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Reckless Hate - Part 6

Author File Description
The Dragonheart
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

It is the year 1343 and a war has been erupting for the last year and a half between a kingdom of rich and beautiful cities and a kingdom ruled under a cruel lord.

In 1341, just before the war started, the two lords came together in a friendly meeting to form an alliance between the two kingdoms. Before this event, they were not known to each other. They sent messages to one another and then they agreed they would meet not at a city, but at an oasis. The kind and brave lord suggested this. He didn’t not like the idea of a neutral lord being in his city. He had a bad feeling about it because the other lord was neither enemy nor ally.

They met under the cool shade of a tree next to a watering hole 10 miles from the closest town. Both lords had a small party of troops. The lords stood at least three meters apart, not once taking their eyes off each other until an elegant man stepped forward and announced the names of both the lords, ‘King Agather and King Edward are brought here to pledge allegiance to each other…’ and he droned on…

King Edward, the kind and brave. King Agather, the cruel and heartless. King Edward did not know how cruel the other was. A few moments past and the elegant man was still talking, then he handed King Agather a scroll of paper and a feathered pen to sign. He finished and handed it to the kind lord. King Edward took the scroll and realised the other lord was smiling like the devil. It was unusual but everything was going good so far so he continued to sign.

Suddenly, an assassin lunged forward at King Edward! There was no time to think! He was stabbed in the shoulder before a group of spearmen hurried to save their king. The assassin was slaughtered in an instant. The two groups of soldiers fought each other and one of the spearmen yelled, ‘Sir, get out of here now! We’ll hold them off!’

King Edward grasped at his shoulder as he ran back through the rocky desert and away from the small battle. King Agather was furious. The plan did not go as well as he thought it would. He was supposed to kill King Edward and claim the kingdom as his. The cruel lord now had one more enemy; but this enemy, was like no other. King Agather made the biggest mistake of his life.

Sub Story:

Reckless Hate - Part 6
Attacking the most feared city in the world. The end of the Reckless Hate series.

They defended Dragorsk … they attacked three times in retaliation … they defended Remings … and now, they plan to attack the most feared city of all time. Iseknos.

Iseknos is not just known for its beauty, but for its massive army. Many have tried to siege the city, but failed. If it was one thing King Edward’s army knew, it was that their king was being held prisoner there. Also that King Agather ruled the city. A double catch, they thought.

After winning the fight, the king of Remings said he would send word for even more reinforcements. Many thanked him for his generous ways. Several messengers left in search for their allies to help them. Hopefully they would accept the call.

As the waiting days passed, they planned how to attack Iseknos. Part of the army would attack from the north-east, another part would attack from the south-east and the other part, after much consideration, would attack from the south-west. Attacking the south-west wall of Iseknos was a risky thing to do, because the entire wall was covered with archers and crossbowmen. Also because there was a higher wall behind the first, with even more archers.

A few more days pass by and the first messenger returns from a long journey. He claims he went to two of their allies and they said they would help. He says he told them when and where. Another day passes by and another messenger returns with good news: more reinforcements. Then the final messenger returns but this time with bad news. He says he went to a supposed ally, but they refused to help. Instead, they said they would actually help King Agather. That was bad. So bad, in fact, that the greatest city in the world, the city that has never lost a fight, would receive help.

With the maximum amount of soldiers on their side, they decided to attack. For today, they would save their lord and kill King Agather.


ABOUT THIS MAP: I tried to place the lord in a prison inside the enemy city, but when I playtested, he disappeared. So then I placed a foot knight in the prison and that worked. So, just pretend that the foot knight is the lord (King Edward).
Also, I placed your army in perfect lined formations but when it came to playtesting, half of them disappeared. I tried to equalize both sides evenly. If you have any problems, please comment and I will try to fix it.

This is my last map. I hope to be back in the future and post more maps. Farewell to you all and happy gaming!

The Dragonheart
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Battle Mage corp YES Reckless Hate - Part 6 Congrtas Dragonheart can't wait to try it.Will rate soon.

Morbid Angel
BM corp.
Lord Boz looks good :D
surajsubba Exellent design. I love the terrain in particular. Hope you'll return with more of such wonderful maps. Good Luck The Dragonheart!
The Dragonheart
File Author
This is not as good as I had hoped as I encountered many problems along the way. I tried to make this last map my best.
Lord Karpathea How did the above comment get posted?
Sulis Comment by The Joint deleted, as was the review.

The original comment was approved by me, but The Joint has worked out that approved comments can be edited and do not require further approval. I've also just worked out who this person is; a former banned member who went by the name of Dido.

Hope this explains matters.

Lord Karpathea Wait a sec. Dido was banned? When?
The Dragonheart
File Author
I said I was not going to submit anymore maps. What I really meant was: I'm not quitting the Heaven site, I am bored of creating maps. I will still log on here and dl maps and rate them.

I hope this comment gets through the administrators because not many of my comments do.
Sulis I've approved the last comment against my better judgement, but in an effort to try to communicate to people the reasons why some comments aren't being approved, you need to keep them relevant to the download. Quite simple.
The Dragonheart
File Author
Can someone review? I would like to know what people think.
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