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Waiting for Hero

Author File Description
Lord Netral
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Waiting for Hero

The Al-Hiriyad Village.. the village which locates near the Al-Hiriyad Oasis. It's in the west of Jerusalem. This Village is an isolated village. People here feel happy, they have enough food, shirts, and health. Some traders from Jerusalem, China, Arab, Europe, and others also visit here.

Civil War
But, in the early years of 999 AD, there's a civil war because of the matter of religion. The things that caused this is so simple, only because 1 Muslim child fought with 1 Ntrul Ethnic Child. Their parents angry, and the angryness spread to the others, so the civil war broke out. Houses, market, mines, farms were destroyed. The population reduced severely, the population of this village before is 30.000 people, about 21.345 people ran from this village, and 2.325 died. The Elder, Mullah and Ntrul Bishop tried to calm this war, but it's nearly no use. Then, Muslims hired assasins and mercrenaries, because of this, Ntrul Ethnic destroyed and massacred brutally. Then, the Muslims also assasinated the elder, then changed the elder to an elder puppet called "Al-Falujah" in 1030 A.D.

Vlered Revolution
In the rule of Al-Falujah, the remaining Ntrul Ethnic and other ethnic than Muslims discriminated, they must paid high taxes. For this, many Mullah and Muslims protested about this. Then, the Vlered Revolution broke out. Al-Falujah was captured and executed. Then, the village fell into chaos for the throne. Finally, the Mullah could calm the situation, and he suggested for a vote. Then, you're elected as the leader in November 1094 A.D. You cleaned the ruins and try to reform the economic, which isn't succes till now.

The Crusade
In 1095, Pope Urban II called the crusade . You thought that the crusaders will lose, but, in July 1099, Jerusalem fell into the hand of crusaders. Many Muslims massacred. Some of the refugees from your villages that ran to the Jerusalem massacred, but some could made it to your Village. But they're chased by the Crusaders, then they discovered this poor village. Then, they reported this to the leader of Crusaders. So, they send this village an ultimatum. You, heard that, feared, then discussed it with the Villagers and Mullah. Finally, they said: "We will fight for this village! Indenpendence or die!!". So, you must reform the economic and millitary, and prepare for the Crusader's siege... Also, it's nearly impossible to defend against them, so people of this village, in bad condition, bad health, poor, starving, need a hero that will save them from massacre.

Good Luck

Lord Netral :)

P.S. Sorry for grammar
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.5
Playability: 1
The map has a major bug as the castle is placed on top high plain and if the only access to the keep is destroyed then enemy cannot attack the people or the lord all I had to do was destroy the access to the keep and surround the people using walls and keep the lord inside the keep and wait until the invasions are over to win. I was really bored playing this map. You can remove this bug by placing the castle on normal ground.

Balance: 1

The balance was very bad as all I had to do was destroy the only access to the keep and wait until the invasions were over.

Creativity: 3

You have used some good tricks like foams on the river and the farms were well irrigated with water. You have also creatively made the people walk to the castle in the beginning of the map to make the map and the story make sense nicely done. The story was very creative and the terrain was also done creatively, I especially liked the roads made using driven sand

Map Design: 3.5
I really liked the map design as the grass and trees were placed perfectly and the roads were very nice. The castles design was nice but buggy. The river looked really really natural. You have used the shrubs, rocks, and trees effectively. Well done But try to do little more detailing.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is the best aspect of the map as it is long and descriptive and didn’t have any grammar mistakes. It was descriptive and very nice to read since it is very creative and it fits in very well with the map. You have made the story and map blend together by having the people walk to the castle in the beginning of the scenario.

Additional Comments:
Nice map. I don’t think you have a playtester yet as the map wouldn’t face a problem like this if you have one, so I will gladly volunteer if you are interested. My email is
I hope that you will fix the bug as i know that it will be a lot of fun to play then.

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Map Design3.5
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Size:583.10 KB