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The Orange Order

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible
I have enjoyed quite a few downloads on this site, so now it is my time to contribute. This mission has a lengthy background story (a .doc file as part of the zip download), so I'll only make a very brief description here.

This is a tricky economic mission with many small puzzles to solve. It is a lengthy mission (the Admiral requested the goods to be delivered at AD 1229), but with surprisingly small amount of required goods. You will have plenty of choices to make; where to go on the detailed map and what to do. Can you evaluate which resources are worth developing and how to get to them? Clever and timely decisions will lead to victory, but it won't come easy. Lots of hard work is required.

There is no signpost on the map, so there are no surprise attacks from the external world. There will be no huge battles, since one rule for this game is that you can have no more than 5 units in your 'army' at any time (see the background story for the explanation to this rule). Use these units to open up the supply lines to the resources and to protect your people from the feared beasts of the desert.

Your uncle Richard wishes you Good luck! (you will need it...)

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AZ ViTrAzhAs A minimap would attract more downloaders due to the fact that people will see the idea of the map, details etc. You will find the minimap PNGer in the utility section. (it's the easiest way to create a minimap).
Paradox_king Playability: 5
ITS RIDICULIOUSLY HARD! But I don't think I've ever had such a fun time not being able to do something.

Balance: 5
I almost gave you a 4, because I still haven't been able to finish it. But I haven't been frusturated with how hard it is, I've just been trying top understand how to do the next puzzle.

Creativity: 5
I love the map, I love the idea, and I love the way you have to execute your plans using small amounts of troops. I'm still working on it now, and when I figure somthing out it still amazes me that it was concieved so well.

Map Design: 5
The map is realilistic looking enough that I can believe it, but it still works well for the scenario, making me send woodcutters along a stream to slowly whittle away at the killings pits there.

Story/Instructions: 5
short story, but it works well for the map, and makes it fun to play.

Additional Comments:
This has to be one of the best maps I have ever seen, but in small ways. There is no grand sweeping armies or massive economies, and you have to have patience to play it. Keep it up, I hope all of your maps are like this one.

File Author

Thank you very much for a rating! I was starting to believe that noone has the courage/patience/skills/guts/time... to play this map.

You mention "short story" in your rating. Did you read the story included in the zip file? It's more than 2500 words, so it could be the lengthiest story of all maps on this site (which might cut down on your 5.0 rating!). If you haven't read it, I recommend it. Reading it carefully, you'll find numerous hidden hints and lots of explanations to your neighbor's behavior.

Let me know if you need any help with 'the next' puzzle. And try really hard to play to the end. There are MANY puzzles to solve.
evil_space_cows I'd have to be with paradox_king in giving this map a 5/5, and te story would be far from a mark down, because it explained everything so well. I wsh i could win; i've been chipping away at it for 2 weeks now, and have played it for about 10 hours! I still think i'm less han half way through, but i'm managing to keep my army down, and have suffered badly, especially when i forgot to put my fletchers to sleep!
Sir_Mik Playability: 5
As the game designer promised, this is hard. REALLY hard! I didn't see any trobles with sequencing and triggering of events, so it appears solidly play tested.

Balance: 5
Well, the 'rules' for this game was a maximum of 5 army units according to the game designer. This rule does not seem to degrade the balance, since I didn't rellay need more armies. What I needed was time, but it was sufficient (after the 12th try or so ...).

Creativity: 5
This is quite different from the other missions. Here you have to use clever techniques to clear out the path to each of the resources before you can get to them. Really interesting twist to the standard collect-build-hire army-kill scenariios.

Map Design: 5
Lots of details. No empty 'flatland' as beginner map designers are plagued with. And so many things placed exactly where you DONT want it to be ;). All resources are just within reach of 'sharp arrows and hard rocks' (as promised in the intro text). I didn't see much in the lines of eye candy, but with all these tricks and puzzles to solve, I don't care.

Story/Instructions: 5
A extremely detailed background text. It actually makes more sense as I read it again after I played. Now, I can even see the hidden hints in the text!

Additional Comments:
WOW! This is tougher than though! I totally agree with the first reviewr. Congrats to qtlilkeg for THE BEST (or at least the trickiest) economic mission I've ever seen. Questions to qtlilkeg: How long did it take to design this MASTERPIECE ? Who play tested this thing? Can I be a playtester for your next project?

Another question: It says in the instruction that it is possible to stay on either the North, East or South half of the map. Can you give some hints how to play the South half? It seems impossible since the food resources are so far away. I finally succeded with the East version (damned lions!!) and I'm now working on the North (killing those Yellow Bandits are a real challenge but oooh! so fun.).

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I had a pretty fun time playing this map with the nice objectives you gave. Having to attack more than one enemy with diferent goals was a nice thing. It was fun and little hard.I liked the pikemen patroling between the hills as said in the story. Overall a 4.0 because the map was
way too tuff and the slaves that attacked at the beginning wasnt vey nice.

This map rocks man, its perfectly difficult. I finished it!

Balance: 5
The balance was awfully superb. I couldnt win this. I have been trying for about a month now. Hey I just got to get a result for trying this much. Finally I was able to win. This is one of the tuffest maps I know of. Good going there.Nicely balanced although it was over hard to me.

I hardly managed to finish this map. Good balance!

Creativity: 5
Well this map has very good creativbity if you ask me. Especially the story. A well thought out story it is and it is very creative. I also like your creative idea of the marshy castle(the castle that has been destroyed because of the looseness of the land according to the story). The enemy was also put in very creatively. I like it.

Map Design: 5
The map design was the pretyy poor part of the map. Things didnt look natural. Especially the positioninbg of things like the marsh. Many other things also didnt look too natural and this is why he score is low. Try to use tools more.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was great and was long and creative. It had some grammer mistakes and was ok and had hint in it. . Great job though

Additional Comments:
Great map. keep up the great work.

[Edited on 08/25/10 @ 07:12 AM]

File Author
To Sir Mik:
The time it took to design this is measured in many days, not hours. I never kept track, but I was fed up with the design once, but came back to it later to finish it up. I was the only playtester, which actually was the most time consuming part of the design. If you want to playtest other maps of mine, you would need to wait. I have no project running right now. If you want to try another map of mine, I also submitted another map (Sand Hill Castle) as an invasion map. Personally, I think that one is not as good as the Orange Order.

If you haven't figured out how to stay on the South half map yet, send me an e-nail. Use the same username as this site, but on ya-hoo.
I don't want to spread the hints to spoil the fun for others.

Regarding the 3.0 grade for map design:
Now when I look at your comment, I understand what you mean. I always have trouble placing marsch. Where do you find marches in the desert?? Would it be sifficient to place more brush and bushes next to the march to make it better or does marsch always need to be near water? I think the marches in the northwest corner is realistic, so maybe I just need some additional greenery near the other marches?

As for the initial slave attack that you thought was not very nice: I wanted to create a situation where you have a seemingly very nice start with lots of weapons and food, but this should be quickly ruined to make you start the game from a very misarable position. I wanted the player to swear and curse and try to restart the game many times until you realize that it is impossible to save any (almost!) of the valuable goods at the start.

Thank you all reviewers to 'suffer' through such a long desperate game and still pretend you enjoy it when you write the review!!!


File Author

"The Orange Order" map has now been updated. I have taken reviewers consideration into account.

If you have downloaded this map before, I suggest you get the new one. The most important update is a very significant help system. There are more than 100 different hints that you can consult if you get stuck with this hard map. All reviewers said it was really hard, but with all the hints, I think everyone should be able to play this map. I still upgrade the rating to "impossible", even though it is not impossible. Just "very hard", but there is no such rating to choose from.

In this new version, you can also build macemen, which was not allowed before.

Many details in the map have been added or improved. I tried to pay more attention to the design of marshes, from the good comments of SUBINDXSUBIN.

WARNING: When you unzip the zip-file, you will get very many files, so un-zip to a new fresh empty folder. Read the file TOOREADME.txt before you do anything else. There are lots and lots of files, so it might look very confusing at first, but this was the only way I could give you so many hints. I tried to make the zipper generate subfolders with all the hints, but it refused.

If you have enjoyed this map, keep your eyes open, I might release a campaign based on this map.
Dragon of C Really a challange and a test of patience. Was a real fun to play - Good work -:)

peter2008 "Impossible" expressed well my starting impression. Luckily I can trust my forrunners that skills will work here.
To end the map will possibly take a week. I have 4 saves from the first years, laying around like in a puzzle game. Nothing seems to go together. Only the land and its inhabitants become familiar slowly.
One of the few Crusader eco scenarios that uses
the pressure of a time limit.

[Edited on 05/31/13 @ 06:10 AM]

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