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The Rain of Terror

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Good Luck & Enjoy :-/
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Sir Deacon
Map Design3.0
Playability:..2..All I had to do as defender was sit and watch the attackers die, and all I had to do as attacker was sit and watch the attackers die. As attacker, if its possible to even come close to the keep, I never found a way. It was a one sided slaughter. Balance:..2..Balanced WAY in favor of the defender. As attacker, forget about it, as defender sit and watch the show. Creativity:..2..because I've downloaded many, many scenarios that were really lopsided like this one is, and I just dont see the point. Hoardes of towers packed together side by side, packed with balistas and crossbowmen like sardines. Map Design:..3..Not much landscaping here,..square looking hills, no rocks or eyecandy. The castle was ok. The wooden palisade parts were very well done and actually looked quite cool. The watch towers looked rather simple and primitive, and the castle itself was too packed full of crossbowmen in watchtowers to see much of it. Story/Instructions:..3..Average story, not bad. Story and instructions were ok. Summary:..I'm really getting burned out on downloading these novelty maps where there is no way to win the scenario. Please Author, its clear that your learning your way around the editor. Take your time when making your maps. Pay attention to EVERY detail. Go out on a limb and do some experimenting, and playtest, playtest, playtest. This is constructive critisism, please know that my first scenarios were horrible to. If you dont believe me try Sticks and Stones on the invasion page,..yuk..
File Author
For Sir Deacon, "YOU SUCK". This map was built for the perpous of ATTACKING ONLY!!! If you had read the story you would know this. Also if you had any siege skillz what so ever you would find this map is very beatable, for an EXPERT. I have beat this map by going strait up the middle and by digging the moat, getting to the back enterance.... As for the rest of my review, Playability 4 this is a very hard castle to attack for novice players. Balance 4 you have no where near as many bows/archers as the castle but if you wish you can adjust the attacking settings to suit your needs. Creativity and Map Design 4 ok the castle is sweat and the land around is well designed. Story/Instruction 4 the story is not bad short, sweat, and to the point. Instruction described in one word ATTACK what more do you need!!!!!! Great map if you know what your doing........
Lord Scorpio
Map Design5.0
This is a map that put all my siege skills to the test. If your not that good at attacking you will never make it even close, but if you are skillfull you can get right to the keep from 2 different ways of attack. straight up the middle is the hardest route but the moat is a little easier.
Playability i gave a 5 because it did test my skills and made me think before attacking(and since the author said to attack I didn't even try to defend).
Balance a 4, there are not as many archers as it appears and with a little patience you can take out every tower.
Creativity, a 4, there are areas of the map that greatly inspired me for future maps of my own.
Map design, a 5, overall it looks good and makes you wonder how your suppsoed to attack with as little troop lose as possible.
Story/Instructions,,,, as I keep asking,,, is it really needed, I get maps to play not to read. A little insite is nice on what the author wishes you to do but if I want a story I'll get a book.
Overall a good map with little improvement needed, little not much but I could change a few things.
Oh well, let's address Scorpio's question first.
Story/ it really needed, I get maps to play not to read.
Yes, stories are needed, as it's more fun to know why you are playing than just another "kill and maim" map.

On to GPain.
First of all, a review is a personal thing, it's how a person views your work, that means it's not gospel, but a true for who wrot the review. You may not agree with the review, but you should definitely refrain from telling people YOU SUCK! when they don't like your effort. Basically, if you can't take critique you shouldn't upload.

Deacon takes an effort to tell you why he (his personal opinion) didn't like your map.

Your remark about the readme containing the information that it's attack only, are not really valid, as a map should be playable on the information provided in the map itself. Crucial information like "It should only be played as attacker" should not be hidden away in a secondary file, but should be part of the main description, or even stuck in the description here.

It's probably good practise to copy your readme file into the scenario description of this page. After all, there's more chance of people reading that than reading the readme.

As for the rest of your rant.
Playability is also known as Fun Factor, not as difficulty. A hard map does not necessarily mean a high Playability score.

Balance should be what is given to you, you should not need to adjust your troops manually in order to defeat the castle, as that puts the making of the balance on the shoulders of the player, not the designer. I also believe that if you rate a map for Expert Only you should have chosen Impossible as a difficulty, not Hard, as the difficulty should be based on the average player.

I've not looked at the map itself, but square hills would, for me put it average or below.

As for your final remark
Great map if you know what your doing........
would make a lot more sense if people could easily find out what they were supposed to be doing. Judging on Deacon's remarks and your own, that was not the case.

The only thing you can possibly 'blame' Deacon for is that he didn't read the readme. On the other hand, anything really important should not be only in the readme.

Now do me a favour and take a little time to cool off?
Thank you.
Oh, one more question: Rain of Terror?
File Author
Hello PPL,

Well let me start off by saying sorry to Deacon. I dont want to hurt anyones fealings. I was a little hot when I read your review. I know a review is a personal thing and its only one persons opinon. I plan to take it a little lighter in the furure..

On to Jayhawks question. The Rain of Terror refers to the amount of bows and archers shooting. There are very many arrows raining down thus making this castle so hard. Hard a key word here this castle is not impossible, I very well could make a castle impossible by not granting acess to the keep. Thats why I only rated it hard. May I ask please give it a shot and let me know what you think. I think Ive learned to take a little abuse so be honest.

Thanks everyone for downloading and reviewing my maps....

Sir Deacon Just read your review of my apology accepted..
Sir Deacon But please note that when I play a scenario, and review it I will be doing so as the average player that I am, and not as a professional.
File Author
Hey Dec

Im no expert here either, just was a little hot that day. Thanks for talking the time.


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Map Design4.0
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