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All Hail the Crimson King

Author File Description
AZ ViTrAzhAs
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Image Hosted by

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In year 1266 two little boys were born in a small village in Brittany. It was obvious that they were twin brothers. Their mother died giving birth to her sons. Later the boys were named Richard and John.
A couple of years passed and the young boys were being taught to use the sword and ride a horse. Villagers noticed that Richard was a real warrior, although his selfishness sometimes failed him. John was calmer, more careful and his ingenuity had astounded the local people a couple of times. But little did the young boys know that soon their lives will change forever.
It was a cold snowy winter when villagers found out that a small party of nomads was headed to their home. It was too late to ask for help from the nearest neighbors and the next day the nomads attacked the village. The houses were burnt, men fell in battle. As for woman and children, they had to follow the invaders and later were sold as slaves. John was among them. Lucky for Richard, he hid in the caves before the attack. It would take almost thirty years for Richard and John to meet again.
Year 1298, Richard becomes a great ruler; his furious army is a fear to everyone. He also built a strong castle near the sea in the Brittany pen. Richard forgot the past, his childhood. Now he is swimming in glory as he always wished to.
John hadn’t forgotten about his brother at all. Life in Asia was hard, but soon John used too it. He was freed from the slavery due to his courage and wisdom. Later he became a merchant and skimped a lot of gold. A couple of years John had been thinking about his brother. Soon he heard that Richard achieved glory and wealth in Europe. Now John is planning to travel back home and suggest his twin brother that they should reign together and achieve more victories, capture other territories…

Mission one: The One and Only

John arrives to Europe with his wealth. He gathers a small army of mercenaries and heads to Richard’s castle. Sadly Richard doesn’t like John’s suggestion at all. Furthermore people got shocked as they never thought that their ruler has a twin brother. Richard becomes disgruntled and realizes that the only way to save his glory is to kill John. He will never share his territories or the throne.
John is sailing back to Asia but a strange ship appears in his way. It is obvious that the ship belongs to his brother. The green flag tells everything. A big battle begins, in which John’s boat is destroyed. Luckily, he captures the enemy ship and sails back to Brittany coasts. John starts to think about revenge and calls himself Crimson King. It would be easy enough to free Richard’s prisoners. They were part of his army but wanted to capture the throne. These men can really help Crimson King. But before the boat reached the coast a fire started inside. The deadly flames may kill everyone…

Starting date: February 1299

Mission: Kill enemy lord (invasion)

Your mission is to kill Richard as fast as you can, because his army is getting bigger and bigger, although his men are nervous: engineers spill the oil without any reason etc. It’s impossible to win without freeing the prisoners, but it won’t easy: you will have to escape from the burning ship and think of a plan to free your troops. Attacking the castle can be a problem too due to the fire ballistae on walls and annoying mangonels. Good luck!

• Do not restart this mission, quit it and then play it again.
• You will see your starting gold in the upper left corner, but that doesn’t mater as you get your money anyway.
• Lower the speed to minimum, it will be easier to save your troops from the fire and escape the ship.
• You can use the lord in the siege but be careful: if he dies, the mission is over.

Mission two: Starving friends

After the big battle against his brother, Crimson King heads east as scouts report that Richard’s men allies are marching towards him. Soon Crimson King reaches the ruins of a small castle. Just then sad news come from his home in Asia: a drought has destroyed he wheat crops and people are dying from hunger. Crimson King realizes that he must send food, although it won’t be easy: unfriendly natives are everywhere and whenever they will suspect, that Crimson King has something worth stealing, they will strike immediately. What is more, the king mustn’t forget about Richard’s allies; their armies are on his tail…

Mission: rebuild the castle and collect 1000 bread, 400 meat, 300 fruit and 250 cheeses. (Economic)

Starting date: January 1300

This is an economic mission with an interesting scenario because the events will depend on your style of playability:
• When you achieve pleasantness +1, the people will start stealing food because they will think that you are kind and pleasant and won’t punish them.
• When you achieve pleasantness -1, the people will start burning your castle as they are very angry about your tyranny.
• If you achieve pleasantness +2 after August 1309, you will get married.
• If you achieve pleasantness -2 after August 1309, friendly bandits will come from the woods and help you.
• When you achieve 1000 gold or 450 bread, bandits will attack your castle a couple of times.
• When you finish building your castle, friendly natives will come from to live in your fortress and they will help protecting it.
• If 70 or more people live in your castle, this will cause plague epidemic several times.

Don’t forget about other events and invasions.

Note: During the mission few events may happen at the same time but this will depend on your playability, so I hope this won’t bother you a lot. Also the map has a couple hidden oases, use them properly.

Mission three: Bloody Swords, Deadly Arrows

After Crimson King sent the food, a huge army of well prepared soldiers sieges the small fortress, and Crimson King must leave the castle with his best warriors and head east even further. It is obvious that he must leave Brittany, but again disturbing news come from Asia: Sultan Ziad started a war campaign and it seems that Crimson King’s homeland will be terrorized by the cruel tyrant. Crimson King understands that he must sail to Asia with a full arsenal. The plan is simple: capture the Dark Tower Castle, which is near the coast, and obtain enough weapons to fight against Sultan Ziad in Asia. But Richard’s allies won’t stop until they catch his brother. The natives will help Crimson King if he offers them gold and food. The sand near the sea will turn red…

Mission: Capture the Dark Tower castle by killing every enemy unit and obtain 25 pikes, 100 metal armor, 80 swords and 150 bows. (Economic)

Starting date: July 1304

As in the previous mission, a couple of events will depend on your playability:
• If you achieve maximum ale coverage, drunkards will start stealing food from the granary.
• When you collect some wheat (10), rabbits will start eating your crops.
• If you obtain 2000 gold or 200 bread, friendly natives will join your army.

Note: you will find the dark tower behind the mountains.

Have fun with these missions!

AZ ViTrAzhAs

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Hitman
Map Design5.0
Hokay, after a long time ran out I decided to review this jewel, cuz it didn't get much attention... But it should, I can't explain the low downloads ;-/ I also hope it won't "freeze in time like a modern Pompey" xD This is a pure example to don't count about the map from the minimap :)

Playability: 4.5
Eeh, the playability... I have to say I got really a lot of adventures and provocations. Excellent, my troops were also all dying in the beginning. Actually it's a pure luck when the scratch will hop out. After several attempts I lowered the speed to 20 and managed to save all my people from the burning ship :) So far so good, somehow I killed Richard. However I played the 2nd mission "not 2 or 3, I played it thousands of times" xD No really, I have some difficulties on economic missions with very little grass. The 3rd mission was a brand new story. After leaving all my sweat on my mouse I passed it too. Good idea about he dark tower by da way. The green color of my soldiers was a great idea too. Bad - Richard's troops spill their oil for unknown reason and do stupid fall back over time ;-/
Balance: 4.5
Pretty well balanced I have to say... I think the however that the enemy had an advantage :) Espeacialy the knights on the 3rd mission were more smart than usual :D The 2nd mission was the hardest I think.

Creativity: 5
Well 3 maps in one minimap, good chasing of the story. Escaping from ship, the dark tower. Enough :)

Map Design: 6
Geez, you're da master of the designing terrains. There wasn't an empty place. Everything was absolutely natural, various objects on the battlefields, lakes, rivers, great. With one word - perfect. 6!

Story/Instructions: 5
More than obvious, a fat story, very interesting, mentioning thing from the map... Although it's not one story, but whole 3! Using HTML codes, made the mappage a real beauty.

Additional Comments:
One of the best mappacks in SHHeaven, I guess. i felt the real joy at the end, when I finished the 3 hardcore (for me) missions. It isn't an easy job to make such flawless maps, with breathtaking terrain, almost perfect balance, interesting story and adventure elemnents. (!) I can't explain myself the small amount of downloads, although this is a superb map. I guess the people decided about I by the minimap... A big mistake. Only the name of it's creator shows that it's a masterpiece. You really do care about the content of your maps and their presentation. Appreciating. Keep the good work, neighbor.

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Map Design5.0
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