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The Lookout tower defense

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard

"And Tonight we celebrate!", King Longshanks said. We, the 501st Regiment, which by the way I am in command of, has defended one of the kingdom's most prized treasures, the Coast of Kalingor. Kalignor may just be a dot on the map, but it is a very important dot. Behind Kalingor, is mainland England. Kalingor overlooks the trade routes and sea routes which are very close to Kalingor. Kalingor is also a supply point for passing ships of the Empire. It is also a rich island, full of treasures, a small deposit of gold have been fount south of us right now! Also farming lands are close and abundant, trees are sprouting faster than we can cut them, and raw materials like stone and iron are in abundance thanks to the now dead volcano that once spilled raw materials down. We are currently feasting on meat, bread cheese, and ale. We are also feasting with our King, King Longshanks, and we are being blessed by the Pope as we speak! We are celebrating the victory against the Vikings that just tried to invade us from sea, but we have lit their ships on fire with our flaming arrows.Our towers have been nicknamed the Light houses, for lighting the Viking Long boats on fire. But, the King brings grave news, War has been recently declared on the French, and King Philip has sent a fleet to invade our shores. The King, cannot send any more supplies to you by ship because it is being directed to the war effort. The king has authorized you to mine, farm, and process it to defend your self accordingly. Before he left, he has left the last of his spare supplies, engineers, and a prayer. He also mentions the French fleet should arrive in 6 months(6 game years). You look on to the horizon as your King and the Pope leaves to fight.Your King has also left you with a request for supplies to help your country. Luckily some of your friends and family from the mainland who which are farmers, miners, and blacksmiths, has offered you supplies for money. You, your garrison of troops, and the 10 "Lighthouses" must fend off the French invasion force.

Hints and Tips:

Religion will be very needed a few years into the game.
If you match my selected 5 steps, bad things will happen.
Yes the castle is a square, it's a outpost what did you expect, the Disney castle?]
Trees won't grow on the highlands because well the seeds get eaten.
Of course I added braziers to the "Lighthouses" or they won't be able to light those Vikings ships on fire.
You can only build Lookout towers and Defense towers, because their the only Towers that the engineers know how to build
Sorry there are no ships, the sign post didn't allow me to build walls.

Map size:300x300
Difficulty:Somewhere between normal-impossible
Objectives to win: Turn your outpost into a city(100 population)
Defeat all enemies and win all invasions
Give your new people faith(100% religion)
Collect materials for the war effort(10,000 gold, 1000 bread, 500 wood planks, 100 swords and 100 metal armor)

Spoiler hints:
Beware! At some point in the game, if you don't have my selected percentage of religion, a riot will appear. This will happen two times in the game. The second one is more sever consequences but harder to achieve.

Author's notes
This is my well 8th or 9th map. This is the most I've spent time on, about 4-5 hours. I have done about 3-4 hours of terraning, and if you played my maps, you know, that's a huge achievement. This is completely NOT historically accurate. But then again you may never know, their could have been a outpost on a island far from mainland, forced to farm and mine, and defend.
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jake0402 im gonna download it right now. xD

btw, how did you make the boat thing??
File Author
Just select land, make the ruler the direction you want, press and hold while it's in the ocean.
SUBINDXSUBIN The story sounds good so I am downloading this map.
I think you have been submitting a few maps lately so I think I can help out by reviewing a few of your future maps including this one.
But beware that the reviews might be low in the beginnings as you are just learning.
You might have vengence if my review is low so I will first post a comment with the review.;)
File Author
So 14 maps is few?Lol i'm not that new to this site you know, plus i've gotten several reviews before, and also one of my map is #7 on the top Crusader downloads, so i'm really not that new, but the reviews will help :)
SUBINDXSUBIN LOL!I dont think that one of your maps is #7 in the top rated list of crusader maps!
Now dont get too angry at me.
I will post a review in a few days as a comment and I will make it a review if you are not unhappy with it ;)
File Author
I meant to say in the past 180 days =)

[Edited on 10/27/07 @ 09:09 AM]

File Author
I'm not mad :)
Map Design3.0
Playability- 4.5
The playability was good and I had a fun time making the castle all over again and defending it.
At first I was waiting for a invasuion to come but I didnt see any and started t wonder if there were any invasuons. But the invasions came and I was overwhelmed at first but then I got over this map. I had huge amounts of fun and I didnt find anything wrong with this map.

This map weas well balanced with well used events to balance out the map.You cant jus rest after the firsdt invasion comes. I had a tuff time beating this map but I pulled through. The events that you used were the biggest balancers of all. Well use of the scripts.

Creativity 3.0
The creativty was ok i guess. There wasnt much new in this map for me. The story was creative and the use of the towers was also good but I donty know. I think this is the right score or creativity. Try to include new stuff no matter hiw small they map seem.

map design 3.
The map design was ok but could better in naturality. I jknow you tried to make the terrain natural but the grass does not end that sudden. It ends a bit more slowly blending with rough terrain as it ends. The river was good but the waterfall didnt seem that natuiral and the ship thuing was nice but was not at all natural when it came to using the fords. Fords in an ocean is well not natural. I am sure youy can better.

story 3.0

the story was kind of long and good to read and had few grammer mistakes. You could make it a biut more lonmg thiugh but still nice story.

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Map Design3.0
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