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Ashton Forrest Mills (Updated!)

Author File Description
Miller Militia
File Details
Map Size: 160x160 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Normal
"look! Sire!" a young archer said, he points up the hill and on top you see a mill, finaly a place to rest, you sigh. For days you and your hunting party has been chasing a band of raiders that has left a path of destruction though your county, villages destroyed, innocents slain, resources plundered, this isnt going to be let off lightly. Un-touched nearby villages reported that they are heading eastways, towards the closet border of your county they are tryin to run out of your grasp in anothers county. With haste you gathered a hunting party to quickly dispatch the enemy before they leave. As you head up the hill towards the mill a distressed miller's wife bursts out "help!" she shreiks "The barbarians are coming!", you look out across the landscape and realise the barbarians are the ones your seeking and they have been following you the whole time and you also realise your outnumbered, 'Ive under estimated the size of them', you think. 'this is going to be a close one'

this is my first map, i think i might have made it too hard or easy im not sure.
i hope you all notice little things in the map that give this a realistic touch like the peices of wood in the water that may have broken off the mill and the irrigation on the wheat farms. i hope you all enjoy the map and the story and comment anything that you didnt like about it if there is any.


<> changed the sign post to be further away to give more time to reposition troops.

<> added more enemy troops.

<> made a neat little bridge ove the river instead of the ford.

<> shields (no egineers) added at the mill to give cover from enemy archers and one at the little bridge at the mill like a door.

<Note>: sometimes a couple of enemy spearmen will attack the stairs to the bridge going up the bridge and stop the rest of the army going over so i added a small ford further down the river for them to cross if it happens.

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TibetArmyFreedom looks like a fun little map, i like the story and the map design. I think I will play and review...

p.s. Just note that I'm not very experienced myself so.... get someone else to do a really good review like BM corp or dougleass or someone...
younghappy Your first map?? It looks very food for a first map :)

I like the concept behind it and the story, I will give this a play and maybe rate :)

[Edited on 10/16/07 @ 12:10 PM]

TibetArmyFreedom Playability: 4.5
This little map was fun to play, although it didnt last very long. You have to make a few choices, such as where to stick your archers etc etc. The enemy attacked immediately, although not in formation.

Balance: 2.5
I feel that this is your only mayor mistake. I only lost one spearman on normal. You should change it to easy. even on hard i won quite easily. on very hard, it was nice and balanced, and i won with just 3 archers left.

Creativity: 4
You were quite creative with this map. I liked the story and map design (read below) The whole concept was simple, but quite amusing.

Map Design: 4
For a first map, this is great. You spread it all out well, the mill and dam thingy look nice, the river realistic, and the hills were good too. Over all, great map design.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
The story was simple, but original, although it did have a few grammatical mistakes.

Additional Comments: For a first map, this is fantastic! (my first map rated 3.1, see Mongolia-yes im quite new myself-) if you listen to tips from some pros on this site, your gonna do great things! I hope you're motivated to make more maps!
Miller Militia
File Author
yeah this is my very first map and ive only had the stronghold game for about 2 and a half weeks.

idea for this hit me suddenly, my last name is miller so i thought a seige of a mill would be great. one thing is i think i made this too easy so i will update it, i may be good at making the map but not at balancing it so i gotta work on it
Miller Militia
File Author
thanks TibetArmyFreedom,
im sorry about the balance i knew it'll go wrong there, i'll probably update it and make the 'seige' longer, but im glad you liked they map design and all
younghappy I played it.

Thoughts on ther terrain:

When I stripped all the trees away, all that was left was the bare ground.

You have used the equaliser tool very well and you have small outcrops and cliffs scattererd all over. This aspect I liked alot.

Apart from equalising and trees, you should add other details such as dirt and other things to make the ground looks more natural. Maybe a few rocks around the out crops e.g Some shrubs dirt and rocks would do nicely.

The river was pretty good, though when it reached the bottom edge of the map it suddenly stopped, which is very unrealistic. Rivers don't stop abrubtly so add a few more tiles of river to make it flow to the map edge.

I liked the mill quite alot, the bridge was cool and the flour mill jutting into the river gave the impression that it was water powered.

The balance on seiges is hard to perfect. This map was very short and easy so I'm not going to play it over and over. The only option was to rush the keep if you're attacking. In your next maps, make them more challenging and give the player more options :)

All in all, a very good map for a first map, the terrain was more natural than 90% of first maps around here!!

De Puce
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
While the map was fun, It wasn't a very long map, and it didn't require much skill. I still liked it, though.

Balance: 4
The balance was pretty good. A little easy in my opinion, but overall it was pretty good.

Creativity: 4.5
I loved the idea of a mill on the hill like that. The minimal defenses made it look as if farmers built it.

Map Design: 3
I loved the look of the hill with the mill and the irrigated wheat farms, but the ground was pretty bare, like someone said before me. add some rocks, dirt, and things, and it will look great.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
The story was good, and beleivable, but it could use some better grammar.. but lets face it, grammar isn't really that important..

Additional Comments:
That's very good for your fist submission. Try making longer and bigger maps. It was a nice break to play a small, easy map, though..
TibetArmyFreedom more than mine anyway... lol
TibetArmyFreedom This is a great update. If i could be bothered reviewing it now, you would come close to a 4.5 Brilliant map
Ra6nar I've just finished playing this map. It's a bit too easy on normal but gives a lot of fun to play anyway and those details like wood in the woter are so cool. Really nice map :)

[Edited on 01/11/08 @ 07:28 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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