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Blinding Illusions 2

Author File Description
Bartimaeus M
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
The year is now 1227 and (now dead) Lord Alzakira has been buried by one of two sons at the city of Blinding Illusions. The son still young for his age of 28, Alzakira the third is giving his father his last blessing before he leaves to do the days work that lays before him. As he stands up, he takes a look behind him to find his servant with a letter address to him. the hand writing doesn’t seem familiar, though it also looks rushed, he reads though to find out it is his older brother. The servant explains that his older brother Alzakira the second has been capture not too long ago and a noble knight has brought him this letter.

The Young lad wishes to see the noble knight, but is said it is not best to as the knight is badly wounded. So, Alzakira keeps his small platoon that his father and brother spared him, and went to that last known destination from where his brother was meant to lay siege on The Caliph, due to the amount of slaves he had by stealing merchants and people from villages near Blinding Illusion.

When he left, people looked on in worry and doubt, the platoon were scared but orders are orders as they say.

When they got in view of where it brother keeper was, well, it was all up in smoke with swords, pike and stone all over the valley. After searching in the dim light of morning, an old man appeared and mentions of the fight that had took place. He mention that it was peaceful and everyone was sharing the odd joke as they do when suddenly rock came flying down from over the walls and the wall them selves coming down upon them. He said the surrendered quickly and most people got took to be readied to be taken to the slave mines.

He mentioned of a more stable keep, but old, not far from hear that they might use to lure them back. Though the lands are rough, that is the pathway to the mines and if blocked and used well, he said they might stand a chance. He said he will go back to the Blinding Illusion city to get to his family and so, Alzakira sent with him 3 guards to look over him. Then they marched.

So, 2 days traveling west, they came to what he had described, not as bad but not a decent keep either. Though they found some oasis and deer that where trapped but had what they needed (water/grass), they looked around to see this wasn’t long ago where his father had came from. Now damaged house lay here and there, some hidden in the forest when they went looking, they set up a small outpost in the middle to make battle plans.

Over the night, there heard the occasional scream from far away, but all remained quite and by morning they had a small band of peasants running to them scream the slave masters are coming. So by the morning sun, Alzakira sent his best scouts forward to see where the Caliph is. When they got back near nightfall, they mentioned a small keep 7 leagues away, with enough provisions to last a while.

So, Alzakira had no choice but to bring them here, but not in this state, he needed food and some more weapons from the small scares ore plantations that where spread around the little plain. 2 months later he had the basics all built and a little bigger army to use thought he had to train more from and survivors around. He also needed to start on the walls thought they will be the hardest to sort out. But there was no time, he had heard they where moving this way and would soon see them waiting for him.

So on the final day, Alzakira the third hoped to see his brother stand before him with the slain Caliph below.

Can you make his vision come true in

*----- Blinding Illusions 2 -----*


This is my second map and my first is Blinding Illusions

That is the link above.

I hope you like this map, because I had fun playing it.

And feel free to comment in any way you like because I’m not the greatest map maker and I can only learn from mistakes.

Also is it possible to build a full keep that the AI can run and build troops because I had trouble doing that (I had it so he had enough food and population and mines etc…) at first but gave up on it 2 weeks ago and then came back to re-do it with you in a run down keep. If so please help me.

Also the first sets of slaves are not the slaves you need to save XD but to annoy you. Think of it as the caliph loyal slaves
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Bartimaeus M
File Author
Hi guys

ermmmm all i can say is for the 20 people that have already downloaded, i have seen i 3 errors in my case

1) was that the starting year was wrond (1210 instead of 1228) [just check that in the editor to make sure its correct and if not when you download PLEASE TELL ME}

2) was that you couldnt sell any flour.. i had like 300 flour in my stockpile which was getting full... also with beer barrels

3) was that the invading troops where not coming not due to time (i fixed the time right then checked again)

and also to my editing i have altered the amount of time fire and bandits occur.

also to make sure these work i have pur a small force (about 30) at the beginning to make sure troops come in and your ready to play XD

so if you wish to downloagd or redownload feel free and sorry for the guys who have downloaded it.

please also comment..criticism is very welcome

[Edited on 12/11/07 @ 04:16 PM]

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