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Reckless Hate - Part 6

Author File Description
The Dragonheart
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

It is the year 1343 and a war has been erupting for the last year and a half between a kingdom of rich and beautiful cities and a kingdom ruled under a cruel lord.

In 1341, just before the war started, the two lords came together in a friendly meeting to form an alliance between the two kingdoms. Before this event, they were not known to each other. They sent messages to one another and then they agreed they would meet not at a city, but at an oasis. The kind and brave lord suggested this. He didn’t not like the idea of a neutral lord being in his city. He had a bad feeling about it because the other lord was neither enemy nor ally.

They met under the cool shade of a tree next to a watering hole 10 miles from the closest town. Both lords had a small party of troops. The lords stood at least three meters apart, not once taking their eyes off each other until an elegant man stepped forward and announced the names of both the lords, ‘King Agather and King Edward are brought here to pledge allegiance to each other…’ and he droned on…

King Edward, the kind and brave. King Agather, the cruel and heartless. King Edward did not know how cruel the other was. A few moments past and the elegant man was still talking, then he handed King Agather a scroll of paper and a feathered pen to sign. He finished and handed it to the kind lord. King Edward took the scroll and realised the other lord was smiling like the devil. It was unusual but everything was going good so far so he continued to sign.

Suddenly, an assassin lunged forward at King Edward! There was no time to think! He was stabbed in the shoulder before a group of spearmen hurried to save their king. The assassin was slaughtered in an instant. The two groups of soldiers fought each other and one of the spearmen yelled, ‘Sir, get out of here now! We’ll hold them off!’

King Edward grasped at his shoulder as he ran back through the rocky desert and away from the small battle. King Agather was furious. The plan did not go as well as he thought it would. He was supposed to kill King Edward and claim the kingdom as his. The cruel lord now had one more enemy; but this enemy, was like no other. King Agather made the biggest mistake of his life.

Sub Story:

Reckless Hate - Part 6
Attacking the most feared city in the world. The end of the Reckless Hate series.

They defended Dragorsk … they attacked three times in retaliation … they defended Remings … and now, they plan to attack the most feared city of all time. Iseknos.

Iseknos is not just known for its beauty, but for its massive army. Many have tried to siege the city, but failed. If it was one thing King Edward’s army knew, it was that their king was being held prisoner there. Also that King Agather ruled the city. A double catch, they thought.

After winning the fight, the king of Remings said he would send word for even more reinforcements. Many thanked him for his generous ways. Several messengers left in search for their allies to help them. Hopefully they would accept the call.

As the waiting days passed, they planned how to attack Iseknos. Part of the army would attack from the north-east, another part would attack from the south-east and the other part, after much consideration, would attack from the south-west. Attacking the south-west wall of Iseknos was a risky thing to do, because the entire wall was covered with archers and crossbowmen. Also because there was a higher wall behind the first, with even more archers.

A few more days pass by and the first messenger returns from a long journey. He claims he went to two of their allies and they said they would help. He says he told them when and where. Another day passes by and another messenger returns with good news: more reinforcements. Then the final messenger returns but this time with bad news. He says he went to a supposed ally, but they refused to help. Instead, they said they would actually help King Agather. That was bad. So bad, in fact, that the greatest city in the world, the city that has never lost a fight, would receive help.

With the maximum amount of soldiers on their side, they decided to attack. For today, they would save their lord and kill King Agather.


ABOUT THIS MAP: I tried to place the lord in a prison inside the enemy city, but when I playtested, he disappeared. So then I placed a foot knight in the prison and that worked. So, just pretend that the foot knight is the lord (King Edward).
Also, I placed your army in perfect lined formations but when it came to playtesting, half of them disappeared. I tried to equalize both sides evenly. If you have any problems, please comment and I will try to fix it.

This is my last map. I hope to be back in the future and post more maps. Farewell to you all and happy gaming!

The Dragonheart
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Battle Mage corp
Map Design4.0
I promised to rate this map but it just sliped out of my mind.Before I start I would like to say that this has been one of the greatest maps I have played.The detail and outstanding map desgin was something I applaud.A magnificent work by The Dragonheart.

Playability: 4.5
As your final map I wanted to give you as much of what I experienced as I can.This unique map was very hard to beat I lot of saves were needed to complete this mission.Hwever I didn't change my original plan I moved all the troops behind the castle and when the wall was breached I entered the throne room through the bridge and into the main stronghold.I was reckless at some points in the game so I lost most of my units.The reason this isn't a full five is because I didn't have such a struggle with the map my first idea was the right one and thats how I achieved victory.Nevertheless this is one of the hardest map I played but it's hard in a different way.You must have a lot of patience to complete this mission and Im kind of hasty so it was v.hard for me to win it.

Balance: 4.5
The fact that most of the troops were stationed in the front side of the castle thats why I decided to go round it.When I breached the wall they didn't do anything just sat there some of the archers and crossbowmen started to firewhen I entered the throne room but they were far too little to slow me down.If all the troops attacked then I think that the map would have been a lot tougher.

Creativity: 4
I liked this castle a lot the two main halls connected by the bridge were outstandingly made.Both had one purpose only---to protect the hills from the invaders.However there was one thing from a military point of view I didn't liked the arrowshaped part of the castle didn't have any spesific meaning in other words it was useless.It made the castle look a lot cooler,it was an actual eyecandy but it had no military function.At first I thought that it was made to block my way to the north (to go round the castle) because I saw that there were rocks placed to force me to go near the wall if I wanted to go round but the thing is it wasn't garrisoned very heavily so I thought this was jut to make the castle look good.It didn't protect any oasis or hills mines or such things.

Map Design: 4.0
The map design was alright it looked just like a desert terrain but there were two things that that didn"t allow me to place a full 5.The first was that the terrain was normal nothing special about it.The design isn't something outstanding or shocking just a desert.The second was the river. There are severall things that one should know about the river. I have seen lots of rivers that have a wrong look.Some are veery wide and they suddenly become thin.Some say that a river has entered a deep part of it's journey and the underwater terrain swallows most of the rivers mass.This is incorrect it is true that this is possible but not to such a high level as some designers make it.If a river enteres a deep part the flowing water quickly compensates it instead the rivers lenght just becomes shorter.The only reasonable way a river could become so shallow in an instance is if the river has a delta.You river had another problem.It was way too short.If a body of water has enough power to erupt from mother nature than it surely must be a strong one.The ones that can erupt just stay underground.And even if the river isn't very strong but it is near the surface it makes something like a bog or swamp when it erupts.I liked the idea of having a shallow river runing through the castle but if it's so shallow it clearly cannot have te ability to form a small delta when it exits.You should increase it in lenght.That will do the trick.

Story/Instructions: 5
A nice and long story was provided I recently started playing these map and I'll be ever so sad to see them end it was a great adventure.

Additional Comments:
Im sorry that you lost interest in mapmaking because you were one of the best shc designers in the comunity.And your first map proves it by being in the top 10.

Morbid Angel
BM corp.
Map Design5.0
I have just reviewed part 5 and I am hooked. I can't believe how good this series is.

Playability was great. I sieged the city with no problems. It was a bit frustrating at first but when I got my army inside, it was a lot easier. Trying to get INTO a heavily guarded castle always intimidates me.

Balance was perfect. Although, I did have maybe 50 swordmen left, I think if I didn't have them left, I would have lost.

Creativity was another plus to the series. Highly likeable and nothing to miss here.

Map design was different but that sort of different that everyone like. It is like a new fashion coming in. The detail was cool and they city design was awesome.

The story, once again, intrigued me. I loved the ending, it was interesting. A definite 5 for this.

A great finish to a great series!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I had a fun time playing this map. For the first time I am playing a map that needs very good startegy. I can seem to win I can breach the walls and when I am almost victorious all my men get killed. I tried this map a few tims and still I cant win which is why only a 4.0
Balance: 4
Really hard to play map as I have already said in the playablilty section but since I have managed to come close to victory a 4.0

Creativity: 5
I really like the castle shape. The eyecandy inside looked natural and really awsome. Moderate complete use of eyecandy in this map. Creative use of eyecandy at a small range like the inn withh only some small walls. I like it

Map Design: 5
The map design was great and the terrain was realsitc and the castles design is also great and insde the castle I can find a lot of work. Surly a 5.0

Story/Instructions: 5
Very long and interesting story. No grammer mistakes. Very creative too.

Additional Comments:
Great map. I hope you can return to mapmaking soon.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The map is incredibly fun, from the start, when the player must chose the attacking strategy, to the critical seconds when the player invades the enemy castle and every moment extra means many losses. The gameplay also has high replayability and multiple possible strategies to use winning, a great feeling when playing for anyone certainly.

Balance: 4
The difficulty is well balanced, but not perfect. The player has a large army at his disposal, but the enemy castle is well shaped and has the walls and hills height advantage for the archers, which are dozens of them. This is where the unbalancing thing comes - the periodically archers reinforcements. The player only has to wait untill enough green archers are gathered and then, with enough cover for the melee troops, the player only needs a good tactic on the way through castle. I think that's the way it has to be, an excellent job therefore but not perfect.

Creativity: 5
Every aspect is original and creative, the mapmaker shown vast imagination in this awesome scenario. First is the design, with the huge castle with unique shape and naturally design. Then is the desert terrain, which looks incredible realistic. In the end, the story itself reveals a significant originality. Also, the player's troops are beautifully arranged in lines, giving the feeling they're ready to either die or win.

Map Design: 5
As shortly mentioned in the creativity category, the map design is truly a masterpiece on itself. The whole enemy structure, a massive stronghold built on half of the map is not only natural-looking but very impressive also. On the other hand, the natural and realistic looking desert is "just" another masterpiece.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is well-written, detailed and original. Brilliant work, must have taken a while to "find" that story in your mind :)

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