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The OrangeOrderCampaign

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible

This map pack contains five missions on one map. The missions are designed so that you are forced to explore different sections of the map in the different missions. In all missions, you need to clear out enemy troops in clever ways and collect resources, so they are a mixture of economic/invasion. The win-condition in the first three missions are based on resource gathering, but you need to eliminate enemies that interfere with your plans. The win-condition in the last two missions is to eliminate two different Lords. You most likely still need to collect for example iron to build armors/maces for your army.

In these games you control the speed. If you don't do anything, nothing will happen. No huge army will come marching towards you and there will be no surprises. You choose when to assault the enemy. An exception to this is the opening scene, which is quite busy.

All missions have a rule that your army can contain no more than 5 units at any time. You are allowed to replace units as they are killed or retired (for example if you want to change an archer to an assassin to solve a particular task). There are a large number of small puzzles to solve along the way to victory. For each of the puzzles, you need to carefully choose which military unit you think is the best and then control him in greatest detail to perform the best. To succeed, sometimes you need to carefully make several units cooperate very well to defeat the enemy. Many of the puzzles are somewhat similar to assassin-type maps where you sneak around and try to hide from enemies and then make a surprise assault when they are the weakest.

Not only do you need to take great care of your soldiers, you also need to keep an eye on some of your workers. Most workers are sort of brain deficient, since they happily run into enemy patrols and arrows without hesitation. They even like to play with the little kittens in the desert! As a great ruler of your community, you need to teach them to be more careful.

A warning to everyone: each of these missions is very long (deadline is 50 game years) and demanding. If you are looking for a 15 min quick attack mission, you need to look for some other download. Expect hours and hours of busy playing for each mission.

Please read the rules and instructions in the attached .doc file. Without reading this file, you will be lost and confused. The story for these missions is at the end of the .doc file. It contains a few hidden hints.

The first mission is introductory to get used to the required resource gathering which is troublesome and challenging to say the least. The main task here is to open up the travel routes to the resources and make sure your workers can get to work and back home safely. Enemies and lions are lurking everywhere.

The second mission is quite a bit tougher. You would likely need to clear out a gang of bandits from an old castle, unless you find another way of giving you access to their valuable resources.

In the third mission, you need to clear out a large number of patrolling enemies before you can get to where the main resources are located. Once the enemies are cleared out, you also need to show your workers how to not get lost on their way to work.

The fourth mission is a kill-the-Lord scenario. The village you need to invade appears to have one weakness, so you might choose to try this 'obvious' method. However, after your failure of this, you might want to try some other strategy...

The fifth mission is the grand finale. You need to break into a seemingly well-defended town. You might think the victory is near once you break into the town, but this is where the REAL challenge starts... Is it possible to kill this Lord?
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
This is mighty big games. I have given up, take many weeks break, and then come back to fight again. Even any expert player need many time to solve these.

Playability: 5
Sooo much to do. Sooo many options and choice. I like it, it keeps me busy to think all time. There is NOTHING at this map that is straight
forward, everything you want to do or build take effort and struggle. I'm chewing my nails. I'm tearing my hair ... I almost break my computer screen!
When I'm nearing the end of game, I can stop and just watch empire. I remember how hard it was get first wood or the iron. From that first struggle through all efforts, I can build a town with stable food supply,
pubs, and have many people working on arm. Almost makes me proud to achieve so much with so few things to start. Working from two almost empty hands and build a whole empire.

Balance: 5
As creator said in text, this is hard or near impossible. I'm very thankgul no enemy attacking me. If I was attacked, this would
be redicilos. I have to admit, I'm still working to finish all five games.

Creativity: 5
First time I see map pack based on one single landscape map. And it don't even get boring since I need to do so many different things in different missions. This is amazing, I play many years on one single map and there are
so many things to do.

Map Design: 5
Incredible amount of detail. And most things on map seem to be placed for reason. Every hill and every ford are placed to either hurt me or help me. To succed this game, I have to take advantage of natural feature.
It is litle confusing to get used to, but once I figure out way to do it, I can see many useful ways to take advantage. Even the detials inside the villages are well thought out. Each town have own stone supply when it was built and also food. You can even see paths where workers and troops are

Story/Instructions: 5
A little long for my taste, but it all make sense. From text, it is easy to see why the town are located there and you get the feeling for why the neighbours are doing what they do. The story is not just some garble text thrown in after the map design was completed. It seems tightly "designed" together with map.

Additional Comments:
Question for designer: Is mission 5 really possible or just trick us? I spent many late night on this, but cannot solve it yet.

File Author
To Sir-Mik:

Yes, the final mission is also possible. I would not submit a game that cannot be played. Yes, it is hard, but it is doable. One hint: get on top of the west wall for the final attack.

On another note: I have to ask you to stop grading my games. The 'administration' on this site does not accept that you like my games.

Ooh the west wall. Good hint. Why you don't mention in help files?

I have not got any notice about my grading from web manager. I have read the guidelines and I do the best I can. Why I can't grade any game I want?
Sulis quote: 'The 'administration' on this site does not accept that you like my games'

Not quite true, the administration doesn't like approving reviews that do not meet the review guidelines, nor does the administration like 'buddying' in order to boost scores.

For the record, i've played the map and I absolutely love it. No doubt a review will follow soon...
peter2008 This is so much rewarding a map. It is so tricky and full of details and that qtlilkeg could create 5 missions out of it. Three conomic ones with preplaced enemies, and a siege against each of the towns. (The latter are called invasions in the instruction, there is no signpost). The eco maps build upon each other makin the player familiar with the circumstances. The scripts are pretty sophisticated as for which conditions trigger which effect. And we are given some strict rules, like to use never more than 5 units at one time. Patience is needed, one can observe the workers and the relations of what they are doing. On the other hand, a convincing parallel progress of the different tasks is needed within the time frame.
The opening scene is legendary: a running attack with slaves but no wells available. So how do you react to make as much as possible from what you have as long as you have it?
For a long time, one has to struggle to get the first woodcutter's hut running. Enemies, traps, lions come appear on the ways. How to clear all that best?
Then, a rudimentary village to train small armies who secure sections of the land, shoot free the ways for the workers, and siege walls. Exciting that if you capture hostile villages you will get farmlands as a reward. With these at hand, you can distribute the different farm types according to your need. Cause bad events strike regularly.
Fear factor +5, later -5, later 0. The positive factor not for too long or food production will crash here and popularity will go out off course.
The Crusader power is dealt with here so it's still there and "tamed" by a winding landscape, the enemies and the events. No straight megalomania but every piece and unit counts.
Not least to note that the instructions and hints of qtlilkeg are exemplary and enjoyable to read (see those in "TheOrangeOrder" economic map)!

[Edited on 05/29/13 @ 01:39 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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