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Mounts of Irohn

Author File Description
von Schmidt
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard

Mountains of Irohn


Difficulty: Hard

Size: Medium


The invaders poured over the walls. An anonymous person screamed. Barbarian hordes piled onto single persons, killing them. The outer courtyard was flooded with enemies. Archers on the walls poured volleys into the mass of bodies, but the wave continued coming. They were digging in the inner moat now, the bodies of the dead in high piles. In a few minutes the moat filled in. The wall against it had already been knocked down by catapults, and the barbarians poured in, screaming and yelling. Suddenly the first lines fell down under the ground, and died immediately on the spikes hidden below. But the screaming wave couldn't be stopped, and soon about a hundred barbarians were transfixed on the spikes. A few seconds later and the ditch was filled to the brim with bodies. The barbarians rushed over, running to the keep. But by now their rows had thinned. There were still about a thousand around the castle, but only a few hundred were left in the assault of the keep now. Archers kept pouring arrows into the bloody mass. At the keep, about a hundred veteran swordsmen and pikesmen stood stock still, ready to fight the barbarians to the death. At their head was the Lord of the Castle, Lord Harold III of Irohn. He stood, clad in plate mail, with his large battleaxe at his side. He swung his weapon high, then charged into the barbarians, with his troops behind. The screamed barbarian hordes was no match for the well-trained, staunch warriors at Harold III's side. In a few hours the fates of the barbarians were sealed, along with many brave soldiers of Irohn that fought that day.
A young soldier, covered in blood, sweat, and mud came up to one of the veterans. “Did... We... win...” he gasped, leaning on his sword.
“Yes, we won,” said the veteran. “But... who are you?”
“Harold... Harold IV,” the boy said with a slight smile, before collapsing on the ground.


Two decades later:

Harold IV rode into the king's city. He looked around, amazed. Having lived in The Mountains of Irohn for the first half of his life, and in a poor castle constantly invaded in a desert for the rest, the riches of the city amazed him.
After he looked around for a few minutes, he remembered why he had come. He rode quicky over to the keep of the city where the king was.
“You called me?” asked Harold IV, kneeling before the king.
“Yes,” said the king. “I want the settlement at Irohn rebuilt, because it was one of our kingdom's leading iron and stone producers. I need that place rebuilt, and to have a certain amount of raw materials sent from there to my city here. But the barbarian hordes of Karlari are starting to threaten the settlement. I remember when, twenty years ago, your father Harold III defended the Mountains of Irohn from those very same hordes. So I want you, Harold's son, to rebuild the settlement, since you must know both the lay of the land and how to deal with the barbarians. When you get the materials I need, you may leave, and I shall send another to take your place. But you must finish the job in ten months*. Can you do this?”
“But my king, Irohn's walls have fallen, and it's gatehouse has collapsed. The drawbridge is barely standing, and the people are tired and scared,” said Harold.
“You don't want to do it?” said the king, frowning. “You do not have to. If you want, you may leave.”
“No, king. I shall do it,” said Harold.
The king's frown turned into a smile. “Good,” he said. “I knew you would accept.”
Soon Harold was on his way to his childhood home of Irohn, with some of the king's troops at his back.

*Here months=game years


You play as Lord Harold IV, at the settlement at Irohn that your father Harold III defended long age. The walls are down and the moat has holes in it, although you do have a few traps around your castle if any of your enemies come. The oasis is fairly far away, and doesn't have much room for farms. You can build pikes, armour, spears, bows, and swords.

I have a Story&Notes file in the .zip with the story, and notes, triggers, win conditions, and glitches.

And thanks to Surajsubba for playtesting.

Have fun!

von Schmidt

AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Antithesis This looks like an interesting map - the castle is in ruins, and the moat needs filling in before you can effectively defend yourself, adding another objective in. From the images, it looks like a well made map, with good terraining and hills dotted with iron. Good map!
Timballisto Is that a partially erased drawbridge I see? Very nice if it is...
von Schmidt
File Author
Thank you for your comment Anithesis. And yes, I did use the drawbridge trick Timballisto.

To all who downloaded the map, you might of noticed that the story had some problems with the bullets. That's now been fixed.
Matej13 Good
von Schmidt
File Author
THank you for your great review AZ. Myself, I find economic missions harder to create becoz you cant just throw in a few invasions with a castle and call it a map :). you need a lot more stuff built into it.

AZ ViTrAzhAs Yeah i understand :) Anyway thanks for this interesting work
peter2008 A very great eco-invasion.
It allows many different economic and military strategies. But therefore, it demands the player to think, decide and manage. Iron mines first for an oil smelter? Quarries first for stronger walls? Where to concentrate wood cutters?

In the editor, I almost never saw so many flexibly triggered events in so few years.
And the win timer rocks. A great feeling getting everything done in time. Thanks a lot for this mission.

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