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Der Untergang

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Der Untergang - (I'm not german but dutch (but the name of the map IS german.) The wolf surprises you with an attack and the men are not prepared. You'll have to make troops and set up more defences. You've got 1 year. By the way the ambush middle-under the map is not bad so don't pull back all the troops from there. Don't forget mangonels and ballistas and the caged dogs close to the ambush. Good luck and have fun. (the mission is possible on very hard.) - Bert de Valk (Bertserker) (i'm working on a campaign version of this map.)Sorry that i dont have a story yet, but that will come.... it will come .ll come...come.
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EliteAce Playability: 4
Well, it was a well thought up map.
It was fun to play, mostly because of how you made it so that the enemy had to go through your little outpost to get to the castle.
The first time I played it, I had trounle finding the barraks, and I didn't relize that the castles gate was closed, therefor, I did not have any vilagers making any food, so my popularity plumited, and I didn't have enough vilagers to get a huge army.

(The first time I played, it was on easy, and I won.)

The secnond time I played, I played it on hard.
It didn't seem like much of a chalange, but as soon as the enemy had gotten o my castles gate, I knew i would lose.
And I did.

But, I like a map thats a chalange.

Balance: 4
The balance was ok.
In the beginning, it was way to easy,(On Hard).
The enemy just didn't have enough troops in tyhe first wave to really do anything.
The second, and third wave breached the outpost.

When the enemy finaly reached my Castle, they had a large army, and took down the castle.

To make the balance better, I would try making it so that the enemy has a strong firt couple of wave, an easy middle wave, time for the player to build up an army, and then a couple of huge waves.
That way, there a large challange in the begging the game, a easy middle, which allows the player to build up an army for the last wave, and then a last couple of waves really hard, keeping the player on edge.

But, that is just what I would do.

Creativity: 2
There was not much creativity.
I did not see much eye-candy.
The gaves things that were to the left of the castle, and the ones below the castle really did not fit in.

And other than those, there just was not much eye-candy.
Although, the church, or monestary thing looked nice in the castle, but it blocked our view of the barracks, which made it a bit dificult to find the barracks.

Map Design: 3
I have seen worse maps than your.
YOurs had hills, a river or two, some trees, really everything a castle should have.

The main thing that I did not like was probobly the stone and iron that was toword the bottem left of the map.
You just kinda covered the whole mountan with stone and iron, which does not look either realstic, or nice.(In my opinion of cource)

I also think that you should try to either remove the rocks that are right above the gatehouse of the outpost, or cover the area with trees so the player does not see them.
They just stand out way to uch, and they don't look realistic.

You should also try working on the main river that leads down past the right side of the outpost. Try adding more rocks, shrub, trees, and anamals to make it seem more realistic.

But, I have to admit that i like the area right outside the gatehouse of the castle, where all of the farms are, with the raod.
It looks nice, but try adding some shrubery next to the side of the road.

You really did not have much of a story.
In fact, you really didn't have a story at all.
You just had about a paragraoh about your map, and not a story.

I know that story writing can be hard.
I have about three maps that would be great if they onmly had a strong story.

The only advice I can give you is this-
either make your story first, and build your castle around it, or build you castle, while making your story.

If you go with making a story first, then you are able to build a nicly planed out castle.
Of cource, taking a castle from paper to a the actual map can be dificult.

But, if you go with making your map, while you create your story, then you can make changes in both your story to fit your map, and change your map to fit your story very easly. (In my opinion)

Additional Comments:
The map need improvment, but, if you do improve it, it can become a very nicly played out, and good looking map.

Good Luck :)

File Author
well... thnx for giving me a score.... i don't like stories actually, i dont think they are important, but this map is going to become a part of a campaign that im gonna make and then it will have a story.
File Author
How do you hold the outpost from the first attack? I only tested it in hard and very hard and it's enough there.
File Author
I think that aren't mistakes of mine that you didn't know that the gate was closed and you couldn't find the barracks. (put the game on pause and - find the barracks/-find the reason why you get no food. and it's the idea to let most of the buildings in the outpost and at the mine "sleep". And make your army b4 they even get past the outpost......
lord dredde
Map Design3.0
Playability:I thought it was a very good map,you took the time to think it out,i have to agree with EliteAce on this,it was enjoyable to play. The little outpost was a nice touch.I also had trouble finding the barrack so i remove the guild buildings and placed it there,also it took a while to get troops to fight of the enemy,the moat was useful but i too was about to face defeat!.A good challenging map-my kind of game.

Balance: 4
The balance was even,but it was far too easy,i'd have gone for a bigger invasion at the start,but when the other two lots of attackers got past the moat and the wall,that was good to see,to quote the scribe'the castle is lost!' unquote.try the repeating invasion tool.

Creativity: 3 Not a great deal of creativity here ,plenty of trees though probably too many(in my opinion), again not a lot of eye candy but that isn't always necessary in map design,it all depends on the creator.I have seen far worse.

Map Design: 3
Again the design is above average i too have seen far worse.The stone and iron needed too be on higher ground then lowered to look more natural.As for rivers i dont always use them,i admit i'm not keen on using them unless i can get them right first time,but i did like the area near the castle.

Story/Instructions: 2
Not much of a story but i got the general idea,writing the story can be difficult i must admit.I tend to write a rough outline at first and build it up.

Additional Comments:needs improvements in map design ,i suggest experimenting with the map editor to get an 'even feel' I tend to make maps for Legends and a couple for SH2 where it is easier to balance the terrain.there is room for improvement and shows a lot of promise for your next maps.well done and good luck Lord Dredde.
File Author
Thnx Lord Dredde for giving me a score. I dont really like the map builder in SH 2 and i didnt try the 1 of legends yet, It's lil bit to much i think. Btw like i already said Der Untergang is part of a campaign and then it HAS a story.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
It is playable, but there are some problems, though. First: there are trees where the archers stand, past the river (where u make ur last stand before they reach the castle). And they also go burning through the pitch with result finding your archers also being killed by the fire. Second: you've placed rocks to block the enemy from getting to ur archers (those rocks at the same last point of defence in front of the main castle), but there the enemy can still get thru some of those points

Balance: 3
Hard for starters, easy for the more experienced player. Hmmm, okay I guess!

Creativity: 3
Not very creative, but I liked those ambushes in the forest, and the first camp.

Map Design: 3
Mwa, could be better, to much trees. The road and other things could like somewhat smoother on the map. That's just a detail, but it still makes the difference between an average map or a extraordinary map. You overuse some of the elements of map design (like those trees -_-)

Story/Instructions: 3
I don't mind that u're missing a story, but write a story next time. It's a easy way of getting points.

Additional Comments:
Funny map, lil'brother! But try to work more at map design. Don't overuse an element in map design if you like, or it will make ur map unnatural (even if it wasn't your intention)

[Edited on 07/21/07 @ 12:38 PM]

artofmath [quote]I think that aren't mistakes of mine that you didn't know that the gate was closed and you couldn't find the barracks. (put the game on pause and - find the barracks/-find the reason why you get no food. and it's the idea to let most of the buildings in the outpost and at the mine "sleep". And make your army b4 they even get past the outpost......[/quote]

An easy way to find your barracks, marketplace, and all those other buildings you can have only one of is to click on the right places, as if you're going to build another one. Then, the screen will take you immediately to where it is. I found that trick particularly useful when I had to find those buildings in large cities.

Of course, you might not need to do that if there are multiple barracks in the castle...

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Map Design3.0
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