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Helms deep

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Map Size: 160x160 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Hard
In damger of total destruction, the people of Rohan have retreated to thier much trusted fortress of helms deep. The dark forces of isengard have taken up position, and are preparing to attack. All that stands between them and their doom, is their ability to defend the walls of the hornburg.
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Otori warrior Playability: 1.5
It is very boring, no enemy even makes it to the gate, and theres just pointless number of laddermen, doing nothing. Put some action on your next map =)

Balance: 1.5
you should change tha invasions to something that can at least destroy the gatehouse once.

Creativity: 1
you should make som unique stuff in there, ur at least turn some more attention on the castle design

Map Design: 1
You REALLY should edit some nature in there. DUH there were nothing at all. Please do something with it =).

Story/Instructions: 2
Well i cant say there were no, but i think the couple lines is not enough for a story or an instruction. So 2

Additional Comments:
Its an nice map, but the rating say different, so i dont know what to say. is it your first map?, make some nature or your next map will get the same rating... thats not an threat =).
Battle Mage corp Hello drahcir_dier,
We saw your map and decided to have a go at it.
To be perfectly honest neither I nor my design partner Morbid Angel liked it.We don't know if this is your first map but it surely needs much more work.

First of all the map was too small.When the enemy troops were near the castle some of my archers started to fire at them.And reduced their health a lot.Thats a problem,in my oppinion.Second the castle didn't look very realistic.It was again small and didn't look as majestik as in the film.You forgot a very important part.The horsemen which are supposed to come from the mountains with Gandalf and save the day.Actually there weren't any mountains at all.Just desert.The map is playable.But if you want to get more downloads you should do better than that.

Last ,but not least.I don't think its a good idea to make so much Helms Deep and Minas Tirith maps.Don't get me wrong we have absolutely nothing against them.We are big fans of LOTR.But the castles of Tolkin are really tough to make and a few of them actually turn out nice.

My partner Morbid Angel wanted BM corp. to post a map of Dol Guldur a lot but it turned out to be a very hard task.We tried building Osgiliath and Minas Morgul but ,again failed.The only map that turned out nice was Minas Tirith,but we both decided that it would look banal to post a map that everyone knows.

In my oppinion you should start building real castles like Windosr,Krak des Chevaliers and others.Its much more rewarding.

Hope our comment helped and sorry if I offended you in any way.

Sincerely:Lan al Malkier and Morbid Angel
BM corp.
The Dragonheart Why is it not round? It looks like you have been lazy and just used straight and diagonal lines... think
The Joint You are so generous Otori warrior :D
The Dragonheart It loos like you have updated it. Nice try. You will get better with every submssion. My first and second maps weren't very good either. Then I developed more skills.
The Dragonheart
Map Design1.5
Playability: 2.5
Despite the look of the minimap, the playability is quite cool. The AI works very well.

Balance: 1.5
This was bad. Full stop. Because there is no reinforcement army to help you, the enemy floods into the keep and kills everyone. I couldn't do anything.

Creativity: 1
Sorry, but the creativity is really bad. Look at some other Helm's Deep maps and gain some ideas. You will learn some new skills.

Map Design: 1.5
Poorly created. Appauling. Highly innacurate to the movie or the book. The causeway was straight instead of curved ... to get from behind the deeping wall to the behind the tower, you had to go up some stairs ... the keep wasn't round, just diagonal and straight ... the stream that came out of the deeping wall was way too close to the causeway ... AND there were no Riders of Rohan to save you.

Story/Instructions: 1
More should have been added. Or at least some instructions or tips.

Additional Comments:
People should dl this anyway because it was fun. I remember my first helm's deep I made when I bought Crusader. It was shockingly bad. lol. I seriously considered submitting it, but then realised, NO. Then I gained many pro skills for mapmaking, and I made another helm's deep and submitted that.

Gain some ideas and skills from this map, drahcir_dier.

The Dragonheart

[Edited on 07/19/07 @ 02:36 AM]

Lord Karpathea Dragonheart, twice in your review, you said "nothing like the movie." Well, with all due respect, there was a book too, and that gave no visual cues for a designer, leaving it to their imagination. If "this is not like the movie" was one of the factors influencing your review, perhaps you were a tad unfair with the scores. While I agree the design isn't the best, it isn't the worst either, and just because it's a Helm's Deep map, it's not necessarily a "MOVIE" Helm's Deep. Just food for thought.
The Dragonheart lol Another one putting me down. Don't worry, I will be gone soon. Reckless Hate part 6 will be my last map for a very long time.
The Dragonheart Also, most Helm's Deep maps are based on the movie. If drahcir_dier wanted it to be the same as in the book, he should have added it to the title or the description. Just food for thought.
strongholder nl Well I don't think he should ad it in the title. I think that people who made it out of the movie should post that in the title. After all the book was created first...
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Map Design1.5
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