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Bealaigh Hill, The Ambush (Map 2 in Saviour of Léugìm)

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

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Bealaigh Hill -The Ambush

Map No.2 in The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign.

Once again you are Gregory. You have just escaped from Mardonton (hometown) and are on the way to the Captial. You hear news of the enemy approaching along the same route. set up a fort and prepare to ambush them.

Background Information

(Best read with Kingdom map enlarged) Bealaigh Hill or Halfway Hill is a small mount with a rocky peak. Appropriately named as it lies halfway along the road from Mardonton to the Capitol. On the edge of the Larcoill Mountains, it has as a commanding outlook over the surrounding forest. Just below Bealaigh�s slopes, the Anoir Road from the East meets the Mardonton-Capitol Road. Many fatigued travellers on their way to the capitol stop at this junction for the night. Travellers have the option of spending the night at Cyrska or behind the sheltered crags of Bealaigh Hill.

Cyrska, a minute walled hamlet was originally built as a rest and trade point along the road and to command the fording point of the river. Over time it has become a haven for exiles and those who are too lazy to work or fight. Travellers who choose to rest here rarely experience rest. The locals are rowdy, drunk and loud. They are good folks at heart and they do somehow mange to look after themselves despite their lazy reputation.


In this mission you will play again as Gregory, the main character in the campaign. Gregory has just escaped from his hometown of Mardonton after a bloody siege. He decides to travel to the Capital and rally some support on the way. He and his remaining army arrive at Cyrska and spend the night with the rowdy locals. Early next morning they set off on their way to the Capital, as they pass Bealaigh Hill a weary messenger approaches from the Eastern Road. The message being that Dayon is heading for the Capitol too, along the same road!

Gregory decides to ambush them and what better place to do so from than Bealaigh Hill. A small fort is established behind the rocky peak and the army get to work on gathering resources and building defences. He must hold his position and kill the enemy to weaken their assault on the Capitol. Weapons must also be made to equip any new recruits.

Campaign Map

Click thumbnail pic to see 250k JPEG


You have hear news of the approaching enemy. You have started a fortress. You must complete this fortress so that you can hold off the enemy. You must also gather up resources and weapons for future travels.


    On Normal Setting:
  • 250 Bread
  • 70 Maces
  • 90 Meat
  • 45 Crossbows
  • Game ends at July 1089 (if you don't win first)

Hints for all players

>You have a whole forest, build many woodcutter huts and sell off any excess wood for money.
>Be quick and get your economy up and running early.
>Start Crossbow production as soon as possible, you know how slow those fletchers can be!
>Your hill has a major height advantage, put this to good use.

Author's Note

I volunteered to make this map as I enjoy creating beautiful landscapes the most. I had never really made a forested map so I enjoyed experimenting with different styles. There will be times when you will feel like ripping your hair out and more peaceful times, and then the seige! I hope you enjoy this map as much as Ericgolf did! And we hope you follow the whole campaign with us.

Zip Contents

-Invasion Map
-Map of progress
-Map of Léugìm
-Screenshots Folder


>FroobaChoob, the person who gave the idea to the Campaign.
>Lord Michael I for writing the story.
>Ericgolf, the playtester and the person who made the HTML template for the DL Section.
>Sir Ravenclaw, the designer of the campaign logo.
>Younghappy, designer of the map. The one left in charge when Froobachoob had to leave and is the person who designed the Map of Léugìm.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Battle Mage corp
Map Design5.0
First off I'd like to say that this has been the most interesting map in the series.I tryed out the third one but this really had a hold on me and I have loved it from day one.I really wanted to give this one a 5 ,mate and I know how much you've worked on it It's nothing personal youre a great designer but the map had one thing I didn't like and it affected the score pretty badly.However this map was a really big challange and playing it was a lot of fun.And in my oppinion everyone should download it.And finally I'd like to apologise to you Younghappy for taking so long with the review but I didn't have a lot of time to play it.But now I have all the time in the world and I'll hopefully review map No 3.

Playability: 4
I'll just have to come out and say that this map is 2-3 times mabye tougher than the first one.Even though it had less troops it was more of a struggle due to the constant economical crisis and desieses and lets not forget the bandits.Well I'll reveal my impressions from day one since I started playing the map.The first two ro three tries were just observative I slowly got a clear idea of the map and piled up 5es for the creativity and map design ;) So as I started the map it soon became clear that It would be more of a struggle than I thought.The castle wasn't well fortified and the tents weren't helping and I had to remove them.My ingame strategy was to block of the ford at the village.I came to do this due to the bandit attacks.As I said the castle isn't enclosed so I had to block their path untill I fortify it better. 30 spearmen against about 10-15 bandits is a bad combo.When the map was clean of bandits I had the reminder about desieses and weapons.I have to say that I barely made it to the the massive invasions.The problem for me was the early attacks and the organisation was slow and everything.I didn't even come close to a victory every time 100-150 troopers were left and I easily became discouraged because if there are about 30 troops left I consider the map beatable but in this case I was between a rock and a hard place.I knew that one can beat this map It was only a matter of time but the constant defeats discouraged me.However I never review a map without seeing it to the end so I continued pushing it.Eventually I was reluctant to play it and I couldn't motivate myself.That pretty much ruined the playability for me.Finally I learned the map by heart it was really a matter of time I crushed all the attacks before they even sprouted and the final armies weren't that hard to defeat.My main strategy was the ford and how I block it.Even if they break the blockage I rush all my troops to the keep and there I let them fight.But even though I finally became good at the map I wasn't so excited as in the beggining. If you consider to change it (keep in mind that these are my impressions and the map may be way easier for others so don't update it just yet) I don't think that you should lower the armies or anything or change the goals just give the player more time to organise everything.

Balance: 4
Well from what you read above the balance also gets affected.The enemy army just had a really unfair advantage which made the map "impossible" and ruined the feeling of it.I actually don't have much to say about the balance but as I said the map doesn't need a drastical change in the armies, just a small tweak in the time conditions.

Creativity: 5
This map was a real jewel a priceless piece of work.You really work a lot on your map and get the desired results.The map didn't have any astonishing eyecandies just a simple and basic fortification design which really made it look nice and gave it a big glow.Im impressed by small things not large amounts of effects and eyecandy.I can honestly say that this map stands up to it's name 100 percent.The hill was simply amazing and yet it was a simple terrain feature thats what I like about your design style it isnt giant or breathtaking its asimple and realistic peace of work which I think everyone adores here.

Map Design: 5
And again the design wasn't that complicated but I loved it the rivers the hill (especially the hill) the small sand path.I simply adored it.It just looks so real and unspoiled.I especially liked the river which begins in the map and slowly flows in the main one.Great!I simply adored it.

Story/Instructions: 5
Finally the story.A long and very interesting peace of work I admit that I haven't read it all yet because I didn't have enough time but today Im sure to finish it and the excitement of this team project will continue in me.But from what I have read yet I was left with a lot of excitement.Also there was a hint file and other things that contributed to this score.

Additional Comments:
I apologise that my review isn't as large and strong as my partner's Im just not that poetic but I think that these thoughts give you a good idea about your map.

Since day one I thought that this map will be a 5.When I saw in the forums I decided that the map design and creativity were a sure 5 and I know that your storywriting is really interesting.From what I read I knew that this map would be hard and indeed it was but it just got above my limmits and destroyed the fun of playing it.

Nevertheless this is one of the greatest maps i have played yet and I think that everyone will like how the campaign will progress.

Lan al Malkier
Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
What a wonderful map! From start to finish, and everything in between, this is how a Stronghold invasion map should represent, encompassing tough economic goals and a huge and devastating invasion, all within a time limit to keep you on your toes. The repeated events such as wheat disease will cause problems no matter which approach you take and even with plenty of iron deposits across the map, manufacturing those maces is a challenge in itself. I found myself constantly occupied throughout the scenario, which is in itself a testament to the designer and a reflection of thorough and proper playtesting. The map has loads of replayability and I found myself revisiting this on several occasions. Despite being a tough map, Bealaigh Hill is fun to play and never a chore. Great work, fully deserving of the full marks awarded.

Balance: 5
Hinted at above, the events underpinning this scenario are there to frustrate and hold you back in your progress. This isn't an easy map by any stretch of the imagination, but the three attempts it took to finally beat it supports the notion that maps like this aren't really about a quick win. I loved the constant action in setting up your defences and your settlement. Furthermore, the final invasions worked extremely well, if not perfectly, when they finally attacked the settlement. The balance of troops was very good and it is fair to say that you shouldn't rely solely on your archers, spearmen and the starting macemen to hold back the attacks. Make use of other equipment and obstacles or you will more than likely suffer a humiliating defeat. Excellent balance, tough but immensely satisfying when you win. Great stuff!

Creativity: 4.5
As a stand-alone scenario, the creative elements of this map are impressive. Chapter 2 takes some key elements of basic map making and delivers to a very high standard. Combined with this, the huge amount of work by the design team in producing a proper 'package' of supporting information by way of the storyline, the campaign maps, etc really adds to the overall feel and quality. Whilst covered in separate areas of this review, the story and landscaping of the map contribute to a fresh and exhilarating scenario. I particularly loved the way that the map is, in effect, split into two parts; the economic goals and those huge invasions at the end. A great example of high quality, good map design.

Map Design: 4.5
Oozes quality from every pore. The settlement area on the hill is very well done and it is pleasing to see something other than a standard, pre-manufactured castle. The smaller settlement towards the south west of the map is a nice touch, fitting in with the storyline. The landscaping and use of the terrain tools has resulted in a visually stunning map and I really liked the heavily wooded feel. Clever limitation of where you can place farms is a neat trick that I always appreciate in scenarios. But this isn't just a very well designed and modelled map - the designer has ensured that the AI doesn't suffer through over-modelling of the landscape and with an unrestricted AI working at it's best, you can't help but feel impressed that every aspect of the map design has indeed been worked on.

Story/Instructions: 5
Continues where Chapter 1 left off. The story is strong, clear and developed nicely allowing the player to feel part of the evolving campaign. There is a touch of humour within the storyline and this helps to keep the player interested. As before, the design team have compiled an impressive package including a campaign map and have open discussions in the forums to allow others to see how they work through designing both the individual maps and the campaign as a whole. This additional effort really makes a difference and as a result the story and instructions that acompany this map are about as good as you are likely to get.

Additional Comments:
Quality, quality, quality! Bealaigh Hill is a polished, smooth-playing and highly addictive scenario. Very highly recommended. Well done to the designer and the campaign team!
Map Design5.0
I played on all of the maps from the campaign. With the mission 4, the mission 2 is for me the most difficult of the campaign. I made a "win in Pyrrhus". To destroy the last assault, I was obligated to burn all my city, burning all the macemen...

Playability: 4.5
As I said in the introduction, the map was very difficult. The major problem of this map comes from the negatives events, like the wolves or the brigands. I tried two times this map before triumphing against the negative events, which destroy the popularity. Well, so, it's more a economic scneario than a military scenario, even if we're attacked at the end of the game by a strong army. I think there's two times in this map. The first time was the most difficult ; we have a lot of negatives events, especially the negative events concerning the wheat. Obtaining some goods was very, very hard, a terrible challenge. Well, during this first time, I think wwe must establish the basis of the city, to develop them in the second part. It was very difficult, so very exciting. Moreover, the end of the game is very terrible, because of the final assault. Killing all the enemies was very difficult for me. I made a lot of saves and loadings to win, using the pitch ditch to kill the spearmen, or the macemen. It was very difficult, so I need to burn all my city, destroying some buildings to let isolated the armurery, or the granary. Very hard. I loved it.

Balance: 4.5
Well, I said before it was very difficult. That's true. The two principal problems come fromthe negative events, and the less of food. During the first time of the game, I was saying : "How can I obtain all the goods needed ? It's impossible..." A terrible problem for me. So, when I realized the negative events stopped sometime, I can develkop quickly the castle in the high. Yet, when the negative events with the wheal come back at the end, I was irritated. I've a lot and lot of bread, but everything disappears quickly, so I finished the game with "0" of popularity, because I've to stop the bread alimentation. In a word, the difficulty is very raised in this challenge. It's a game for good Players, certainly.

Creativity: 4
Even if the objectives aren't very specific, what I find very original in this map is, of course, the difficulty, but, also, the "separation" in two times (see above), a time of survival, and a time of development. A very good idea, which can maybe inspire myself in my next maps (maybe...).

Map Design: 5
I don't know how many times did you pass into the Editor, but the resultat is very good. We feel really like lost in the nature, in a sauvage place, full of wolves and brigands, a very dangerous place, abandoned by the men. Moreover, the Bealaigh Hill is very beautiful, with some rocks dispatched around the hill, giving the impression of a defense composed of stone and walls. A very good representation of the scenario, many congratulations to the man who did it.

Story/Instructions: 5
Like in the first map,n there's a brief summary in the topic, and a more detailed story in the file. A very good scenario, with a geographic and historic point about the Bealaigh Hill.

Additional Comments:
A very good and difficult map, like all the campaign !

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Map Design4.8
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