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The valley Rhoswen-Lady of the Rose-By WarLord_Designs

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Greetings again from the WarLords,

we are pleased to bring you our latest creation,

The valley Rhoswen-Lady of the Rose.

We hope you enjoy it. Here is part of the story, the rest can be found int the zipfile.


“Long have the fog covered highlands of our beloved Scotland watched over the clans. Like a bitch nursing her wee pups, her watch over them is relentless; a tender love that can only be shared between the mother and her offspring. One does not go far without the other, such goes the bond of kin, and such is the bond between a Scot and his beloved Scotland…
To a Scot the past clings-like sand to wet feet, and is carried about like a burden.
And though the past is forever moving away, it seems that no matter how hard you try to forget, it is always waiting just out of sight, but I tell you what lads, it sneaks up on you like days gone by, and it scares the bloody shit out of you…”

Suddenly the door flew open and the large bosom of Mrs McGregor filled the door.

“For Christ’s sake, I’ve told you before! Stop telling the wee lads those bloody stories you’ll frighten them half to death. ”

Mr McGregor turned to face his wife, shortly after he had rolled his eyes for all of us to see.

“Oh will I now?” he asked. “Cause it seems like it’s your cooking that scares them most.”

“For god’s sake William there’s no sense in you, start acting your age man, I swear the men in this town are fools, the lot of you.”

“Oh, we are, are we?”

“Yeah, you are. So go on telling your stupid stories, but when your son comes crying in the night, and is as wet as the sea, don’t pretend like you can’t hear him or I’ll break a log over your bloody head.”

The room filled with laughter and accused bed wetter James McGregor sent a fair punch the way of his best friend-and before long eleven young lads started rolling around in a hair pulling, arm biting frenzy. Before she left, Mrs McGregor paused and looked over her shoulder at the disturbance that had stumbled into her house on such a fine day.

“And if my cooking’s so bad, you can go without tonight,” she said as she stepped out of her house...
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Alien Lord92
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This is just great! Making a good economy is not easiest thing to do and thats what i like.

Balance: 5
Just above

Creativity: 5
You both must have hard work for creativity. Only a little min height spot for castle and economy.

Map Design: 5
As usual. You are both so good. How anybody can make so good maps like you two.

Story/Instructions: 5
Story was fun to read and was good.

Additional Comments:You should make as good maps as before but faster. Same quality and quantity but you should make it faster. I see you already have made maps faster and they are even better. Nice work you two ;)
Battle Mage corp Hey guys I must congratulate you on a great map I just finished playing it actually I made as big castle as I could. I wanted to review this map really much but Im worried that my review will spoil it.As great as this map was I don't think creativity is a full five,even though there were new terrain features.The map really reminded me of the Ourea and it had a pretty simmilar look. A valley and a river flowing from the top and sides.And the playability suffered from that. It was really alike with your previous freebuild.Limmited construction to the himalaya and a big snow-valley.

However these are my impressions and I don't think the map should suffer from them.Some designers haven't played The Ourea and Im sure that better rates will follow.

But in comment form this is my rating.
Map Design-5.0
Story/instruction 6/5 I really good one.

However if youre satisfied with this one i'll post it right away and explain in long details my thoughts on your map.

Morbid Angel
File Author
Well of course you are entitled to your opinion no one can stop you from doing that but i'll use this opportunity to raise some questions if i may :)

The map is indeed similar in feel and that was intended with the first stroke of the raise tool. "the Ourea" was liked and it seemed only logical to me that if we had something good going why stop with one map?
with that in the back of my mind i went about creating something that would partner our first map, something i stated at the very begining.
I'll also use this opportunity to state this map was created from scratch, using absolutly no part of our previous freebuild - just hard work as usual (that means doing all that max height again!)
I guess what i can't seem to understand is why something should be punished on the grounds of being similar to something else - they are two seperate maps which both took many hours to complete.
Should reviewers take that into account now? because there are alot of LOTR maps out there which all look similar ;)

Anyway i'd really like to read your thoughts in more detail.
thanks :)
Battle Mage corp Ok mate I'll pile up a rate and post it soon.
File Author
Thanks for taking the time to revie our map Alien Lord92, it means alot to us
big thanks for the great review,
Alien Lord92 No problem. =)
File Author
we'd love to see some screenshots in the map room.
Battle Mage corp Hey WL today I played your map again to pile up a review and I was constantly thinking about youre words "why something should be punished on the grounds of being similar to something else" and I want to apologise for what I've said. As I played the game I saw how much work went into the making of this map. Every little part and detail was made very carefully. I still support my initial thoughts but I don't want to argue anymore about this. I just don't have the heart to put a score lower than 5 because I see that it was made with a lot of effort. Since BMC is new here I don't want to offend other designers with my thoughts or to create a bad image and I admire you guys really much Im verry happy when you are around and don't want to insult you or anything with my things. AL92 proved with his review that this map is really appreciated so I'll leave it as it is.

No hard feelings righ? And again Im sorry for what I've said.

Morbid Angel
BM corp.

[Edited on 10/23/07 @ 10:12 AM]

File Author
LOL dont be sorry mate, you are free to say what you like and i'd be very greatful to have another review even if its lower than 4.8 - so long as its backed up with solid reason.

I will never be upset with a review if its written correctly, if you back up the score with comments and suggestions i'd be more than happy to hear what you have to say :)

I'm not immune to low scores, treat me as a new member - you're reviewing a map not the creator so no need to worry about offending or tarnishing your name, it wont happen i promise :P

Just because i get disapointed from time-to-time doesnt mean i cant take negative feedback, actually i welcome it even though i dont seem to ;)

Please feel free to review if you have the time and know i didnt respond out of disapointment, i just wanted to know what you thought in a little more detail.

[Edited on 10/24/07 @ 04:45 AM]

The Dragonheart Once again, Warlord has produced an unbelievable map. Great work, although I can't play due to I only have Crusader. All the good comments are enough for me to say that this is a great map. Btw, that himalayan height trick would be great for lotr maps. I might make a lotr map featuring this terrain height trick when I come back. Keep up the good work.

The Dragonheart
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Map Design5.0
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