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Fanatic's Island

Author File Description
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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Easy
A ship is due to arrive at your little island in the middle of the sea, and the King has requested that you prepare to replenish it's supplies for it's next journey!

This is a small island with plenty of trees, access to iron to make weapons if you want to, pitch (make believe that it's to re-waterproof the ships hull), and stone (to generate revenue). There's enough space to handle several farms, you'll just need to use wood cutters to clear some space once you get started.

Not a hard map, but loads of fun.

5/20/2002 UPDATE: this version is now event filled and some minor fixes to the map, and added a lovely stone dock for the arriving ship. Should be a good challenge now!
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Lord Braun
Map Design4.0
The map did offer the wood clearing challenge, however, the food production and resource accumulation was straight forward. However, I did encounter a constant and recurring hops crop failure, which became so constant and annoying that I stopped playing the map. Crop failures are great but every couple of months gets annoying. However, besides the hops issue, the story and map design were good and original.
Map Design4.0
I had a great time playing this map. Took me a couple times to realize some tricks regarding production of the hops, but I enjoyed it a lot. Having limited space make it a challenge as well.
Map Design5.0
Having seen Fanatics Dream Castle, an absaloute masterpiece I searched for some of his other maps and found this little number. This was a great map untill I started to farm hops - hop weevil occured every month I think and it became very irriating as I could not start hop poduction - could not find the reason and so had to quit the game. Such a shame as the map would have scored much higher otherwise. I had a great time clearing the beautiful small forests - the drought which allways depresses me finished nearly all of them off. The map was very functional and it is amazing what a powerful economy you can create in such a small area. It is one of thse maps that you can play on a very fast speed and be very happy about it untill there was a fire! The map is very well designed - a really good island (looks a bit like a a mini Ireland). Use of trees especially good. Creativity because of this is also 4. There is some some storyline and instructions but only a 3 here I feel - not quite enough. So overall a very pleasant map but with a serious problem with the hops - boring? With that fxed it would make for a very good map especially with the excelent map design.
Map Design3.0
I played this scenario recently and, while I found it worth the effort to play, I’m afraid it suffers from a lack of development.

Playability: 2

This was the weakest part of the scenario, in my opinion. It’s obvious the mission’s overall theme is of fulfilling requirements with a limited amount of resources, a common theme among island scenarios. For the most part, the design fills this well. In one case, however, this is done in a rather ham-handed way. The player is given a limited time to gather one particular type of resource, and then the game cuts it off. On an arbitrary date, it starts repeatedly generating a natural disaster that destroys that resource. Usually disasters are temporary set-backs that the player is given an opportunity to recover from, but this one repeats month after month, ad nauseum. Since the game has no time limit, this could go on forever. Nothing in the story or instructions warns of this, so the player is left to wonder what’s going on until s/he finally gives up. This detracts greatly from this scenario.

Balance: 3

This scenario was played at Normal.

This was difficult to gauge as there is no time limit to the scenario, nor a set limit on resources. The player is simply free to play until the requirements are fulfilled. There is an occasional fire or two, but nothing seriously threatens the player’s progress. It is possible to get locked up through gross misuse of resources, but barring that, there doesn’t appear to be any way to lose, thus the middling score.

Creativity: 4

The designer obviously has some good ideas. Restricting the availability of normally unlimited resources is a creative idea, but the execution seems lacking. This can be cleared up by conveying them to the player more clearly. A well-presented warning in the story or instructions would help players prepare themselves for the restrictions, rather than have them sprung as complete and incomprehensible surprises during the game. A little more effort in this department could turn this scenario around!

Map Design: 3

This was a mixed bag. There was plenty of room to put things and I never felt that I was overly restricted on where to place what I wanted. On the other hand, the map was a bit crowded at the beginning, covered with a lot of vegetation, and it was difficult to see what was going on. Placement of the first few buildings was difficult since there was so much in the way. Things only got worse as the game wore on and the vegetation spread and became thicker. I found I had to flatten the map almost every time I wanted to build something. Next time, thin things out a little bit!

Story/Instructions: 2

The story was sketchy and left out a few important points, the above resource restrictions included. It also contradicted the game on several points. For example, the instructions encourage the player to gather oil, weapons, and leather armor, but no where in the game are these requirements noted. Nonetheless, the story does cover the basics adequately and gives the player a feel of the overall situation.

The Bottom Line –
While this map can be enjoyed, it suffers from lack of development. Coupled with the unlimited play time, it really does not present much of a challenge. Nonetheless, it still shows creative promise and I recommend that it be downloaded so everyone can see the ideas the designer has to offer.

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Map Design4.0
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