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So peaceful

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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
So peaceful

The year 1171 Yamakuto a warrior in the army of king Howang faces the challenge of a life time. He been made the head of the army while the ex commander lies ill. The following words made yamakuto accept the kings request “Yamakuto the head of my army is ill and we are in a dangerous position as king Rogens army will soon be attacking us and seeing your capability and leadership I am making you the head of the army yamakuto” knowing that he would not see another sunrise if he was to resist he agreed and began to prepare for the battle. It was the biggest challenge the kingdom had ever faced before. Surprisingly Yamakuto was able to command the army and got respect from his men. Yamakuto was not only strong he was clever, handsome and brave. He first explained a battle plan to all his men and then ordered a spy to find information on when the attack would come. When the spy told Yamakuto that they had just 2 more days to prepare for the battle Yamakuto was shocked and immediately arranged his men for the battle. Everyone did what they were to do and were in there position that noon itself, the enemy was to arrive the next day. The king went to Yamakuto and asked 'Yamakuto the whole kingdom is in your hands now" Yamakuto said "My king I shall not fail you" the king was happy and returned the next morning the enemy force had arrived and the battle began and in the end yamakuto’s army had barely won. There was the smell of victory in the air but mixed with the smell of blood. Yamakuto after seeing the bloodshed said "Now I have realised the after effects of a war and I feel disgusted, I must end this and lead the kingd0om to peace, yes that’s it all this has happened because of mans greed for more he is never satisfied with what he has and that has lead to war and destruction, It is time to end this and lead all the people to divinity and peace" and thus he set off to find a place where he and the few people that came along with him could live in peace. After a long search he was able to find place were they could live in peace. 20 years of peace followed, the people lived happily with no signs of war but this peace was soon broken as king Howang had found out about the kingdom and asked tributes and said that he would attack them if they didn’t pay the tribute in 10 years and so the struggle began to produce enough to pay the tribute as the kingdom was being watched by spies and keep the people happy and keep them away from knowing that king Howang found the kingdom and to keep them divine as they might other wise become evil. The marriage of your daughter had been fixed, once a monk said that if his daughter would not marry in the month of January in the year of 1191 his daughter would have to wait for a 50 more years and if they did not wait then his daughter would die, as Yamakuto was a strong believer he believed what the monk said. Now it is a race against time to keep the kingdom safe and marry his daughter to a handsome man.

After story-Yamakuto was able to pay the tribute and he and his people moved to a place where no one would find them.

Authors notes-You might find a problem that is in the objectives screen a tick might not appear for the objectives you completed but don’t worry as you will still win in the end of the scenario. Everything has been done so that it blends with nature more and prevents new technologies of war to be developed. The trade ship is in the form of a small vessel to prevent it from being used for war. This map has an inn as Yamakuto the king was font of visitors to the kingdom because the kingdom was situated in the heart of a forest and only someone who is pure in heart and loves nature would come there. The inn has a stable for the horses of knights and some housing for the knight, it has two butchers near the animal house that kills the animals he grows (deer, rabbit) and provides rabbit meat and venison to the inn. The inn also has a monk who blesses the visitors and there is a chapel for visitors to pray.

Please review this map if you like it.


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Captain Diablo Flashy!
File Author
(edited by Sulis)

I did the clours using html but sadly i dont know how to have pictures up using html, try the forums for help.

[Edited on 05/27/07 @ 08:51 AM]

AZ ViTrAzhAs So Peaceful

Playability – 4.
The best two adjectives, which would describe the playability, are challenging and confusing. I should explain as other players may not agree with me. Firstly the time to achieve victory was very limited. There was no free time (When you can rest and relax near the monitor). I had to develop very fast. The building space was restricted, too. When I focused on achieving food and gold, keeping the ale coverage maximum I completely forgot whether my people are blessed or not. I played the mission twice on maximum speed, though. I had to restart the game as the fire destroyed lots of buildings: I built lots of wells next time. When I remembered about the chapels, it was too late and I had to scatter my gold. Also, there was very little time to rebuild the good things (I destroyed them due to the people’s laziness). All these win conditions brought to confusion but I managed to pass the mission. As I mentioned earlier, I played on speed 90; maybe I should have lowered it.

Balance – 4.
I found the win conditions considered, quite interesting but tricky, especially the condition to achieve the +5 pleasantness. I had to destroy the gardens and statues and later rebuild them, as I wouldn’t be able to win (It’s just my opinion). The fire was a bit of surprise, I didn’t wait for that and my town burned in a flash. The building space was restricted by trees, which I had to cut down (That took time). You also disabled the selling of various resources (Sadly I couldn’t sell wood or ale) Still, the mission was well balanced.

Creativity – 5.
I liked the idea of your work. It was hard and challenging even without the invasions or frequent events. The win conditions were mixed originally, creating a thrilling script. The thought with the marriage was very well created, too. Looking at the map I would say that despite the fact it’s small, it has a few interesting fortifications as the religious pyramid, the docks and the inn – brewery room. You’ve showed a lot of interesting concepts, well done.

Map design – 5.
The design is very cozy and good looking for a small size economic mission. It had a few custom structures, which nobody should miss. The terrain was realistic: a river starts from a highland and splits into two sources. You’ve added some islands, too. The land near the sea had mountains, which were mixed with boulders and iron ore. There were some small waterfalls. The oasis was mixed with rocks, shrub and trees. Iron ore stocks were mixed with rocks and boulders, too. The map had lots of animals, which made the mission livelier. All in all the design is, perhaps, the best aspect of this mission.

Story – 5
It’s an interesting, creative story which blends with your mission very well. Although, it had some mistakes (Grammatical and punctuation), but nobody’s perfect, besides the story was colored. You’ve also mingled few events in your story, added and interesting part about the marriage, etc. The story had a hidden message (I found this aspect very amusing).

Additional Comments – It’s a real economic mission, maybe soon the economic section will become high-profile.

AZ ViTrAzhAs

Dido AZ, why you give SUBINDXSUBIN 4.6 for a bugget map?It writes "DEFEAT" at the beginig of the map.This map has to have rate lower than 2, I think.However it is very good idea to play the maps, before rate them :)
AZ ViTrAzhAs Now this is really strange, i didn't have the bug. Maybe i will download it once more. Besides i couldn't have written this review without playing the mission ;)
File Author
Ok dido the map has been changed.I hope you will download and rate.
AZ ViTrAzhAs Besides i played the mission BEFORE it was submitted and now Subin updated it.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3.5
Despite my low grade, there are no bugs in the game. But with so few events how could there be bugs? It's just that nothing really happens. Just kind of very plain and boredom. I would never remotely consider playing this game second time. Sorry...

Balance: 3
As your rating of this game was 'Normal', I think is much more close to 'Easy' or even 'Very Easy'. With so many people and so many start goods. Place 15 wood cutters, a few hunters and apple farms. When huge wood supply arrives from wood cutters, fill farming area wheat farms and bakeries. Sit back and watch the 'bakers army' march. No other action and nothing for the player to do.

Creativity: 3
I think I'm nice when giving such high number! This game has nothing in it. It's almost as simple and plain as one of the introduction maps in the Crusader disk. I think I remember the "Dry River Valley" be more interesting. At least in that game you have some lions to deal with.

Map Design: 4
I think you filled the area nicely with lots of details, which I like. The pyramid looks almost detached from the main part of the map, so I subtract from the grade.
I'm surprised to see the walls. I don't understand these. If there is anything to protect by walls, it should be the important keep. Maybe even the highly valuable pyramid. But simple housing and a stable? Why these need to be protected? Maybe the walls are for some other purpose?
Since there is only a very narrow entrance in the wall, I'm surprised to see any grass growing there. You could put down 'Earth' with Tool and make it look like trail, which would be nice. Another place for trail could be to the pyramid, where many people walk in a narrow passage.

A few minor details also:
In the front, there is some water sprouting up from the rock. It could be a spring of course, but I think more it is mistake. Be careful when placing rocks next to water, sometimes they make funny looking waterfall as in this map.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
It does give you the hint about a very peaceful game, with no desperate action/fighting, which is correct description.
From the grammar and the spelling mistakes, I guess you are not native speaker of english. I suggest you try to shorten your sentences and use commas. It would be a lot easier to read. The content is certainly relevant, but seems a very lengthy to describe so little.
peter2008 Within an attractive landscape an unspectacular mission takes place.
Almost two thirds of the buildings are pre-built, I had to figure out what was missing.
There is no need of any other food production than wheat. Income of taxes is so high that I simply stopped food consumption.
The first critical point is to withstand a fire. Needed many water pots to save the town. Knowing the scripted date from a first attempt, I disbanded wood cutters, millers and bakers to become water bearers in time.
The high percentage of blessed can be reached by reducing population. Got rid of many people by letting popularity break down. Kept working only the ale chain and religious buildings. It's enough for the priests' condition running after the quick inn keepers.

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Map Design4.0
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