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The Trap

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
As you make your way to the hills of glory you find that The Snake has already beat you to it, and trapped many of your own troops within the mountains. you set up a small temporary camp where you quickly gather what troops you have. You must free your captured men and avoid These traps while making way to The Snake's castle. His main army is marching there and it is not long before it reaches his castle. Any false move could lead to your death. Choose your actions wisely.

Win Conditions: Snake killed.
Lose Conditions: 20 years until lose, or no troops left.
RECCOMENDED DIFFICULTY: EASY! if it is not played on easy then many required troops will not show up, I doubt it is beatable on anything other then on easy, possibly normal but I was not able to.

This is a very challenging map, I recommend this to experienced players, and save your progress often.

Please tell me any mistakes you find in this map.

Be sure to check my other map:
The Invasion of Karabos.

*Update- fixed a slight crack in the map
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The Trap takes the form of a tricky invasion map where you need to rescue, or collect, your troops before assaulting the Snake’s castle. With numerous little puzzles to solve as you progress, plus some very nice little hidden extras, and the constant worry that you need to protect your troops as you make your way across a large landscape, I found playability to be very good across all areas of the map. There are slightly different approaches you can take to the map but ultimately your course through the obstacles is structured. Similar in some ways to one of the missions provided with the original game, the scenario still offers a good challenge and certainly kept me entertained and interested. There are no events to speak of, but then these aren’t required for this scenario. The map certainly had a fun element about it and Rerolled22 has definitely designed a pretty solid and entertaining scenario. A very good effort.

Balance: 3.5
Not quite as difficult as I imagined it would be. Playing on easy setting, as indicated by the designer, resulted in a win some 84 months ahead of the final invasion (whereby you lose) and troop losses of 54%. For the record, and with an idea of what traps to avoid following my first attempt, I tried the scenario on normal difficulty; completion was 74 months ahead of the final invasion, but troop losses of 47% this time, evidence of a more careful and structured approach. The map still provides a decent enough challenge and a scenario such as this is notoriously difficult to set up correctly. Well done to Rerolled22 for a very good attempt! The abundance of laddermen (with only a small handful really needed) probably helped to keep my troop loss numbers down as you can’t take them all with you (which begs the question; if one of the lose criteria is ‘no more troops left’, is it possible to lose this way at all?) and there a numerous engineers too. These are useful for digging areas of moat (to get to your trapped army) but I noticed a gold allowance of 750 but no option to build any siege equipment. Intentional or an oversight?

All things considered, and with a few areas that could benefit from a little extra work, the balance of the map was fine. New players should try this on easy setting as per Rerolled22’s instructions, but experienced players would be far better off attempting this on either normal or hard.

Creativity: 4
This is the map’s strongest area, for me anyway. Making full use of the landscape with good use of the terrain tools to create pathways and a few puzzles to overcome is a great idea and there’s nothing more pleasing than having a large map that you actually use. One or two little tricks are employed, such as hidden hot oil engineers and other units on one part of the map is a great idea and if you treat the map with little respect, you can get seriously caught out and suffer pretty large losses. As mentioned above, the scenario is similar to one of the maps provided with the game, but this isn’t a criticism as it takes on a different style of combat and is certainly not a scenario frequently copied. It’s always pleasing to play something different from the majority of scenarios. Good effort!

Map Design: 4
What I particularly liked about this is the use of the terrain tools to create a varied and sprawling landscape that adds real scale to the scenario. It takes a while to work your way around the map and takes on a fairly realistic appearance. The brush sizes used in some areas are a little bold and the landscape would benefit from smaller, more intricate paths and maybe a little more vegetation, but this is perhaps a personal preference. The castle area, stuck away in the top right corner of the map looks well done (I’m a bit of a fan of smaller castle designs) and is, again, quite well done. The areas of pitch are pretty huge in areas and one area in particular can be ignited by exciting (!) an enemy hot oil engineer into action, which wipes out a fair number of the Snake’s swordsmen. I’d prefer to see smaller areas of pitch used rather than large swathes of the stuff which can be just as effective and, quite possibly, more of a problem to you.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
A brief story on the download description page describes the scenario to you, with a clear description of the win criteria and a couple of thoughts by the designer. The content dedicated to this part of the scenario may be fairly limited but it serves the purpose of describing the essentials to the potential downloader. This is another case where what has been provided is fine and does the job intended, but desperately needs more depth and detail.

Additional Comments:
This is a pretty good effort by Rerolled22, offering a decent challenge for most skill levels. Definitely needs playing on normal or hard setting for the majority of players, but definitely worth a look. Well done for taking on such a difficult scenario!

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Map Design4.0
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