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Rebellion Prt 1

Author File Description
Lord William1234
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
This is the first map of a series that I'm making. I don't have a lot of skill at making Invasion maps, so I would appreciate if you would download and rate the map for me. A comment would be nice as well. There is a story in the briefing, but it's not very descriptive. So, I shall write a story here. Here goes...

1181 A.D. This is the famed date when the battle against Lord Gorman began. It all started with the battle of Anuum. Anuum is a fortress situated on a large mountain range. It is the where the laws are passed, and taxes are admitted to the surrounding counties. It is not surprising that Lord Gorman would target this castle.

November, 1180.

King Thomas stood on top of the main stronghold, looking upon the town of Anuum. He sighed as he saw the townsfolk go about their business. He felt great: the feast was going to begin in a few days, and he was eager for it to begin. He had many things to tell the guests; plans for another fortress. A larger, grander fortress. Yes. A fortress so large, so grand, that-

"Sire, Sire!" the scribe shouted, running towards King Thomas. "I have grave news!"

"What is it," said Thomas, turning swiftly around.

"It's Lord Gorman! He's attacking our Stronghold!" Besides the heavy breathing of the Squire, no noise was to be heard from the top of the keep. An impening attack, thought Thomas. This is too much to bear...

This is the story so far. You have the capability to create monks, archers and spearmen in this mission. You do have a large force of men guarding the mountain pass leading to the fortress, but they will most likely be killed off during the mission. Be careful, and good luck!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
This map is highly playable. I had a lot of fun playing this map especially with having to fight in a thin road. I had to play very strategically. I lined up all my units in such a way that all of them werefighting at the same time. I also did not find any bugs in this map.

Balance: 5
The map was well balanced. The firs time I was defeated, the second time also I was defeated, third time also I was defeated but the fourth time also I was defeated. :( . On the fifth try I placed all my men at the narrow path itself with all the men in such a postion that all of them could hit the enemy at the same time, i.e I made the army stand in such a way that there was only one line. Hey I won this time. I deleted some of the walls which was ok to be deleted and sold it for money and deleted the cathedral and the gardens for money and made spearmen and archers to fight and this helped me a lot. So I would consider that a bonus to the balance because becasue of this I was able to win

Creativity: 4
The idea of having a fight in a narrow path is really creative. This map was kind of creative but it could use some more creative stuff in it. I am sure you can improve in map making and I am looking forward to your next map in this series. Try including this that have never been done before. ok

Map Design: 4
The map had a rogh terrain with some trees and shrubs here and there. It looks like a real desert atlest to me. I also liked the ruins but the problem there was that it did not look natural as i could not find a reason for it to be there. It had no walls surrounding it. When you make ruins first make them a surrounding wall and destroy it down. Then place your ruins. The map design section had no other problems from what I could see.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
The story was ok and desciptive and had no grammer mistakes but it was a bit short. I am sure you can write a longer story. try including how things happend and try writing the story from a time even more long ago about the main characters birth and stuff ok. Other than that the map had no problems.

Additional Comments:

Overall a pretty nice map. I am sure you will improve soon. :)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4.5
It was highly playable, but i found a bug which was the one that said the enemy was inside your castle when they weren't no biggy.

Balance: 2
not too balance, I nearly beat it on my first try but it crashed dunno if it was my computer or the game but still crashed. Also on my first try, I only had-40-50 casualty and they were all swordsmen, while they suffered thousands of deaths. Also I think the +5 bonus is not needed because you have all the advantages, height, quality, one line to defend, and you are on the defense. while the enemy has only one advantage, numbers, i still had a huge number of my army left.

Creativity: 3.5
Not that creative because this has been done before(a single line defense map), it was that guy's version of the stand of the 300 spartans. nothing too special, plus if you like added at least a river and some oasis grass far over it, it would be more realistic, because no leader is dumb enough to fortify a mountain top that doesn't overlook a strategic point like a river.

Map Design: 4
Good for a starter, and also good because you did better than me, ha ha but thats because my mouse is broken and it can't really design maps that good.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
Short and ends ubruptly.

Additional Comments:
Not the best map I've seen, also I don't think it should be marked normal because well i believe a player with a general knowledge of warfare can beat it, another words a new person to this game can beat it. If you can't beat it, here's a tip, put the number one strongest in the front, other melee on the back of the gate house, and put the ranged troops on the gatehouse, and towers.

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Map Design4.0
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