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Duc De Chevaliers- The expansion--Part 2

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
DUC DE CHEVALIERS- The expansion part 2

The year 1101 AD, a boy is born to the greatest sailor of the time; the child is named Chevaliers. He was born in a ship as his father was a sailor, his father had sailed the seven seas, explored unexplored lands, embarked on the most dangerous adventures, defeated monsters never seen before and seen the unseen. The sight of his father commanding the fleet and fighting monsters always inspired him to become the captain of the ship. He was fascinated by the wonders of the sea which made his desire to become a sailor strong .He has traveled the seven seas with his father, fighting monsters and pirates and sailing in stormy weathers.

When he was 7 years old his father died fighting with enemy pirates. From that day onwards he dedicated his life to become the captain of the ship in respect to his father’s position as a captain. Sailing through the whole world with his fellow friends his sole desire to become the captain of the ship became stronger. He became the captain of the ship in 1131 AD; he was then 31 years old. He was very successful as a leader and got full respect from his troops but that didn’t last long, during his voyage at "Sea Of Tranquility”, his ship was caught in a storm. His ship was able to withstand the storm for a few days but eventually it broke apart and all the crew died including his mother but Chevaliers survived and got carried to the shore of a near by island by the breakers in the sea. While the son of king Grever from the kingdom of Arazhgan was playing near the beachside, he saw Chevaliers lying on the beach and took him to the kingdom.

Chevaliers was took care of and fed with royal food because the king respected him as his father had helped the kingdom a lot during times of difficulty. Time passed by quickly for him in the kingdom as he always had something to do. Respect was his biggest weakness, attracted by the respect that the people gave to the ex-military commander of the kingdom a new dream came into his mind "maybe I should become military commander here, the people give so much respect to him and since leadership is in my blood, I should be able to lead the army effectively" he asked the king "Sire, may I become the military commander of your army" the king said "I know that leadership is in your blood but you must prove it to me by defeating the neighboring kingdom with a small army of 20 swordsmen and 20 assassins” Chevaliers agreed and marched off to the neighboring kingdom and skillfully defeated them. Chevaliers returned home victorious, the king said “Chevaliers, I never knew that you were this strong as a leader. I will surely make you my military commander" and so he was made the military commander of king Grevers army.

The whole empire was in joy of having a new military commander but some were jealous. He served the kingdom for a long time; he had won the most difficult battles for the kingdom of Arazghan and had a good idea on how to defend the kingdom against any attack .From his view he had captured the hearts of the people as well as the king’s but he was wrong. One day while he was walking in the streets he heard one of the pedestrians talking to another one “The commander of the army is a bit odd looking as if he is a tyrant, but who cares as we can report to the mighty and generous king if he troubles us”.

From that day on his greed for the throne kept on increasing and finally one day he tried to assassinate king Grever.He failed in the attempt and ran away from the kingdom. He joined a group of cruel bandits that used to raid small villages and raid the poor. He joined the bandits even though they were cruel because it was the only way for him to hide from king Grever. As each day passed his greed for respect grew because he was considered as a slave by the bandits and finally it turned into greed to establish new kingdom.

After 21 years of wandering he got away from the bandits and established the kingdom of 'Duc De Chevaliers’. He was cruel as a king and he enjoyed exiling people. After some years of peace king Grever's son (Grever 2) found out about the kingdom of 'Duc De Chevaliers’ and has started to attack the kingdom seeking revenge. Chevaliers had been able to defend the kingdom for ten long years and has died. Now it was the turn for his son, Chevaliers II to defend the kingdom.

Chevaliers II was really strong as a king and was able to defend the castle and stop the invaders. After 5 and a half years of defending the castle, Chevaliers II got a new idea to expand his kingdom further into foreign lands, after hearing about them from visitors that came to his castle. He orders his military commander to gather enough weapons to arm the whole army and enough food to feed the army and some gold to pay salary to the soldiers, so the military commander of the kingdom of’ Duc De Chevaliers’ began to gather the required goods and get them on the ship. He had to do this safely as the cruel pirates who destroyed the port they had built before were back for more, with the port in grave danger the task becomes hard for him.

Sub story-The military commander of the kingdom of ‘Duc De Chevaliers’ was able to collect the required goods and defend the port against the pirates and rebuild the port completely. The year 1190, the army sets off to foreign lands to capture important trade routes and mining villages that have an abundant supply of raw materials thus further extending the kingdoms reaches and wealth. As the army reaches the foreign lands they aim to capture important trade routes and mining villages. After reaching the foreign lands the king decides to hire a mercenary so that he could easily find out the important trade routes and other information from him. The first country the army plans to siege is the the kingdom of Revacola as it controls access to the most important sea trade route in the foreign lands, but it will be no easy task capturing this country because of its defense which is very strong and well organized. The army is sent to conquer the kingdom and take control of the trade route. Can you lead the army to victory and conquer the kingdom of Revacola.

Hello everyone this map has only a few eyecandys.

It has a ship on which the army came to the foreign lands.

There is a ruined mining camp in front of the city.

There is a small monastery in the settlement that pays tribute to the kingdom.

The map has some interesting things like.

The kingdom has entrances to different sections of the castle made of bridges. Everything is in order in the kingdom as different sections have been made in the kingdom.

There is a small settlement which does farming as its chief occupation. They pay tribute to the kingdom of Revacola for protection. The land in the settlement is fertile because their ancestors had found an oasis and dug it up and to their surprise the water that came out was surplus to irrigate these lands. This settlement is one of the best food producers in the foreign lands. You won’t have to siege this settlement as they will surrender to you if you can capture the kingdom of Revacola. This area is not receiving protection at the moment because a newly introduced system of taxation has been causing misery to the people and they are unable to meet the demands of the kingdom.

The area where the people of the castle live have P scouts (mace men are the P scouts which are a part of the law and order in the streets and there are some other units that perform the roll of p scouts, they also serve as men for battle) patrolling the area to make sure that crime is kept down in the kingdom.


Take your time to siege the castle as you will have to.

As they say it’s better to take the hard way round as the results will be good. Think about the route you take to the castle will it be full of destruction or just a plain way.

Never underestimate your enemy.

Don’t make your knights fight the enemy knights directly use another way to kill them.

Be strategic never go in directly; take down the enemy one by one.

Use your men carefully.

Make sure that you use your siege engineers effectively or you don’t stand a chance.

Since crossbowmen have a short range you can kill them using fire ballista.

Author’s notes-The castle that is being seiged has control of the most important and most busy trade route in these foreign lands and the castle that is being seiged is only a part of the whole castle, but this area has the king’s castle. Defeating the army of the king in this part and killing the king will bring the rest of the country to its knees. The ruin in front of the castle was an area which was rocky with large boulders and iron ores and other resources like stone, so the king ordered some of the workers to build a mining camp there and collect precious resources and in time the workers caught wild animals from the forested part of the country and tamed them. After a long time it was attacked by wandering tribes and they collected all the booty and left the mining camp in ruins and the king hesitated to rebuild it and now it is abandoned with the animals roaming freely and the area is now grassy and there is a small swamp because the moat that was dug up (It has water) as a defense for the camp enriched the soil in the area with water and grasses, shrubs and trees grew up. The camel on top of one of the ruined towers indicates that it has been abandoned for a long time. The ruin in front of the castle was an area which was rocky with large boulders and iron ores and other resources like stone this explains why the area has many big rocks in it as most of them were removed by the workers but some remained. The king instead of reviving the mining camp built another one near by for some unknown reason. The landscape is a forming desert that has a lot of resources and is rocky with some life in it, the area has rocks because it was a fertile land but in time it turned into a place with no water so the place has rocks that still have to go withering so that the area is a complete desert. When you see the castles shape you will think that it was suppose to be round but it is suppose to be the way it is. If you look at the minimap closely you will se a shape for the divisions of the castle and will like it mostly. The ship has an entrance to the inner decks. Some of the workshops in the kingdom of Revacola are not functioning because their owners are revolting against the kingdom because of a newly introduced system of taxation which was really oppressive. The farming settlement

p.s. - If you like my map, Please post a comment and perhaps a rating... I’d really appreciate it.

I hope everyone will enjoy playing this map.



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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord William1234 This map looks nice! I have downloaded it: I hope to playtest it soon! :)
Lord William1234 Playability: 4
This map was very fun and challenging to play: I barely won it the first time. I only had about 4 swordsmen and 1 crossbowmen left at the end (I had the two siege engineers build a fire ballista, but I don't know what happened to them). Some other players might find this map easier than I did, though; I'm not too good with siege maps. Either way, I haven't had a map this challenging for a while now!

Balance: 4
I thought that the map was pretty well balanced: your army was not too large for it to be too easy, but it was not too small for it to be too hard. I still think that it would have been a lot easier if you had removed the good things from the enemy castle, but I believe that you put those there for a reason. :)

Creativity: 4
I'm not sure what to say about the creativity here: however, out of all the maps that I've seen on SHH, I haven't seen one like this, so I'll give you a 4. The ruins was a nice touch to the map, and I haven't really seen a moat and marsh mixed in with it before.

Map Design: 4.5
What can I say: the map looked pretty good! The town community to the northwest was a nice touch; it looked really nice! Although, the walls around it did look a little weird.

The mountain range looked nice also. The mix of stone, iron and rocks made it look awesome!

The ruins looked VERY nice. I'm not sure if I could make ruins that looked that good.

And now, the enemy castle: pretty nice design, I have to say. It was hard to navigate your troops around because of the walls though. However, that just adds to the fun of this map.

Story/Instructions: 5
Sorry, I didn't read it all...:( However, your story was pretty long, and from what I read it looked pretty descriptive and well written. I do think that you accidentally duplicated part of it, though.

Additional Comments: A well made map in my opinion. I hope that you continue to make maps; I'm looking forward to your next one!
File Author
I am looking forward to it Lord William1234.
Lord William1234 Well, I have playtested the map, and I have written a review. I don't know when it will be posted, though...
Lord William1234 This is weird. I wrote a review, submitted it, and it hasn't shown up for some reason. It's been a while now: what's going on?
File Author
I read the review from an automatic email and i think i know the problem.
You have given this map a good justification but the score given is poor when compared to the justification or comments.
Also try reading the story whole and then post another review. OK
Lord William1234 Thanks for your comment. After I wrote my review, I did read your story whole. It was very interesting and fun to read, although you wrote it twice for some reason. I'm not sure if you did it on purpose or not, though. Anyway, I think I'll play the map a few more times and try to write the review again.
Lord William1234 I think I made a mistake on my last comment. It looks like you updated the map, because the story is no longer duplicate. I think that the first time around it WAS written twice, though. Anyway, I haven't played your map again recently, but I will do so, and try to do a better job on my review.

P.S. I think I might have had a similar problem with some of the maps that I submitted, or something. I submitted several maps in the past couple of days (I started submitting maps on 8/30/07) but they haven't shown up on SHH for some reason. I might have to wait a little longer, though. Still, it would be nice to know whether or not my maps have been rejected.
File Author
Hey lord william contact sulis at this email id to know why your maps are not up. I did not realise I accidentally pasted the story. But now it is ok
Lord William1234 Thanks for the info. I think I'll wait until tommorrow to e-mail Sulis though. The map might just be taking a little longer to be posted for some reason. If the maps aren't posted by tommorrow, though, I will e-mail Sulis.
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