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Downloads Home » Stronghold Crusader: Invasions » Danny Leenders seeks the Kingdom of Heaven- Volume 1

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Danny Leenders seeks the Kingdom of Heaven- Volume 1

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Danny Leenders and the road to the Kingdom of Heaven

I made these five maps and tested them again and again. It took me about 20 hours, I hope it will be worth it.

Update: D4 is easer. D5 is harder, (Now you have to use your spearman for digging the moat at the last Castle Ring), Added Mini-map for D6 which will be in my next map pack. There is already 24+ hours of work only on that single map, I hope it will be worth it:D.

-5 Invasion Maps that tells a story
-5 mini screens of the maps made with "Stronghold Map PNGer",
-Readme file with the story that can be find bullow and hints for every single map.
-Extra: 1 mini map from D6, will be very beautifull!

This map pack conatains the Big Journey that Danny Leenders had to take to become the great
and powerfull Lord-ship in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Danny Leenders was born in The Netherland 1050 A.C. When he was 7 years he lost his mother.
He didn't know who his father was. Bud one day when Dan Lee was 16 years old,
an old man came to visit him. He clamed to know his father.
He gived Dan Lee the medaillion of the King as a prove. And asked him to come to the Kingdom of Heaven. Were he will take the place of his father who is old and ill.
His father was the King of Joruntium. A land far away were in the Middle East,
were the legendery Jepus Crispes wass crost bye the Ropans.
Thats the also the place were Jepus Crispes turnded to Heaven.

Please Post a review or a comment. Let me know what you think about my maps.

Thank you,

Danny Leenders

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4.5
Indeed this isn't one map, but 5 beautiful maps. So my score will be the average score of all maps together. And it's not a low scoring either.
Let me start with saying that it gets a high playability because they are fun to play! Hard though, something that will be mentioned in the balance. I like that in map 3, you actually have to dig out moat to recieve the swordsmen! That was a nice touch. There is constantly things to do, especially on map 4, where you really have to hurry to get yourself some soldiers. Everything runs smoothly, and every map contains something different to do, something that the designer probably thought of.
One feature that I also liked was on map 3, where you had to take somewhat of a 'back gate' to enter the castle, and not the main one that looked like the most obvious choice. That kind of sneaking is always a cool thing to add. This is also seen on a previous map, map 2. You're supposed to take the north passway, and not the most obvious one with the archer filled towers. (maybe a spoiler XD )

Balance: 4.5
As I mentioned above, the maps are hard. Some of the maps I almost doubt the designer has playtested. I also mentioned map 4, and that map is impossible, atleast I think so. I couldn't hold the third invasion, and I looked in the map editor, and found out that there were two more invasions coming, and even bigger ones than the previous invasions. Same thing with the last map. It was impossible for me, I just couldn't find out a way to win.
On map 5, the spearmen were the only ones who could dig up the moat, and it was impossible to get them past the crossbowmen and still have them alive.
Other than that, the balance is ok on the other maps. And as I said, I like that you have to think a little bit and try not to take the most obvious choices, like taking the middle passway on map 2.
edit- I playtested them again, and this time I won both of them. Both are very good actually, it's just a matter of strategy, and that is something every map should have - a dependency on strategy.
Yes it is a five! I also raised the playability.

Creativity: 4
Throughout the campaign I see glimpses of creativity! Both design, and clear eye candy is something that is well made on all of the maps.
Still, even more eye candy could've been added, which is why there isn't a 5 but a 4. I like the cages on map 5 outside the city. Gives a neat feeling :)

Map Design: 4
I'd say the terraining is average on all maps. I've said it many times and i'll say it again, the Crusader editor isn't a good one, and you handled it pretty good I think. I think perhaps you could've used the equalizer tool a bit more though.
I've seen utterly beautiful maps on Crusader though, and these maps hasn't gone that far.
They are average.

Story/Instructions: 4
There is a full story accompaning these maps. There is in fact several pages in a file that comes along. It's a 4 because there are 5 maps we're talking about, and if I were to split up the story into 5 parts, there wouldn't actually be much on each of them. And there are spelling errors at times. A really good story otherwise.

Additional Comments:
It's a relly good campaign, and alot of work must have been put into these maps. 5 maps in total.... you'll have fun.

[Edited on 06/30/07 @ 04:31 PM]

File Author
Thank you for your review. Bud i don't agree with the balance. I play tested all the maps a lot. And map 4 isn't impossible. Don't dig moat, just make 5 gatehouses after each other. And close the back door! juse capels and sell the stone. And then you will have enough money to make a lot of archers and you will stand every invasion just normal. They never breaked through the last gatehouse when I play tested them.
Maybe some more people wouth like to review my maps. Thank you
File Author
O, you did not finish the last map? You read the hints in my read me file.

The last map is very fun. First send all your spearman to north to stop the three mounted nights, so they do not destroy the three catapults. Then get you ingeneers out of the rams. And protect your ingeneers with the knights.
Then send the ingeneers to the three catapults. Take down the big round tower were all the crosbowmans are up. When the tower is down you can kill them with cows. (thats why you have cow farms). Send all your nights in to destroy the gate and kill all the archers.
Then send all your spearman in to dig out the mout from the last ring. Then kill the gate. And send all your troops to kill the king.
And you thought it was impossible? And no, I play tested a lot, and I mean a lot. Please consider off , trying to read the read-me file first. Before you start playing.

Hopefully you would like to play the maps again and change your review.

The balance is very good. And I made the maps so that you must just pick all your troops and order them to attack. These maps are for strategic people. You have to look around good before you make any choises.

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Map Design4.0
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