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Siege of Ubadar v. 2--Fantasy Competion Map

Author File Description
von Schmidt
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard

Siege of Ubadar

By von Schmidt

The Norgai raiders from the west are attacking the empire of Nambular... The King has deceided to battle them at Ubadar... He has sent Sir Benjamin the knight to keep the castle from destruction... Soon the Norgai shall reach the city... And fight to the death!



Difficulty: Hard-Impossible
Map size: 300x300
Win objective: Defeat all enemies+invasions
Lose objective:Lord killed

This map was made for the Stronghold and Stronghold: Crusader Fantasy Competition, but I was unfortunately unable to send it in, because my PC was wiped clean and the map was on my dad's laptop in a shared folder.

The story and all the notes are in the .zip, along with the map features and an explanation of the land and time.

Thank you for downloading my work, and happy gaming!

von Schmidt



I have updated the map making it harder. There are now bigger sieges, so hopefully the map will live up to its 'impossible' difficutly :D

Have fun

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord William1234 That map looks pretty good from the minimap. I will download it and give it a go.
Lord William1234 Playability: 4
This map wasn't too hard to play. In the post, it said that it was between hard and impossible. The invasions weren't difficult at all to defeat: just annoying. I didn't even need the help of that huge army that you could get. The only real challenging part was managing your economy effectively to get troops, which wasn't too difficult. Not once did the enemy smash through the walls: they did get close in the final invasion, but they weren't able too.

Balance: 3.5
The map is kinda in your favor, or at least invasion-wise. If you build maximum good things (like I did) it is pretty easy to stave off the raiders. Economic-wise, it was more difficult, but not by much.

Creativity: 5
I give you top marks on creativity here. I don't think that I have seen (or played) a map like this before.

Map Design: 4
Pretty good map design, the grassy areas and most of the desert looked pretty good. The cliffs to the northwest looked good also. Maybe if you added small bits of sand around the castle and some small areas of scrub or stones in the castle it would look better. The grass area to the southeast could look better if you used the smallest brush stroke and slowly fan out with it away from the oasis: it gives it a more realistic feel as if it is slowly thinning away, rather than abrubtly ending.

Story/Instructions: 5
Once again, top marks in this category! The story was very informative, although not the longest I've seen. The notes part gives you a clear idea of what's going on, and the other part gives you hints on how to play. Great job!

Additional Comments: This map is pretty good. Maybe if you tweeked the invasions (added some more units), and added more to the landscape, this would be a very good map to play. It can provide you with a decent economic challenge as you try and get enough troops to fight the raiders. I hope that you continue to improve!
von Schmidt
File Author
Easy invasions? I found them pretty hard. How did you get past those "easy invasions"?

The grass, I did going out slowly, but could be done more.

The balance in your favour?! There are a ton of enemies and you just had a small castle! I had the 200-strong archer attack (or was it 400?) with the horse archers killin' me! The archers broke into my keep! Wit their little knives! If I sent out a small force (all you have) They would be dead without the additional army! Tell me your strategy.
Lord William1234 I guess that it is easy for me, but harder for other people. No, I didn't need the help of the additional army, but the smaller amounts of archers really came in handy. The key (for me at least) was to replace the armory up inside the area of the castle that had the stockpile, and build as many fletchers as possible. I deleted the other weapons workshops that were further away. Once I got my popularity up, I raised taxes, and created plenty of archers, and manned my towers with a whole bunch of them. I only used the knights (built with the starting weapons)at the end to kill off the rest of the invaders. The key is to manage your economy effectively: I guess the reason it seemed easy was because of all the archers that I was able to create.

By the way, I didn't mention this in the review, but for some reason the ai did not build the siege equipment within range of the castle. They built it right near the signpost. I've had this happen to me before, and I don't know why it does this. It is weird. Not only that, but the knights climbed the stairs up to the chapel area to the west. Strange: that shouldn't really happen. Oh well: I accidentally poured oil on the chapel when I meant to pour it on the knights...oops!

Yeah, a good map to play. It can be challenging or not, it depends on how you play.
Lord Karpathea I think I might know the problem with the seige weapons. Were the engineers scripted to come with the attacking forces? Or were they sent on their own? It's usually better to have a seperate invasion force with the engineers in it, as this will normally fix any problems with sluggish troops and inactive engineers.
Lord William1234 If you are correct, the engineers probably were scripted with the invasions. I have had the problem myself with some of my maps: the first part of the rebellion series (which I am not working on any more), to be exact. They build the siege equipment right at the signpost. Actually, as far as I could tell, in this map, the enemy used only one trebuchet in the final invasion. I don't think it would have made TOO much of a difference: I could have just sent out my knights to destroy them. Still, maybe von Schmidt could script in the engineers seperately, and add more siege equipment?
Lord Karpathea Also make sure there are more engineers in the invasion than needed, so the AI doesn't screw up. For example, if an invasion has 2 catapults, script 6 engineers.
Lord William1234 Good advice: I should try that on my own Crusader maps. However, I have noticed that this isn't really necessary in the original
Stronghold. I first noticed this in one of my own Stronghold maps.

And von Schmidt, I really do think that this is an awesome map. Maybe you think that it is really difficult, personally I think that I would have been defeated if I had not managed my economy well enough. Could you tell me what you did?
von Schmidt
File Author
I didn't change much: first I built an extra gatehouse in the south of the castle with hunter's post. I would build 4-6 engineers, and assign them to build fire ballista. I would take the ballista and make them walk through the east and western gates, but then stop them when they where inside the gates. monkcrazy5 had learned before that when the ballista were inside the gate, they could shoot out but no-one could shoot in (so cool). That took out many of the enemy's army.

I didn't build other fletchers. I just did my best to keep plenty of bread, to get the extra army.
Lord William1234 I think that building extra fletchers and getting extra archers of your own would have really helped you out instead of trying desperately to get the army. And the fire ballista: I didn't use them at all, I didn't know that you could build them in the first place. Oh and learn!
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