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Downloads Home » Stronghold: Invasions » Gaihala part 1 the war is beginning by Alien Lord92

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Gaihala part 1 the war is beginning by Alien Lord92

Author File Description
Alien Lord92
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
WORKING ON UPDATE AFTER FINDING A WAY TO UNLOCK THE MAP! (original file is in another computer that i don't have access anymore).

Coming in V 1.1:
- you can no more destroy the bridge (done)
- bridge relocated (done)
- enemy attacks with larger army (done)
- map made harder
- less troops for you (partially done)
- moat river to normal river because of exclusion zone (partially done)
- change to the enemy troops behavior


You are resting in your outpost as a commmander of the forces there. Suddenly you see William the Mad's army coming upon you and order your men to arms. The enemy will rush with great power but they are still losing men fast so you think you are going to win.

Well you think that you are still going to lose because the enemy looks like to have unlimited flood of enemies coming upon you. Your melee men start to minimize and then your ranged men start to die.

You start to scare that this is the end of it but suddenly your commander calls you back so you can finally get away from the fight and let the rest of the men die there.

-Kill 250 enemies (Kill the wolf error occurs so don't care of it)

-You lose 90 men

-You destroy the bridge
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
First off, I would like to say that it was a rather interesting first map. However, the score may seem a bit tough, but I have included plenty of things you should be adding and playing around with.

Playability: 2

A first glance, it seemed a rather interesting map, but once the map started, the entire game quickly degenerated into a situation where my ranged troops were sniping everyone else off, and where my melee troops were playing hide-and-seek with the enemy, though they were extremely aggressive in attacking. There were a few rather serious flaws with how the map functioned, I'll get to that later. The mix of attackers (I think) was heavily influenced by BMC's mixtures, strong, but effective, though in this map, did not seem to fit the bill. I'll say this for playability: you need to playtest!

Balance: 2.5

Balance was off, playing on hard, it was in reality far too easy. By simply bunching up all of my ranged troops in a single tower and placing all my melee troops in a choke zone, I was able to fight off all the attackers, without the help of any traps such as pitch, etc. I suggest that you change the map so that the player has to fight off every scripted attacker rather than simply setting up a repeating invasion and a counting trigger. Like with playability, this map needed more intensive playtesting.

Creativity: 3

I didn't really find anything new, but I did see some solid effort at making an interesting map. The concept wasn't too original, but I liked how you switched the lord for a swordsman. I doubt that it would have worked, though. Try for example, learn the lowered walls trick, and build a more interesting and complex castle.

Map Design: 3

Map design was still not a big surprise. Though it did show a bit of improvement. I seriously advise against writing words in the map - even if it looks cool, it seriously ruins the look of the map with adding something artificial.

The grasslands were... plain. Not much broke up the monotony of grass... grass... cliff... and yet more grass. Try mixing dirt terrain along with some stones and rocks, and sprinkle on a few shrubs. I guarantee that it will look far better.

The cliffs were rather plain cliffs, they could have been spiced up a bit by placing rocks, etc. to make them rougher.

Now for the big flaw... the bridge. Simply by deleting the stone bridge you have put in, I could render the map totally functionless. It looks rather good, but you need to be careful with them. Especially with the bridge, time spent on the lowered walls trick would be well spent. Remember that you need to try to make your map as cheat-proof as possible to avoid people taking advantage of the map.

Story/Instructions: 2

Really, not much of a story. For a decent score, aim for about a page of 12pt size, single spaced story. It usually fetches a decent 4 to 5, and you can use it to explain some of the terrain too. Here is where you should use the brunt of your imagination. The lack of a story put me off playing the map at first.

Additional Comments:

You show a lot of promise! However, I would still consider this to be an unfinished map, mostly due to its serious problems with terrain and balance. Remember what you learn here: make the terrain more interesting, but most important of all, playtest!

I hope you have fun creating maps and please, try my maps. :D
Alien Lord92
File Author
My god! Thanks artofmath for that bridge. I'll fix it when i have time to :x
evil_space_cows I think this should be classified as unfinished, and submitted for other people to play around with.
Alien Lord92
File Author
Why unfinished? I just did mistake to enable people to destroy that bridge.
Alien Lord92, You should
a)remake the bridge in some other banner of stone e.g. make it with Pig colour shield selected in the editor (assuming that the Pig does not feature in the game) That way the player will not be able to destroy it so easily.
b)remake it using the lowered wall method that way if the stone gets sestroyed it leaves accessible land underneath over which troops can move.
c) remake it witha strip of land down the middle which cannot be destroyed and so guarantee access that way.

Once you have done that, make a new zip and use the update button to upload the new map and mention at the top that you have updated it.


Go on. If you update it and then email artofmath he might update his review to give a better score...
artofmath The mark of a good designer is editing "finished" maps. They are never usually finished...

I also don't think that calling a potential downloader a "noob" is a good idea.
benokovacs Better, than chapter 2

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Map Design3.0
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