on increasing and finally one day he tried to assassinate king Grever.He failed in the attempt and ran away to deserted lands. He traveled with cruel bandits that raided small villages and stole from the poor. As each day passed his greed for respect grew and finally it turned into a greed for a new kingdom. After 21 years of wandering he got away from the bandits and established the kingdom of 'DUC DE CHEVALIERS’. He was cruel as a king and was font of exiling people. After some years of peace king Grever's son (grever 2) found out about the kingdom of "DUC DE CHEVALIERS" and is back for revenge filled with anger. Chevaliers has defended the kingdom for ten long years and is now dead. Now it is up to you (Chevaliers 2) to defend the kingdom. Looks like you will have to pay for your father’s cruelity; the people that were exiled by chevaliers are back for revenge or is food what they want............maybe..............After every time
they attack the food in the granary disappears mysteriously. To make problems worse king Fredrick is trying to capture your city. Can you defend the castle against these three mighty forces?

Hi everyone, this map is a bit hard
The objectives are
300 swords for keeping the castle well equipped
to defend against invasions

300 armor for keeping the castle

well equipped to defend against invasions

4000 bread for keeping the economy stable

25000 gold to make the castle stable

100% drinking ale to stop the people from leaving the
Castle due to the things your father did to them

Try to clear the big invasions fastly as they may reach
Upto a 1500

The map also includes eyecandys like

The gateway to execution

The park

The medicity monastery

The docks

The roads and waterways

The tomb of chevaliers etc...........................

Author’s notes-The castles lower section is completely for religious buildings but some space has been left so that you may build any number of buildings you want. On the gateway to execution the people are hanged and thrown into the cease pit or buried. This is the first map in the long campaign of duc de chevaliers which is divided into two parts first part is the expansion and the second is called home affairs. The map is about 55 years long. The pyramid(Tomb of chevaliers) and the stadium was built in the course of a river and the river was bend artificially by the royal diggers to make sure that these two monuments which are a bit far from the city remain safe. One of the locations of the signpost is in ruins as the first attack came there and it was a part of the city with incomplete walls. I hope you will enjoy this map. This is my first map..

p.s. - if you like my map, Please post a comment and perhaps a rating... I’d really appreciate it.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability- 3.5 – This is quite a long scenario, and with my experiences in the past they are not always the best options, lengthy scenarios need a lot to keep players interested and can become quite annoying which I’m afraid is what I found to be the problem here. When bandits would attack, they would remove a percentage of food, however they don’t make it inside the castle so it’s a bit out of place. More than this the large amounts of food you have, the more disappears, in the end I simply turned of the food and used ale and religion to keep the people happy, leaving food collection till later. The timing of bandits was a bit erratic and did get on my nerves as it became tedious after so many.

Once you gather resources and build the necessary buildings all you can do is wait and recruit either archers, crossbows and spears. Then you simply position and ref-enforce parts of the map to protect against bandits and wait for the invasions.

Overall I feel this scenario is too long, and there wasn’t much rhythm or fluency so that the player could enjoy it. There are times when there is too much to do and others when you do nothing but wait which did get frustrating. Try making shorter scenarios with smaller invasion leading up to a great big one at the end, that way the players forces, build like those of the enemies, when play testing do so after you have every invasion, so that you can gauge how many the troops the player will have, and can then set a good amount of enemy forces.

Balance- 3.5 – The balance of the map wasn’t too bad, however it isn’t the easiest scenario either, you do need to continually build your army to sustain the attacks and reinforce any leaks in your defenses. In the end it is hard to balance as your melee troops (spears) don’t have much chance against the enemy; they do however keep them away from key areas long enough for your bolts to kill them off. I had so many archers that the enemy simply died before reaching the walls and gatehouses. This is the reason I can’t give a higher score as I did have so many troops left.

Also the availability of such weak melee troop makes game play rather boring as you simply recruit missile troops and place them strategically. This makes the game play rather dull.

Creativity- 3.5 – The scenario itself is a bit erratic as I mentioned earlier and conditions and invasions don’t seem to flow or build, rather just smash up upon rather annoyingly, timing is everything and I feel these needs to be addressed in the future. Collecting a great deal of bread and then having most of it stolen is a real pain. Especially seeing as how frequently bandits appear and cause this to happen.

Moving onto the castle design which I feel though shows good areas of work also shows a bit of inconsistency. I’m not against having eye-candy, however I feel that it must be used effectively to achieve good results in maps. Sometime eye-candy seems to get in the way of realism and I think this was the case for your map. Some areas are modeled well however some areas were not so well done.

The graves and inner gardens were well made and really added a nice touch to the harsh landscape. However sometimes less is more, and when eye-candy is overdone it ruins maps. The cathedral, though looking very interesting features water coming from no where in particular. Also the rectangular structure outside along with the pyramid and towers seem a bit out of place. When making a map try to relate areas to each other so that they feel as one. In the case of your map it didn’t seem to makes sense or fit in with the rest of the map. Eye candy in moderation seems to be the most effective way of using it in my opinion.

The lowered walkways and inner gardens, along with the housing area all looked very well designed and really gave a city feel to the fortress, great job there! I particularly like the way you built a dock area behind the castle, really looks good, things like this do really help a map to be more interesting as they are out of the way but when seen, give that little spark to maps.

Map Design- 3 – When it comes to terrain creating a realistic impression is often key. I’m not sure what technique you used but I will let you in on the way that I and Arthus approach it. We begin by sculpting a basic layout of lowland cliffs etc. Then if it is required we would add rivers. After you are happy with the basic design you can begin to add stones and shrubs, finishing with trees and animals. By doing it in steps you can be sure that toward the end you will have a clear and well though out landscape.

Do some image searches and collect photos or drawing so that you can become familiar with how cliffs blend don into hills, or where trees and shrubs are likely to grow. Even find a photo and make that exact terrain in a crusader map, by doing this you will see that you will improve each time, simply because you will learn new things.

Your maps terrain felt a bit of a mish mash. You used a lot of stones and tress which covered a lot of the sculpted areas and left an un-natural feel. Don’t aim to scatter aimlessly, try to create a representation that is true to nature that might be as simple as only placing a few trees because it is a desert, or only placing them next to water. Making sure grass is near water and thins out as it moves away from it.
Remember water will always take the easiest way and if it is river will have to come from somewhere, the river around the pyramid looked unnatural, whatever you do, don’t have straight water.

The area behind the castle was probably my favorite part, it was rough and craggy and had a real mountain feel to it, and more importantly you didn’t over use the stones which made it look really good. Along with the sandy areas, it was without doubt the best terrain area in the map for me. Great Job!

Story/Instructions- 4.5 – The story was a nice setting and built the mood for the map. Some of the grammar wasn’t the best but that doesn’t matter so much. In one particular area of the story you used some words that I’m not so sure they would have done back then, remember you have to create the mood, and using words like sucker seems a bit out there.
Other than that you describe a good story and let the player know what they had to do. A good four from me.

Additional comments: We all start somewhere, sorry it’s not a five but I hope you can use this review to become a better designer.

I think that there are two types of designers, the ones who look at a review and get worked up and never aim to understand or improve.

Or the ones I prefer, they read the review, take in some advice and aim to learn and do better with every map they make, I hope you are the latter.

Keep the designing up and you are bound to get better, it takes time, but everything does.

Best wishes.

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4.5
The playability was intresting.
As WarLord_Designs mentioned, the map seemed a bit long. I, myself, don't mind long senerios, but, this one seemed a bit, push forword.
What I mean is that, the map just seemes to go for 'too' long.

The overall map was very, engaging. The objectives were easl understood, and the events that took place helped make the map seem, more realistic.

But, some more finer details were a bit, lagging.
It seemed too easy to repell attacks on the castle, and rebuilding farms that were destroyed by bandets was easy.
I think that the resources were 'too' abundant, which made the map a bit more easy.

Balance: 4.5
The balance was a bit above acceptable.
I agree with what WarLord_Desings had said,"Also the availability of such weak melee troop makes game play rather boring as you simply recruit missile troops and place them strategically. This makes the game play rather dull."

Since only weeker units could really be made, it made the game feel, dreary. It really was all about strategic placement of your troops, and, don't get me wrong, strategic placement is a major part of any map, it's just that, you didn't have many very powerful tropps to strategicly place other than archers, spearman, ect.

Creativity: 5
You had a lot of eye-candy.
your castle, its surroundins, and the landscape was full of eye-candy.
The loewered walls in the castle, and the pyramid, was entertaining to look at.
The castle looked as though you put some time into creating it, and, as a result, the castle looks very intresting.

Unfortunetly, the eye-candy didn't really match the map. The lowered wall looked good, but the pyramid didn't seem to fit in.
The bridge connecting two sides of the river also seemed to look missplaced.

Map Design: 4
The map's design was adequate. If it wasnt for the occasional missplaced looking eye-candy, you would get a 4.5. The eyte-candy, and the detail in the castle.
The design of the castle is very applesing, but, the actual design in the casle seemes a bit lacking.

'I would ad some more vegitation, and some more uneven terrain, but thats just me.

Other than that, you map design was very nice. There were a few places that could have used a bit more detail, like right in front of the castle.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
I thought the story was good. Far better than your original.
There were a few, but not many, grammer errors.
The story itself was good in general, but the story, in my opinion, could have had a bit more of a feel to it, like a more midevial mood to it.
As WarLord_Design had mentioned,"remember you have to create the mood", he is right. Some parts of your story seemed to lose the "mood".

But other parts of the story we nicly writen out. They had the "mood" and seemed to flow.

Additional Comments:
I am sorry that I have not really seemed to show the best part of your map in my review, it's just that there are areas that could be made better, and by having this review focused on the parts that could be updated, I hope that you will update the map, and get even better reviews.
Your map does have many good points/areas in it.

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Map Design3.5
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