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Mardonton, The Siege (Map 1in Saviour of Léugìm)

Author File Description
Lord Michael I
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

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Mardonton - The siege

Map No.1 in The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign.

You are Gregory, the lord of an Estate in the Kingdom of Léugìm.
You must defend your town from the evil army of Lord Dayon.
Hold off the invaders as long as you are able so you can make your escape.


Mardonton, called the "lost town". It was founded in the year 903 by Charles II, and the lordship of the town has been passed down from generation to generation in our family. This small town has always lived away from any problem, away from any war, until now.

The lands of Léugìm are on the verge of a war, with the allied estates of Léugìm on one hand, and Lord Dayon, and its massive army, called the "Black Men" on other side. Our side has proven weak. Not all the estates have proven loyal to the crown, so we are not fighting with our biggest forces. And news is worsening each time. Terror is approaching your sleepy town. Countless raids have been mentioned, all around your quiet lands.

Also, numerous rumors about Dayon's soldiers, some kind of strange mutants, attacking each town they see, are scaring the peasants. They say these soldiers of Dayon are beasts, and were born only for fighting and killing.

Now, it is time to defend your town. You must not let it fall; you must hold it at all costs. If the raids aren't stopped,who will put a finish to this horror?

Campaign Map

Click thumbnail pic to see 160k JPEG


Your town is about to be attacked by a huge army. Start preparing your defenses, and hold your town as long as you can. You are the strongest estate in the area, so you must inflict big casualties on Lord Dayon's evil army, this may make them retreat and give you time to prepare a bigger offensive.


    On Normal Setting:

  • 1 sword. This is the sword you will use on the battle.
  • Keep your lord alive until the timer ends.
  • The game will end in 1076

Hints for all players

-Maybe if you fortify the town with even more wooden platforms, maybe you could kill off even more of Dayon's men even before they touch your walls.

-Try to use killing ditches strategically around the hard points of your town.

-Train as much men as you can! The armory is full of spears and arrows; use them!

-You can put more hovels. This way, you will have more peasants around the campfire, which means you will have more recruits.

Author's Note

I hope you all enjoy this map. I'd first want you to know that this map is the product of
the hard work of lots of persons, including me. Though it might sound strange, I am not the designer of this map, I am only the storywriter.

I was in charge of making the full story and in-map story. The terraining of the map goes to FroobaChoob, though, he had some internet problems and could not upload the map. Also ericgolf has put a lot of work on finishing the map, and not to mention the playtesters (I'll mention you guys later ;))

Zip Contents

The zip file, besides the map, contains a map of the lands of Léugìm for you to look how the story progresses. It also has a hint file, which you must not open unless you are really stuck, the full story and a minimap is also attached.

And finally, there is a map similar to the one that shows the lands of Léugìm, but this one will show you what else is happening at the moment of the mission.


A big thanks to these persons who spent their valuable time on this map:
FroobaChoob, the person who came with the main idea of a campaign, and the designer of this map.

Ericgolf, thanks for the help on scripting and making the final tweaks on the map and playtesting!

Lord Tanthos, the second playtester, thanks a bunch :D

Younghappy, the person who got in charge when
Frooba had to leave, and the designer of the well made map of Léugìm.

Sir Ravenclaw, the designer of the campaign logo.

Also I'd like to thank again ericgolf, because he was kind enough to make a Download
Template in HTML, because I don't know how to :D Thanks ericgolf, don't know what I've done without you ;)

And last, I'd like to say I am the storywriter. I was mainly in charge of making all the story.
So let's leave talking for later, download the map, and, to battle! Don't forget to leave feedback and a rating, if you're kind enough!


The update is minor, there is no need of downloading again. I have updated the map of Léugìm with a newer version and have changed the file and map name.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Thanks Sulis :)

Glad you had fun! Nice to know those many hours scripting and balancing over those 2 or 3 days in July were worth it.

I never asked FroobaChoob how long it took him to make that perfect circle of a fort. But I think it is that simple tight kernel of an inner keep inside the busy town with the flimsy outer wall that come together with the invasions to make it an exciting fight. And to have the fort and town come apart around your ears like it does and still call it victory... well it only really fits as the opening part of a campaign, and the inspiration and formulation of this story was done by the others in the team, and LMI in particular, long before I got involved in this map.

By the sound of things though, both reviewers must have been using quite different tactics to me when I was playing it. Good to know that it balanced out well for different styles of play.

[Edited on 10/10/07 @ 01:53 PM]

lordbenn How do u get ur troops green?
Not sure how FroobaChoob did it. Maybe a template from the utilities section. YOu would get a more definite answer by starting a new post/thread in the Scenario Design forum:-
Map Design3.5
Hum, about this map, I'm feel obliged to make a review, because this map inspires myself to create a map (I don't know if I can post it on Stronghold Heaven, writing the story in English is maybe too complicated for me).

Playability: 4.5
Quite good. We have a castle already built, so we don't have to do some gestion, only preparing an army to defend the castle against all the enemies, who are very, very numerous. Defending the castle was very difficult for me. It was a, well, I don't know if this expression is used in English vocabulary, a "win in Pyrrhus" (litteral translation), that is to say we lose everything, even my Lord, who died a few seconds after the victory. Protecting the first wall is impossible, so we have to protect the poor gatehouse to the many enemies who tried to destroy it. If the gatehouse is destroyed, allthe enemies (thousands and thousands) come in the castle, killing very quickly everything. Otherwise, the major part of the army destroys the castle. It was a game really terrible, with strong assaults. I loved it.

Balance: 5
Well, it's a map really hard. I need many attempts before triumphing. So, as Sulis said, we d'ont have to kjill all the enemies, just to survive, so the utilisation of killing pits is very useful. Building a lot of batiments is quit euseful too, because these batiments make the part of a diversion. But, well, it's not easy. We have especially archers, so the macemen can easily kill them if they broke the gatehouse. Don't try to kill all the enemies, just try to survive. I've used hundred of killing pits, but, at the end, the pikemen can destroy the gatehouse. I lost all my archers, and the death of my Lord appeared in the same time than the message of "Victory". As you said, that was a close shave.

Creativity: 5
As I said, this map really inspired myself. What I like is the fact that we canno't kill all the enemies, just survive. So, we need to sacrifice all the town if we want to survive. It's really original, I rarely played on a map like that before.

Map Design: 3.5
I really like the organization of the town, a circular town which is really beautiful to see. Otherwise,, the decor is quite poor, with a lot of trees, but that's all. Anyway, it's a good work.

Story/Instructions: 5
A real good work about the story. We have a short summary in the topic, and a story more developed, with some dialogs, in the .zip file

Additional Comments:
Well, I can't do a review very developed like Sulis or Battle Mage Corp. I'm not exceptionnally good in English, but I think I've explained clearly what I think of this map. A really very good work, congratulations.
Thanks, on behalf of the Campaign team, for your review, barbarius. Glad you enjoyed the map :)

[Edited on 05/25/08 @ 07:41 AM]

Sredit What a terrific map!
I solved it in the end by giving up the outer wall as a matter of course, instead concentrating solely on the inner wall. I removed all the hunter posts and fletchers and replaced them with as much wooden platforms as I could fit in.
I withdrew all my forces in the court yard, including the new recruits, the archers on the platforms. I also deleted all buildings beyond my outer wall.
Ignoring the popularity boost of drinking ale, I put the brewers to sleep and created 20 woodcutter huts. Selling all ale and hops ánd food I bought as much wood as possible and created a zone of killing pits.
Also I narrowed the access to my inner gatehouse to a one-tile path between hunter posts, filled to the brim with more killing pits.
As I said in my review of Wooden Hell, when I get frustrated I fall back on my annihilistic approach.
In the end I beat the map in normal for the loss of 8% of my forces.
It was quite a satisfaction, I might add.
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