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Shipwrecked map pack

Author File Description
Lord Karpathea
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
So, those of you who were back here in January. Remember the map "Shipwrecked!" I made and submitted? Right, the one where you could choose which way to win. Well, this map pack contains the sequels to the first map, and I've included the original in the zip file as well. So, here's how it works. If in the original map, you either gathered stone to build a castle, or decided to destroy the enemy raiders, continue reading the story under the heading "Hammer and Anvil", and play the map by the same name. If you gathered wood to build another boat and leave the country you were ship wrecked on, skip down to the story of "The Fall of Barrowdale", read THAT story and play the corresponding map. Get it? Got it? Good.

- Hammer and Anvil -
Twelve years have passed since you left your home in Elsidion, bound for the friendly neighbor of Ancalon. Twelve years since you were shipwrecked on the shores of this God-forsaken land. After the building of a stockade, your men encountered the natives of this country. Rather than attempt to negotiate, these natives attacked and slaughtered your hunting party, and then attacked your fortress. You can still remember the sight of their armies on the hills outside of the palisade, the screams of your dying men when they breached your walls. Nearly half your men died in those initial sieges. But you held. You and your men stood your ground, fought them to a standstill, and then began to push back. It took seven years, but you finally drove them out of the fortress in the northern mountains, ending their influence in this region. Building a stronger castle has taken a long time, but you are finally close to completing it. Your farms are plentiful, and your population grows again. Little do you know that a restless anger stirs once more in the north, and it is once more marching for you.......

Misson objectives: (Normal)
- Complete Castle
- Population: 24
- Repel any enemy invasion
- No enemy must survive

- The Fall of Barrowdale -
Cheers erupt from your men as the shores of Ancalon come into sight. Through many hardships you and your men have persevered, and your reward draws near at last. As soon as you dock at the port city of Barrowdale, your men stream up the gangplank to the docks, eager to see what they have waited for all this time. A smile dances across your face as you climb off the ship. You turn to the captain, who grins back at you. "We made it, sir." You pat him on the shoulder as you climb over the ridge to see the town.

All the hope, all the trials, everything you have endured has led you to this moment. Your arms hang limp at your sides, your men's cheers die in their throats, their hope dashed to pieces. Barrowdale is burning. Black inky smoke wafts lazily up from the burned-out hulks that were once homes and places of business. Its white walls are cracked and broken, and the great citadel has collapsed in on itself. Even the great aqueduct which brought fresh, mountain water to this city lies in ruins, spilling its ever-running stream onto the surrounding plains. You turn to the captain. His eyes are those of a dead man, one who has hoped for the stars and had everything taken from him. You slowly walk down the docks to the dockmasters dwelling, one of the few buildings still standing. You go inside and sit at the table in the center of the room. Then the tears come. You weep for yourself, for your men, for all that you have been through, only to see your hope snuffed out like a candle. Suddenly, a voice intrudes on your thoughts. "Sir?" the captain says. "Our scouts report their are still raiders in the city!" The tears stop. You raise yourself high, your face now set like stone. There is no time for anger, no time for mourning, only revenge. Revenge on these fools who remained behind to feast on the dead city like parasites. You stalk out of the dockmasters house, head held high. You men look up at you, their eyes red. You lift your sword, and a single word, softer than a whisper escapes your lips, "Charge....."

Mission objectives: (Normal)
- Eliminate any raiders still in the city
- Hold the city against
raider reinforcements

You have made your stand at the house of the dockmaster. In order to get to you, the raiders must come through the dead city of Barrowdale. Your troops are limited, and you do not have the resources to train more. Use the city to your advantage, and don't be afraid to fall back if you are in danger of being overrun. There are rumors that survivors of Barrowdale's army are in the region. they will help you if they can. Good luck.

- Authors notes -
Be sure to play the original map before moving on to one of the sequels. Hope you enjoy these maps, and let me know, good or bad, what you think. Any feedback would be appriciated.



Coming Soon!

"The Gate to the North" - sequel to "Hammer and Anvil"

"Holy War" - sequel to "The Fall of Barrowdale"
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Sir Lurchalot Just a single comment - please modify The "Fall of Barrowdale" to make it playable because it currently isn't.

Thank you.
Lord Karpathea
File Author
How so?........I tested it, and it seemed to work just fine.......
Sir Lurchalot Then perhaps you uploaded a wrong copy. The one in the map pack has no starting wood with which to construct a granary - and until you do, you cannot command your troops or do anything else either.
Edited: (I wrote something now irrelevant here).

I remember playing the first one of this set and had a great time. It worked great :)

Sir Lurchalot, Seems you were correct. But L_K has fixed now :)

[Edited on 06/30/07 @ 09:24 AM]

Lord Karpathea
File Author
It's fixed. Try it now.
I played Hammer and anvil this morning. I had a highly enjoyable game :) A relatively quick playing game. A nice, straightforward invasion map with economic goals. An interesting set of production/market/building restrictions to make life interesting too.

Thanks LK, I had good fun :-) (Just like I did with Shipwrecked)

PS. I like the idea of having two maps depending on how you played Shipwrecked. But I will probably play both as I beat Shipwrecked both ways :)

[Edited on 09/02/07 @ 07:55 AM]

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