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The Fall of the Ikarian Revolution

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Impossible
Their main army routed and defeated, their reinforcements several days away, the last remnants of the Ikarian revolutionary forces fall back to their last bastion. The ancient keep hangs ominously on the hilltop overlooking the valley, the men patrolling its walls shift nervously. Over the hills and the marsh, past the forest and the river, all around there is the feeling of restlessness, the calm before the storm. A lone armor clad figure stands upon the highest battlements and looks out with sad eyes. This would be the last chance for his revolution, if he were to die this day, the ideals for which he fought would die with him. His lieutenant interrupts his reprieve with a hand on his shoulder and three solemn words. "They are here." One way or another, everything would end here, today. The men go to their posts with kamikaze spirit, each one of them ready to give their lives for their cause. All of them ready to die.

Hello all, this map is an attempt at 3 things:

1. To make a siege that map more challenging than any other.

2. To accomplish (1) while still creating a logical and aesthetically pleasing castle design. (no super-thick-multi-layer-crenulation walls .etc)

3. To make a castle at a location previously unusable in the Siege That! landscape.

-The castle's location is made using an editor trick. This is how it is done:

a. Play any map and slow your game speed to the slowest setting.

b. Start a new siege that map.

c. Immediately place troops and go kill wolves (I suggest the island)

d. WHILE your troops are fighting, place a single square of pitch next to the rocks (not stones) that you would like to remove, this should delete the rock.

e. Delete you pitch and place your structure.

-To flatten hilly terrain for structure building, place a tower so that the majority of the tower is on a higher level than the rest. Delete the tower and you will have a flat patch of dirt. Rinse and repeat. WARNING: This can be very time consuming to flatten a large area.

-Any and all feedback (positive and negative) is greatly appreciated. Comments and ratings are like my crack. Please leave me some feedback so that I can improve upon my designs.

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Battle Mage corp
Map Design3.0
What can I say mate. I rarely place 5s these days but your map really deserved it I don't know how much time you spent on it but it was absolutely astonishing.

As I started I got my usual 6 engineers and 6 macemen and the rest was x-bowmen. I decided to overtake the upper left part of the castle ,place a siege tower and conquer the stone towers from where a got a clear shot. Okay I killed the garrsion there. And sent my macemen to dig the moat so a road for the siege tower can be established. Everything followed my plan and at this time the playability score was somewhere around 3 I wasn't impressed. I started to change towers as I slowly advanced to the last one. I had killed most of the units in the castle type thing but the mangonel was still there along with 10 x-bowmen and some archers. While I was killing the garrison I ordered my engineers to build a trebuchet and destroy the middle gate (near the swamp). Right this was done but I didn't notice the dog cages my x-bows were too close and mabye 10 or 12 died. The tower from the island was firing at me. When I destroyed it I had around 50 x-bows (from 160). Things started to get interesting. I went downstairs and lost another 10. By that time I was very impressed. I still thought I could kill the remaining archers on the last wall. I went near the swamp only to find tons of pitch (nice) and I lost on the second try I did the same thing but this time I used the trebuchet to destory the towers on the last wall which I couldn't reach. A great map this was. The creativity is form the castle design everything was placed in a very strategic way.I don't care that the map design isn't yours you have done a splendit job with the rest of the map so I think it would look stupid of me to ruin this map by lowering the score. As I said the balance was perfect. You had a story it wasn't so interesting but you had one accompanied with explanations tips and clues.

EDIT: I decided to change the score because I realised that I was wrong in certain fields of my rate. I got a bit carried away back then because the map got me really excited and forgot to follow my standarts for reviewing. Normally I give tough reviews.

But before I start I want to say that this has nothing to do with anyone. I was bothered later by the fact that I placed a perfect score and WL_D just shared with me what I already knew. I don't consider it a mistake it was just a spur of the moment and I forgot some serious things.

So as in previous maps I don't agree with the map design and as good as siege that maps are I don't think there will ever be a full one (at least for me) so as previous I will change the score back to my original intentions.

Well as I looked the story again I thought it was worthy of a three but then I decided that the numbered comments are actually explanations why you built this map normally a sentence or two would have been enough but you wrote a lot more and didn't write so much instructions or a large story.So I decided to set it even lower. I don't understand why most of the designers don't write long stories to have a certain 5 there.In summary I remain true to my words that this map was a great one in playability and AI issues etc.

P.S. Sorry for the mistakes but I was in a hurry.

I hope others play this map and share their impressions of it.

Morbid Angel

[Edited on 11/05/07 @ 05:54 AM]

WarLord_Designs No disrespect to the designer here but how do you justify this score Battle Mage corp?
Im sure its a great map but please here me out for a second...

You punished artofmath in certain feilds (map design mainly) because the terrain is not constructed by the designer so how do you then feel happy to give a 5 here?

I also noticed artofmath wrote a longer story and was only awarded a 4.
Now the last thing i want is to come across to you as a scruge but i dont think you are being very consistant with your reviews.
Normally it wouldnt draw my attention but when a perfect score is dished out i like to have a little look :)

Its a good little map, whether its worth a perfect score will have to wait for more testing.
Battle Mage corp Well mate I agree 100% with you. I was thinking of lowering the map design and story but I decided that this would just ruin the map again.And I thought I would get critisised for this. I must assure you that i gave it a lot of thought what to do because I really enjoyed the playability and balance and didn't want to ruin it. I have no bad feelings for anyone but I was just feeling stupid that I was going to spoil the map that way and it will be the second one. Not that it's a bad one. Well mate Im glad that you shared this with me because I wanted to see how people react to this. I'll will change the score back to my original intentions.

Morbid Angel

WarLord_Designs Well thats basically a perfect review now mate, sorry if i offended you it wasnt my intention as i respect your opinion.

Just the score i would give, as you rightfuly noted this is a wonderful map congrats to the designer you just need to bulk up that story a little.
Battle Mage corp Don't worry mate I was going to change it sooner or later because I also thought it was wrong. But your comment backed me up on my thoughts that I should edit it.

No problam at all :D

File Author
Thank you very much for the feedback I am glad to see that my castle was enjoyed, even if the initial enthusiasm was premature.

As for the story, well, Im not much of a writer and I think that story is more difficult with these scenarios. I dont think that siege that designers should be faulted for not creating the terrain or having a brilliant story. It is much harder to create a good siege that map than a normal one (considering you were willing to invest the time). You are forced to work with limited resources and as such should not be faulted for considerations beyond your control.

Once again thank you very much for the feedback and I hope I can create future maps that will only exceed this one.

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