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Battle for the Wall - Extreme Challenge

Author File Description
The Dragonheart
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Hello once again. This is not part of the "reckless hate" series that I am currently making, but a challenge that most of you will enjoy.

I have only claimed victory over this map once of the hndreds of times I have played it. It doesn't get any more intense than this!

Tell me if you can complete the challenge. Some will, some won't. You can rate if you wish, but I know it will get a bad score because there is no story. All comment are welcome.

The Dragonheart
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Riskyman It looks like the last battle in kingdom of heaven, when both armies rush the destroyed wall, but without one side having buildings, cool
Lord Tanthos
Map Design3.5
Playability: 4.5
This map was quite excellent! I could play it over an over again! The sad part is that you cannot "truly" have victory, because the win date is set at year 0 for some reason, which can never come to pass. I did enjoy this map though, mostly for the massive carnage sounds!

Balance: 4
While it may be completely unapparent at first glance, this map takes some real strategy to win! I won't ruin the map for other people and say how I did it, but I promise you, you cannot possibly win by merely watching your knights charge the enemy. The ratio of troops to enemy troops was excellent, it balanced the human's mental advantages well. The only problem is that it is still somewhat easy if you do it just right.

Creativity: 5
Very awesome. The whole start of the map is like a cutscene of sorts. And the even better, most people would merely made it a charge over open ground. You made it a charge through a breached wall, defenders sallying forth to the attacking army! It was also quite fun defeating a whole army with just a Legion of Knights.

Map Design: 3.5
The wall was quite impressive, especially using boulder terrain to mimic broken walls. The landscape was lacking, however, but you did make up for that with some rocks and hills. More bushes and rocks, and perhaps a river, oasis, or more natural hills would have been better.

Story/Instructions: 1
There was no story at all. I'm very sorry about that, too. Only a paragraph, depending on how well written, would have even brought this up to a 3-4.

Additional Comments:
Great map. I think this is a higher review than you expected for a little throwtogether map, eh? Good work, Dragonheart!
Map Design3.5
Playability: 5
I really enjoyed playing this map, all the killings make it even more fun. I never get tired playing this map but a 4.5 because even if you kill the entire enemy troops because the win year is set to 0.

Balance: 4

The map was fairly easy but I couldn’t win the first time I played it as I went head on with the enemy but the second time …… I don’t want to ruin the fun of playing this scenario so I will give a small hint don’t go head on try something different. I had 234 men left and the map was easy I won the second time I played the map. Try getting rid of 100 knights or so to make it harder.

Creativity: 4.5

A 4.5 is given because it takes a lot of creativity to come up with maps like this which are a lot of fun to play. Very nicely done.
Map Design: 3.5
The map was designed to have a lot of fun and a lot of fun I had and this boosts the maps design score but some more extra features will boost the score to a 4.0

Story/Instructions: 3
This scenario is designed to have fun and the story is descriptive enough to understand the map but still even a small story of one paragraph would do nice.

Additional Comments:
What can I say I had huge amounts of fun playing this scenario. I recommend all those who want to have fun to download this map.I know that this review is more than what you expect but this map really deserves it.
The Dragonheart
File Author
Really? Wow. I didn't even try to make this map look good. I just concentrated on the playability. I think I made it in 20 mins or so...
SUBINDXSUBIN I dont know whether you worked hard on the playability but this map has the best playability ever and that gives a boost to everything else.It gives a boost to the map design as the map is designed very well to have lots of fun.If i was to make a map like this i would have just left the terrain blank but you have atleast given small terraining. Nice map keep making maps like this and update the map win and lose condition.

[Edited on 05/21/07 @ 12:20 PM]

DanLeeDr01 Lol, i also have a map thats called Battle for the Wall.

I did not like this map. You only have 1 type off unit against 1 type enemy unit.

The big Wall with the crack looks good.

And the enemy units are at stand ground. And you just picked them all up and select a place on the other site off the wall were they must walk to. So if you run away with all your horses they don't follow you. And there was not many attention for detail on the landscape.
Juse higher and lower ground. Some rocks and trees. And more different unit types.

[Edited on 05/29/07 @ 08:12 PM]

The Dragonheart
File Author
As I said before, I didn't even try on this map. I only concentrated on the playability...well, more like I made it because I was bored. When I finished it, I was surprised because it was fun, then I thought it would be ok to submit.

This map is not designed for beauty, it is designed for fun. If you say you did not like it, that is your problem. I hope the rest of you enjoy it!
Map Design2.5
Playability: 4
I use to play it from time to time when I'm bored or just wanting to re-win this old challenge:) Very high re-playability but short gameplay.

Balance: 4
It's not that "extreme" as the author mentions and with some basic crusader tactics can be very well won.

Creativity: 3
There isn't much creativity, in map design or story, but it is in the idea of the map - a massive clash of knights and swordsmen. Alright maybe it's not a brilliant idea either but it's enough to give the average score, at least there aren't any more maps based on this idea.

Map Design: 2.5
The design is poorly designed, just some sand hills and a big wall.

Story/Instructions: 1
No story.

[Edited on 06/05/11 @ 08:53 AM]

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Map Design3.2
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