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Perperikon by Battle Mage corp.

Author File Description
Battle Mage corp
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Title: Perperikon
Version: 1.0
Map size: 400x400
Level: Hard
Playing as: Defender
Win conditions: No enemy or invasions left
Lose conditions: Lord killed

This is the first historically correct map that I post here at SH and I am very excited.

The advancing army it threatening to destroy the holy city. Many doubt that the enemy will be even close to the outer wall. The city has never been conquered and this confidence makes the people think less of the upcoming battle and more about fun and relaxation. One night a Thracian scout returns to Perperikon and his news shocks the city:

Scout: I spotted two armies marching toward the castle. The first is very small and doesn’t pose a large threat but the second is very massive and should be more of a struggle.

Innkeeper: This is all fools talk. Never has the city been sieged how can anything penetrate a keep that was given by Dionysius himself.

Scout: Your confidence will prove fatal these aren’t simple bandits they are an elite Byzantine army. Every trooper is with a metal armour and their ranged troops have some kind of bows that are crossed together with wood. I saw them fire at bears one shot and the beast was down. And what do we have spears and bows.

Innkeeper: We also have Dionysius’s blessings!

Man: Make way the priest is coming. Make way!

Priest : Bad news my sons we have angered the gods I can’t get any visions I can’t predict anything. By thunder we are to be killed by the all mighty hand of Zeus!!

Scout: What does that mean?!

Priest: It means we are on our own the gods won’t interfere in this battle. They only gave us the fortification and the city nothing more. Im afraid that this is a matter we have to settle ourselves.

Crowd: By the gods we’ll be slaughtered we don’t stand a chance against the elite army!!!

The havoc amongst the people didn’t help at all. Finally the peasants decided to fight instead of fleeing to the mountains. But the strategy isn’t worked out yet.
It’s your job noble knight to take control of the city and survive the two attacks. For if not the holy temple will be enslaved forever.

Authors notes:
Use the terrain to your advantage. There are a couple of ways with which you can surprise the enemy but the best strategy remains the garrison around walls. Note that if the gates fall on the first attack the game is pretty much lost.

Don’t play the map at very hard because the enemy army becomes enormous and very tough to beat. I have made this map on normal but its still very hard to defend the castle.

I'd like to give some special thanks to Ericgolf and WL_D they helped me sorten out some faults and thus making the map better.Thanks guys.

I hope you enjoy the map.

Morbid Angel
BM corp.
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Battle Mage corp
File Author
So overall I see that you like a good battle?

Morbid Angel
WarLord_Designs Perperikon by Battle Mage corp, a great map which is unfortunantly hurt by AI issues and a low level plot.
I watched the progress and from what i saw in the forums BMC has become very good with the editor in a relativly short period of time. This map caught my eye and i feel obligated to review this gem after expressing my opinions of it in the forums.
First up it did in many ways live up to my expectations but i cant help but feel given a playtester or 2 things could have been better - as someone who has been here for numerous years im sure i could have given you some tips if i had some hands on time with it before release. All that aside lets get on with the review...

Playability: 4
Its solid but not riviting, moving a few troops and recruiting some spears and archers is about all you will do in this senario. Having said that the invasion size at the end means effectivly moving your troops will decide your fate, a solid 4 is given for a good job - nothing new but good nontheless

Balance: 4
This depends on the player, having seen the amount of pikemen i knew it would be tough. It comes down to brains at this point, i sent my troops out of the fortress and just within reach of the signpost. I was able to get most of the guys on a yellow bar before i had to retreat to the walls. Guarding what seemed to be the only gate the AI wanted to attack my task was simple - watch the already weakened units get picked off by my loyal archers.
TIP: When making a senario like this never have 1 signpost otherwise people like me tend to use the strategy of waiting for the enemy at the signpost - try to spread 2-3 signposts in your map and it will be alot tougher.

Creativity: 5
Great castle, it seemed like a project for you to become familiar with eyecandy and various wall hieghts but it all came together well. A rough landscape sets the mood and im happy to reward full marks here

Map Design: 4
this was tough but i have 2 little issues which ultimatly hurt this score.
1. The castle is fantastic no doubt about that, however, it looks too plastic and sticks out way too much. You have built the terrain around the castle and it doesnt (at least for me) look like it sits right. I think it needed to be broken up a little with dirt roads instead of exessive use of the wall tool. Its just my personal opinion so dont take it to heart.
2. this is the most important for me as i'm the terrain-ist in our team. I didnt take points away for this but i did want to mention it. Its all fantastic but you seem to use single tile pllars to roughen up the terrain (much like my old friend NAT did with his maps)
Its an affective tecnique but they did stick out a little too much and didnt look natural as a result, perhaps equalizing lightly would have helped a tad but its no big deal as you are a great landscaper and surpass alot of people.
Just a couple things i wanted to bring up, i feel its better to give honest opinions and try help you improve rather than say nothing.

Story/Instructions: 5
Good story, a 4.5 bumped up to 5 to help the score - perhaps you would write a couple paragraphs more to ensure you get a 5 next time as well.

Additional Comments:
Great map all round, shows what the designer/designers are capable of in what im sure is the start of many great maps to come. Perhaps you feel this review is a little harsh but ive never been one to give high reviews just for the sake of it - it is a great map dont get me wrong and i suggest everyone downloads it!

Well done mate, keep up the great work your next map already looks like a winner!

FroobaChoob Heres one review BM. Looking forward to Pliska :D

Playability: 4
Yes, I did well on easy, and I still won on normal but i'm just good ;) There was a slight glitch which happened twice, and allowed me victory. Near the keep there is a thin strip of wall between to Pillars, and the macemen did the brutish thing and destroyed some of it, leaving a space where units cannot walk. So the Pikemen gathered in one spot, and i had my archers take them out, while i made a brew.

Balance: 5
Well balanced, not too easy, yet not too hard so your like *flail*. Archers utop the keep, Total ownage.

Creativity: 5
Holy cities rock, with the different religion. I Would like to know more about this, Give me a link to a site? Please?

Map Design: 5
Flawless. Can't say anything more.

Story/Instructions: 5
I read, and i wanted to read more. therefore, a 5. :)

Additional Comments:
This map was very Good. other than that glitch. But none the less, a great map from The both of you :D I Look forward to more.

tashkent Sorry you all,
how do you play it?
I downloaded the patch, copied file to the map folder, yet, I see nothing in the game.
Battle Mage corp
File Author
Thanks very much for the riview WL_D I never thought that so early someone as good as you will rate our work and 4.4 out of 5.0 is a wonderful score for me.I agree that the balance was a bit off and I'll try to correct it like you mentioned with more signposts.And update the map as soon as possbile.Thank you very much mate.

FroobaChoob I'm glad that you also enjoyed the map the glitch with the AIs occured while I was playtesting also and I thought we fixed the problem but alas.I'll try to adjust the walls better so that this couldn't happen again.Also here is a site where you can learn more about the city.

Well guys you relly took me by surprise and I thank you for the wonderful comments I'm glad that there is afterall some progress from 3.6 to 4.8 max and I'm glad you apreciate our maps because Bulgaria isn't a big country and people don't enjoy speaking about her but the history of the antion is very worth learning.

Morbid Angel
BM corp.
Battle Mage corp
File Author
Ok guys i've just updated the map.
Update includes.

Second signpost to increase difficulty
A wall correction to prevent glitches.
A bit of terraining in the north-west

Morbid Angel
BM corp.
Battle Mage corp
File Author
Dude I don't understand what was wrong with the map?Somekind of a glitch?

Morbid Angel
artofmath With the AI, the macemen just sort of... sat there. When the siege began, all was well, but when they all just sat right in front of the gatehouse, a lot of them just got picked off...
Battle Mage corp
File Author
No that fellow sais that there is something wrong with the map he can't instal it or what...

Morbid Angel
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This smooth playing invasion map proved to be a bit of an eye opener. Two invasions, one much larger and better armoured than the first, forms the only events you have to face in this historical reconstruction. It sounds simple enough, but this is a lesson in good map design from start to finish. It’s a relatively short scenario but this is fine; anything else would detract from the playability. The notes clearly state to protect your gatehouses in the first attack otherwise it becomes difficult to beat. I cannot emphasis this enough! There is plenty to do here, with copious amounts of careful manoeuvring of your defending army to ensure those gatehouses remain in tact. You can repair them, which is a very useful bonus, but you really do have to set your stall from the start and sacrifice a few good troops to withstand the attacks. Be alert though and recruit as many troops as your weapons manufacturers can produce. The map plays out more like a defending siege and I thoroughly enjoyed Perperikon from start to finish. It’s a simple scenario but done so incredibly well!

Balance: 4.5
You underestimate this scenario at your peril! I played on the normal difficulty setting as indicated by the designers initially, and based this review on their preferences. Withstanding the initial attack was a trial in itself and proved a frantic battle. The second invasion filled me with trepidation, and I wasn’t mistaken; it is huge and potently devastating. My gatehouses fell in quick succession despite throwing troops at the attacking pikemen and although I weathered the first attack, I was vulnerable to the second wave. It became a desperate battle of delaying the enemy whilst peppering them with my archers. Exactly how a battle in Stronghold should be! Make no mistake, this is a tough map to beat and it is all so easy to make a mistake and end up suffering a humiliating defeat. Great stuff though, very well done and balance that is almost perfect.

Creativity: 4.5
Full credit to Battle Mage Corp for tackling a reconstruction of an intensely elaborate and unusual castle/walled city design. Recreation of such an ornate and detailed structure must have been devilishly tricky. The recreation of a particularly hard topic and transposing it into the Stronghold game deserves nothing but respect and admiration. Perperikon is beautiful and the accompanying historical background is well done. Very, very impressive.

Map Design: 5
It would be folly to award anything but full marks for this work of art. The city is simply stunning, meticulously rebuilt from what must be vague sources in terms of detail and is dripping with skills in the editor not seen for a long time. The landscape fits in with the story/instructions commentary beautifully and reflects an expertly modelled rocky terrain. In fact, beautiful is a pretty accurate description of this scenario all round! I love the attention to detail given to both the city and the landscape. A very unique map indeed.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
The download description page has been used exactly as it is meant to; the description, brief story outline and clear instructions are essential in this case and it’s nice to see that there are still designers out there who are prepared to make an effort across all areas of a scenario design. The zip file includes further notes by way of a historical article and all in all I’m once again very impressed at the package as a whole. Both the story and instructions read well and are fluid, whilst content is just about right without becoming boring.

Additional Comments:
The map oozes quality, the design is stunningly rendered and the scenario plays out as a tricky and frantic invasion with lots to do and keep you occupied. Very much recommended!
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Map Design5.0
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