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Trigrad Chapter II "Treachery"

Author File Description
Morbid Angel
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Trigrad Chapter II

The story of my book "Treachery" continues!

Map design Morbid Angel and Lan al Malkier
So far:

Shepts Ankh survived the seige.A.Mickery was killed in the battle and the crusaders ran for their lives,afraid of the Dorfs' power.

But this was surely not the end.Pope Belamir,who comanded the crusade was stun.He couldn't believe how peaceful native people could have broken the siege.From that day on he decided to take over the Pirin mountain.Its terrain proved a wonderful defence system.

So the Pope started to gather up another army to destroy Shepts Ankh.The citizens of the capitol were aware of that and gathered all the armies in Shepts.

Two years later the crusaders were indeed in the Pirin mountain,but they didn't attack Shepts Ankh.Instead of that they surrounded Trigrad.This city was neither a major trade route nor a large economical centre and we thought it was a foolish act.Trigrad managed to hold back the first siege,but the city was badly damaged and couldn't survive another attack.But few people knew what Trigrad really was.It was a barrier.And if that barrier was broken then the Dorfs would be no more.I guess that a traitor among us has told of the seceret power of Trigrad.No one outside Shepts knows of the true purpose of Trigrad.Fortunately, I am one of the people who are aware of this seceret.

Lord Sedric:My King,Trigrad doesn't stand a chance.The main army is in Shepts Ankh.There is no way it could reach it in time.

King Samuel:I am aware of that, General,but I have no idea what to do.

Lord Sedric:Yes,My Lord,but the people living there are ready to give their lives for the cause we can't just abandon them.


Lord Sedric:Actually there is another thing.I have recently met a stranger, a very old fellow.He started to persuade me to buy some cheap nick-nacks.Then the stranger told me that he was from the Thracians.Of course, I thought that this was some kind of a joke.It couldn't be possible.The Thracians are long gone.But the old man kept talking.He told me that an apocalypse will be upon us soon.(The seller might have forseen the battle)I didn't believe him but he told me that if I ever needed help I should look for him by the bridge near Shepts Ankh.
He was very strange but what else could we do?

King Samuel:This sounds very interesting and I dont't believe a thing about this man,but you are right, we have no choice and it isn't very far away.

Later near the bridge.

King Samuel:General, I can honestly say that this was nothing but a joke.The man isn't here.We wasted our time for this.I can't see why....

Stanger:Psst,over here,come quick,no time.

Lord Sedric:That's him, that's the man I met.

King Samuel:Is it?Ok,we are in trouble, old man, how can you help us or is it all just a way of making a little money.

Stranger:No,no I tell truth.Everithing true.I know that you in war and can't reach Trigrad in time.

King Samuel:WHAT,how can you know all this unless.......YOU,YOU'RE THE TRAITOR.You are the one who caused me so much grief!

Stranger:No,I no traitor, I Thracian.Listen to me.My tribe can aid you in your battle.We have lots of horse and bowmen.We help you, we help you.Yes?

King Samuel:So how can a tribe with lots of horseman and archers be hidden so well from me?

Stranger:Thracians know mountain good.We bonded with mountain.And mountain helps us protect our treasure.

Lord Sedric:What tresure?

Stranger:Oooh, a great tresure.It's hidden very well in mountain,but we can't protect it any more.Thracians need help.

King Samuel:So,what you are trying to say is that if you help us we have to help you?

Stranger:Yes,Yes exactly we help you,you help we!!

King Samuel:I don't know, I have to think it over. It might be a trap.

Stranger:Yes,but there no time to think, you decide today.I give you time if you agree,you know where to find me.

The king will make his choise and if he agrees with the Thracians than the task to crush the second attack of Trigrad will be in your hands,because Samuel can't reach the city in time.If you succeed,my boy,then I will tell you the secret of Trigrad.

Author:This map isn't entirely mine Lan al Malkier helped me a lot with the balance and troop positioning.The story is also his idea.I believe that the future maps will be made with his help.So far I am pleased with the book "Treachery" and I advise anyone who plays my maps and is aware of what I am doing to read the story.Here and in the game.Because the story is half of the game and I think you will find it very interesting.

About the map:I found it very difficult to decide what kind of a city I should make because here in SH there are countless wonderful designs and I did't want to copy them.I tried to make the map as realistic as I could.At first I thought that it could be a barren waste land but it was a bit empty and I didn't like it so I added the trees and the river.

Hints:The first invasion is relatively small and doesn't pose any real threats.You can place troops at both ends of the castle,facing the signpost which blockade the advansing troops.After the invasion you should pull back all of your warriors and place them around the keep.If the Thracians hold on to their word then the soldiers should come from the south-east corner of the map if this signpost is north.

Hope you like it and write if there is any problems with the map.

So far:
Shepts Ankh Chapter I "Treachery"
Trigrad Chapter II "Treachery"
Ustra Chapter III "Treachery"(coming soon)

P.S.Beacause most of my maps are made with the help of Lan al Malkier we both decided to make a team profile.So the future maps of "Treachery" will be by the name Battle Mage corp.

Thank you
Morbid Angel
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