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The Ourea - By WarLord_Designs

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
I remember when I first made my way between the vast and conquering peaks of ice-cruel, unyielding. I was young then, innocent. But innocence never lasts, not in this cruel world. I knew not of sorrow, nor pain but that of grazed knees or scraped elbows. Nestled amongst the hay bundles and pelts that crowded my fathers old cart-rickety, aged. Too young was I to remember as the life slipped away from my mother’s warm face, like the sun melting behind the hills into shadows-unheard, unseen.

War’s bitter tears of hardy salt had not parched my mouth. I knew not of it but that it had driven us from our home, like starved wolves stalking a flock-relentless in its resolve…

It was on a bitter winter’s morn that we left behind our thatched roofed home in which we had sheltered, the sun still cowering in the shadows. The frost clung to the ground like a newborn to its mother’s breast, and the air struck at you like a cold dagger in ones soul. Not a whisper was heard as we made our way down through a craggy ravine, earth spilling under the weight of the loathsome cart-aged stones echoing down into the abyss. Nestled amongst the pelts and straw I felt myself drift away…

I awoke to the sound of ravenous birds overhead. Others perched themselves amongst bent tree limbs-their eyes a piercing green. But soon their deathly calls became less common until only the occasional cry could be heard. As we made our way down a slight gully, we turned to follow a stream-frozen underfoot. Descending like water over cliff, we made our way down though a narrow in the mount-it was then for the first time that the great valley was upon me…

See Zipfile for the rest of the story.

Map Features.

- 3 invisible sign posts.
- Snow terrain.
- Invisible mountain paths.

Resource availability:-

- Stone mines: 3
- Iron mines: 4
- Abundant trees.

We hope you enjoy the map.

Best Wishes,

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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
artofmath I get exactly how you made the snow terrain.

You used the 2,000 stones printing press, and used that to freeze the foam. Simple. :D
File Author
Yep, no one is claiming the trick is hard ;)

Very time consuming however...
Lord Skillsaw What is the 2000 stone printing press, and how can i use it to freeze the foam? please help a friend in need, warlord designs.

[Edited on 08/10/08 @ 10:33 PM]

MasterofPhate This map is very beautiful you guys have done a great job.
WL_D Arthus really appreciate the kind words, it's so nice to know people are still enjoying our work :)
iwanttowin I'm just curious. I'm a sincere newbie, does this map work on SH2 or just 1? I guess it would have to be 1 since it is not 3d... I just purchased the SH Collection (which includes all the games) and have just finished the POP campaign of SH2, it was a lot of fun.. I am now working through the POW campaign... this is my first experience with SH and I really like it!!

Question: should I install SH1 is it worth it? Stupid question? Is it more like Age of Empires II? So far with SH2 I am supper impressed. Also how do these maps work? are they a game as well with challenges, script/story?

Thanks so much!
Hi iwanttowin, you should try asking your question in the forums where there are more folks around to give you their opinion. e.g. you could start a thread with your question in the Inn
File Author
indeed please visit our forums, we don't bite :p
Well not hard anyway...

Having said that seeing as you're a 'sincere newbie' i'll be happy to answer your questions.
This map only works for SH1 which is widely accepted as the best in the series to those who have played them all, especially if you like freebuilds (my forte).

Each map submitted here is put into a category, each having their own story, objectives and script. My map however is a freebuild which means you just build a castle and when you're ready you can set an invasion to attack at any time, a fun way to pass a few hours.

If that has not cleared up all your questions please post something in the forums like ericgolf already said, i'll find it and go more in-depth if needed.
till then, happy gaming!
WL_D Arthus

Biepbot how did you do that, making snow and higher then max mountains??
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