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300 Spartans (Version 1.3)

Author File Description
AZ ViTrAzhAs
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

300 Spartans

Image Hosted by
Title: 300 Spartans
Version: 1.1
Map size: 400x400
Map type: Stronghold Crusader invasion
Level: Depends on the player’s skills (Normal – Hard)
Playing type: defense
Win condition: no enemy and invasions left.
Lose condition: lord killed.
Starting date: 1484 June
Extra features: Sounds and files.

Battle of Thermopylae is, in my opinion, one of the greatest examples of strength, courage and loyalty in history. A small contingent of brave men fought against an enormous army with only one purpose: to defend their freedom and fatherland. They died being betrayed but devoted to their laws. This battle soon became an example of heroism and bravery for everyone throughout the world. After the battle an epithet was curved in a stone:

Image Hosted by


Go tell the Spartans, passerby,
That here, by Spartan law, we lie

The modern monuments for Spartans and Thespians at Thermopylae:

Image Hosted by

A lesson of history:
In 480 BC a small alliance of Greek city - states fought against invaders from Persia holding the narrow pass at Thermopylae. A small force of Spartans (The whole Spartan army didn’t march due to the religious festival), led by king Leonidas, and other allies held the massive army of Xerxes I for three days. Leonidas used the terrain and with his well trained contingent blocked the narrow pass. Xerxes men outnumbered the Greeks vastly, but the Persians couldn’t get trough the mountains. Later a native resident named Ephialtes betrayed Leonidas and his allies by revealing a small goat path which went through the mountains. When the Greeks found out about the path, Leonidas dismissed the main force and left with only 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians. Xerxes’ army finally broke the Greek defense lines, but suffered huge losses. Leonidas and his brave 300 gave time for all of Greece to prepare for war and later Persians were crushed at Salamis, then at Platea, where Spartans resembled their full strength leading a pan- Greek army. This was the end of the Greco–Persian War and with it the expansion of the Persian Empire in Europe.
The Numbers : This topic was hotly debated because of the various facts and offered numbers but finally historians concluded that approximately 150.000 – 200.000 troops compounded the army of Xerxes’.
The Greeks marched to Thermopylae with approximately 7000 soldiers.

The movies:
There are two screenings of the Battle at Thermopylae: 300 Spartans (1962) and 300 (2006).

300 Spartans (a.k.a. The Lion of Sparta): I think very little of you could have seen this movie but still this is the first screening of the brave Leonidas and his 300 soldiers. The film was very colorful, the actors were brilliant. This movie revealed feelings and empathy of Greeks, the ingenuity and courage of Leonidas. The brutal force and stunning battle scenes weren’t showed here but still, in my opinion, the screening is great, especially of the fact, that it was filmed in early 70s.

Director – Rudolph Mate
Leonidas - Richard Egan

300:The new screening showed numerous great and stunning battle scenes, new technologies helped to add realistic effects, etc. Spartan physical strength was revealed amazingly, many of us remember great phrases which were used in this movie. Although without these great battle scenes the film was almost empty: it had very little explanation, facts etc. Still this screening has to be seen by everyone, who knows about battle of Thermopylae.

Director - Zack Snyder
Leonidas - Gerard Butler

P.S. This is just my opinion about the screenings.

Author‘s notes:

About the mission:
I have used details from both screenings and added my own ideas. I know that some of you may not like it, as the mission has a quite unusual playability. I also didn’t set the real number of Thespians (700), as huge invasions wouldn’t show up then. Here are a few more facts:

• A lot of work and play testing had to be done to achieve more realistic enemy actions. Now, when Ephialtes clears the goat path for Persians, Xerxes sends a huge swarm with Immortals in front. Persians will try to surround our heroes, sooner or later they will die (Just like history tells us).

• The mission’s script is quite tricky: Spartan army couldn’t help the small force of Leonidas due to the religious festival and nor shall it in the mission. Only a part of Sparta was designed, and that part had no gatehouses. If you try to make a path by deleting your walls and try to help your 300 warriors, in 1495 the scenario will test whether the keep is enclosed. If not, you will be attacked by Persians until Sparta will fall.
Historical explanation: If Xerxes finds out that Sparta has a weak spot he will order his enormous army to capture the city. Sooner or later Sparta will fall.
It also doesn’t matter whether you or Persians break Spartan walls. This fact enforces you to guard the Thermopylae path and prevent Persians from approaching the city. If the enemy marches inside before September 1495, you will have no chance to win.

In summary your mission is to hold the narrow path as long as you can and later destroy the Persians using Sparta’s defense. You mustn’t allow the enemy to break a path in to the city before September 1495.

It was very hard to find a map of Sparta so I had to improvise with the design.You can notice that no Christian churches or structures were used. The sculptures resemble Greek gods. A bottomless well, which was seen in the new 300, wasn’t forgotten either. I have also added a council auditorium in the king’s hall. Spartan army is training in the north corner of the city.

• A small cabin, which belongs to Ephialtes, is set in the mountains. He is the traitor, who will lead Persians to surround the 300 using the narrow goat path, which is full of old gin traps and pitfalls.

• The Thespians are waiting for your orders in the mountains. They can be a real help fighting against numerous slaves of Xerxes. You can also use Leonidas’ ingenuity and try to burn the enemy, but do it carefully: you troops burn as well.


Leonidas – Image Hosted by

Spartans – Image Hosted by

Thespians – Image Hosted by

Immortals- Image Hosted by

Ephialtes – Image Hosted by

Extra files:
To make the mission more realistic, I’ve added sounds from both movies and few other files. The sounds can be left aside if you want to play with the original speech but please, replace the three other files. (They are in this archive) Using these extra features is very easy:

Step 1: Find your Stronghold Crusader folder (Usually the directory is C:\ Program files\Firefly Studios)
Step 2: Find a folder, named fx, open it. Then open the folder, named Speech.
Step 3: Replace the files with 300 sounds.

Note: these sounds are a bit longer so if you trigger your troops too often, the sounds might mingle. I would offer changing the sound options: music – 35, fx – 35, speech – 100.

Other files:
Step 1: Find your Stronghold Crusader folder (Usually the directory is C:\ Program files\Firefly Studios)
Step 2: Find a folder, named gm, open it.
Step 3: Replace the files with 300 other three files.

One of the results: you will see that Leonidas is now in a saddle.
Note: Sparta won’t fall if Leonidas is killed, but the city will surrender if the second king is assassinated. Historical explanation: The main rule in Sparta was the National Council and two kings.

You can save the folders (Speech and gm) in a safe directory before replacing, and later, when done playing, you can simply replace the files with the saved ones. You can also download the original files here

If you will have any problems please contact me:

Version 1.1: Since the players might think of using the Spartans to circle the signpost, this trick of playability is now cleared. Historical explanation: Xerxes sets various pits and traps to avoid Spartan attacks.

Version 1.2: More final invasions, a bit harder Persian hordes and the number of Spartan army has been also reduced. The mission should become harder and more challenging now.

Version 1.3: Version 1.2 errors are now fixed, minor terrain changes.

Have fun playing…

AZ ViTrAzhAs
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Joint Dear, AZ Vitrazhas, please DON'T fill the whole page with photos adn scrrenshots.It loaded me the page after 5 minutes after I opened it.And my net is hi-speed.Also, PLEASE, DON'T make 7MB large file, full'o useless stuff.I don't want to download these sound for "speech".It downloaded the file after 55 minutes.Also, I can't see a minimap here.Why?Filling the whole page with useless stuff won't make your map more attractive.Especially if it downloads the file 1 hour ]-|
The Joint I am very sorry, but the archive's broken.
AZ ViTrAzhAs
File Author
You know what? I feel kind of sore. I've put a lot of effort and time with those files, sounds and the story(English is neither my first nor second language).
If you had seen the "useless pictures" more closely, you would have noticed that the minimap is right beneath the title. That‘s strange, my net isn't high speed but it took me less than two minutes to download the file. As for the story (Which took me a lot of time), in my opinion, I didn't add “useless stuff”, but tried to create a detailed description of the whole idea, and I didn’t do it to attract more attention or downloads as you think. People should understand the idea of the map, the special details, etc. If you don’t like the story, I am very sorry. What is more, the sounds were created to make the mission more real, especially for those, who have seen the movie. Besides the page opens in 30 sec. on my net. Still if you don’t like both files and pictures I will delete them, I thought maybe someone would like them, though. Maybe I will put them in the miscellaneous files section.
Lord Karpathea This map is great! I downloaded it, and you really went the extra mile. Honestly, this is like the stuff Warlord_Designs does, with the custom sound bytes and whatnot.......the final product is awesome, worth anyones time.
Dougleass A truly excellent map of an excellent movie :)
Playability: 5
What to say... An excellent map! Everything from the movie is there! There are 300 spartans in form of Swordsmen, plus Leonidas (making it 301 actually). And Leonidas doesn't carry a sword, but an axe! Try out the files that comes along with the map! The sounds are TERRIFIC, I love them! When you select your brave spartans, you here them say "This is Sparta!", it gives a terrific feeling to the whole experience.
And not only that, but if you wait a while, they will have found a secret passway in the mountains, leading behind your troops! Just like in the real battle! It's perfect, nothing is left behind.
The arabian soldiers looks actually extremely much like the asian forces in the movie.

The only bad thing about it, is that it gets somewhat boring after a while just killing arabian army after army, but you know what... I won't let that drag the score down.

Balance: 4.5
In the beginning you kinda feel like you're immortal. You have over 300 forces, plus the other army (of monks) that join the spartans in the movie/real battle. And all of them have those 5 dots above their health bar, making them even stronger. While you struggle to keep the persian forces away from the front of the army, the persians have found a way that leads behind your army!
It gives a nice feeling of that there's no hope left, and you struggle on! This is a truly cinematic map in that sense.

Creativity: 5
Just read everything above... nothing is left behind. Everything is there, to give the same cinematic feeling that the movie had. And I haven't mentioned yet, the glorious city of Sparta! It's just sparkling of eye candy.

Map Design: 5
The crusader map editor has never been a good one, but you did all you could do with it. It's a very good looking map, and the boat was a nice touch. The city as I've already said, looks really good. I also noticed such details like the little cave in the mountain (part of a dairy farm), the place where they rest once in the movie. Really nice job on stuff like that.
I noticed the pit where Leonidas kicks the messanger on the map. That was a fun detail.

Story/Instructions: 5
I don't think I have to say that this map has probably more text than a straight 5 really needs.

Additional Comments:
One of the best Crusader maps I've ever played, if not the best. The Joint, try out the sounds once. It's really nice.
To everyone else... why wait? Try it out.

[Edited on 07/06/07 @ 10:21 PM]

AZ ViTrAzhAs
File Author
Wow, dudes! I am incredibly happy that you like my work. Especially that you are one of the most serious users in this forum. Thankx for the great review! I've worked really hard with everything :)
AZ ViTrAzhAs
File Author
Have you won the mission Dougleass? :)
The Joint aaaaa i saw the minimap, after 10 minutes loading :D However I didn't finished the battle, because it gives me error report n the middle of the map.Strange, isn't it?
Battle Mage corp AZ ViTrAzhAs I'd personaly like to thank you for this great map.Its trully a display of genius and outstanding creativity.Ive tried countless times to recreate the battle,but failed.But now that you have made it we can all enjoy this wonderful event.

Playability: 5
The playability was marvellous nothing more or nothing less of the real thing.I loved playing it.Even when i finished it a strange feeling made me play the map over and over.I couldn't get enough.I truly felt back in time at the same spot where in 480 BC noble men were slaughtered,but didn't die invain.GREAT!!!!!

Balance: 5
The balance was perfect.No problems there the armies were very well calculated.

Creativity: 5
What can I say!!!The creativity is something indescribable.The pictures that you posted the story the event....everithing was so well managed.BRAVO!!

Map Design: 5
I was recently in Grece and got the chanse to see the site.I can honestly say that this is the most realistic map of The battle at Thermopylae that I have ever seen.A masterpiece!!

Story/Instructions: 5
I don't think that any words or comments are needed for the story and instructions.The designer was clearly very aware of what he was doing and and every bit of information here is worth reading.Honestly if I could I would have placed a "6" on the story/instructions.

Additional Comments:
I recomend downloading this map to everyone.Such a masterpiece shouldn't be passed on.EXCELENT!The only small problem that I had is that when I replaced the sounds and gm files I accidently deleted the real files.So everyone should have a copy of the files in case they want to restore them.

Oh and one more thing.AZ ViTrAzhAs is it a problem if I write to you on your e-mail.I'd really like to learn how to post pictures in the story/instructions and to write with colours and big letters.

I really enjoyed the map and thought it was wonderful :)

BM corp.
Morbid Angel
younghappy It's times like these when I wish I had crusader. Well the minimap looks great and from Dougleass' review, the gameplay must have been pretty cool too. All the text and information was great and I read most of it too as you put alot of effort into this.

I might download just to hear the sounds!!
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