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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard

One day, there was a lord. This lord was no ordinary lord. Well, so he was ordinary
in most ways, but he was unordinary in that he wanted to build the strongest castle ever, one that was unsiegable. He was given stockpiles of resources by the gods, and he used those to set about building his castle and recruiting troops to defend it on a land the gods also gave him. The gods came from some weird place where they sit and use devices which roll around on a level surface and use a tool with over a hundred buttons on it, in combination with a magic box, to create everything imaginable. Now, the lord spends most of his time rotating by 45 degrees arbitrarily and very very quickly, some say instantaneously, at the top of his keep. Today, you will attack his castle. Get to it. Choose your troops and see what you can do. Prove him wrong...but don't use the over 2000 point hack.


This is made to be an impossible siege that. That is not possible of course, because you can go over 2000 points available through some glitch. However, it might be impossible with 2000 points. I have not found a way to beat it yet. If you beat it WITHOUT exceeding 2000 points, say so, and maybe even how you did it. I'd be interested to hear what you did!
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Alien Lord92 Never heard of that glitch. You really have done well. Keep on going!

[Edited on 10/23/07 @ 05:21 AM]

BloodyAnnoying Success!
It took me 2 efforts. In both I was successful but I tried a second time to attempt to cut my losses.
Full credit to your placement of pitch and the location of your castle. I found out the hard way that siege engineers were useless (damn ballista, they are notoriously annoying in"siege that" scenarios). A fun and challenging map though with plenty of surprises. Not too difficult though.


The way I did it (2nd time) was to use:
-100 crossbowmen
-30 Macemen (unused)
-500 Laddermen (essential)
36% casualties
All of these units were within the 2000 point limit. My version had no glitch so it must have been your computer.

-Select all your crossbows and laddermen and rush them to the top left corner.
-Be careful of the pitch though so send your laddermen in first to ignite it.
-Use your crossbowmen to take down all the defenders including the lord.

The laddermen draw most of the archery. This allows you time to get your crossbowmen to return fire. The crossbowmen only need 2-3 volleys before the defenders are rendered helpless. Then you can pick off the final few archers and Lord at your leisure.

Cheers, BloodyAnnoying
File Author
Lol, well that didn't take long :P. Actually I tried something similar last night just for kicks and I was like "??? Oh crud" when it worked.
Lord Karpathea
Map Design4.0
Ladies and gentlemen, Timballisto has done the impossible: He has made a fairly difficult Seige That! map that is actually worth downloading and playing.

Normally, people will put a bunch of towers w/ ballista or something, load it up with crossbows and then label it impossible. Then they're so confused when people say, that was really easy. Timballisto, however, has put all of his obvious skill at seige-making into this gem of a map. For people who wish for a different kind of a challenge, or a break from uber-maps like Warlord_Designs' Minas Morgul (don't deny it, there are some of you still stuck on it), this map provides the perfect respite.

Playability scores top marks. This was the first time I played a seige that! map more than once, for fun.

Balance is high. The use of pitch (not something usually seen) and the position of the castle itself provide for an interesting seige. With a thick wall blocking the north entrance, you are forced to go the way the designer wants you to. Then the designer rains down arrows on your head and burns the ground out from under your feet. Ouch. This is the first Seige that map that took me more than one try to win. Excellent job.

I rate Creativity and map design on how well the author takes advantage of it, since it's a pre-built map. Doesn't really matter. Tim uses the map itself to confound the player at every turn.

The only thing that brought this map down was the story. Or lack thereof. As much as I hate bringing down the score, I can't give credit where credit isn't due. As I've said in the past, you have a whole webpage to present your master/disasterpiece. There is no reason you can't use it.

Other than that one minor point, great map. If you are this good at making seiges with limited resources and a pre-made map, I can only imagine the maps you'd make with no limits at all. Food for thought. Anyway, great job and keep designing!


Sir Ravenclaw I know this glitch of which you speak.. although, when you do do that.. I suggest not overloading your army ;)

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Map Design4.0
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