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Ditchfort of Sir John

Author File Description
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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
The Ditchfort of John map is one I made after being notified that good maps require more time, planning and editing. This map is one I tried to make using ditches, ruins, rubble, trees and so on. The things that most people use to make a basic castle into a good one. So that's why I've made this one, to see If I'm any good at mapmaking. It's probably a little bit historically innaccurate seeing as this is a stone castle that the Normans brought over wooden ones at first, oh well. I hope you enjoy the seige, it's just a made up story about some bloke who's a bit mean. I look forward to seeing some nice replies (or at least constructive replies).

Update 10th February 2008 - I've decided to get rid of the Knights and add a few more Macemen, please notify me if this was a good idea or not.
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cheeseater i'll give it a go...
cheeseater a bit confusing and unnecessarily big, and i spent ages looking for those 50 million bad things and deleting them to make my troops fight better...
File Author
It is quite big and long, but I try to give it the effect of the Grueling enemy advance. Watch as they come in droves to attack your castle, and then fall into your traps.

[Edited on 12/24/07 @ 12:31 PM]

Johny Walker Can't get it to work :(

[Edited on 12/26/07 @ 09:04 AM]

File Author
Hmm, When you say you can't get it to work, do you mean that the army attacking the castle won't attack? Because I'm positive I've fixed that problem
Dragons Rider Playability: 4
A cracking good map to play, I very much enjoyed playing as both a defender and an attacker. When defending this castle, I deleted all the bad things first. Sorry but playability comes over aesthetics in this map. The massed grouping of troops I found very important, and made for much easier defence of bottlenecks and narow passes. Using the terrain to my adavantage was the main factor for my success. A.I. attacks were pleasently efficent, with enemy crossbows being very acting very human. Two things marred this perfection:
One was the sheer quantity of Knights attacking. I diddnt like that, because upon their arrival at the fort they merely hang around to be shot at and when the gate was breached they couldnt even go up into the Keep.
Two was the silly places in which some troops were postioned. They could only shoot at the enemy for a few seconds. But these faults are only minor, so don't worry about them.
When attacking the castle, my custom armies of Maces, Pikes and Crossbows was somewhat decimated by the constant fire. A strange bug meant that engineers who left a sige machine dissapeared(No they were'nt shot), made my strategy somewhta tricky but it worked in the end. Using mace men as early hit troops and pikes as Human shields can work really well. All in all this is a bracing little map that I found lots of fun

Balance: 3.5
The map was not too difficult to play, but then again it was not very simplistic. For improvement in this category I recommend that You scrap some of those Knights, replace them with some swordsman. Also you could possible put some pitch into the somewhere, to widen the possibilities somewhat. In terms of actual troop numbers, it seems to be quite well organised and specific. So Overall this category comes above average, but not by that much.

Creativity: 4
This is the section where you consider the originality of the map, including it story line and the map design, as well as any concepts or styles.
The design concept has been done quite a few times, yet you have pulled it off in an effective way, giving it a flair of originality and quality. The story was not as good, but it was reasonable, though it has a chance to be much better. There were no true styles in the map, lest it be a "Hit and Run" style, with the different lines of defence, retreating back each time to the next level.

Map Design: 4
One of the things that really adds to your your enjoyment and appreciation of the map is the way it looks and how it appeals to you. I must say this was very appaeling to me. Therer is some good attention to detail, like the placement of stone and rocs to create a ruined feel, as well as a of line of defense. In some place you felt the buildings were a part of the landscape, they just fit in very well together. The placement of trees was very well done as well, not all over the place but sparsely spread. The river required some more improvement in my view; i.e. some ripple and bits of debris. The tunnels were alright, but they could have to look somewhat more realistic. The Castle I though was very fitting for the map, but with no outstanding features. One thing missing is the tool known as dirt. Add some of it in small patches right throughout the map and you will immediately see an improvement.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
A small but reasonable story in my view, although perhaps an extra half-hour of work and a few ideas can up this score to a worthy 5

Additional Comments:
"The Ditchfort of John map is one I made after being notified that good maps require more time, planning and editing. This map is one I tried to make using ditches, ruins, rubble, trees and so on. The things that most people use to make a basic castle into a good one. So that's why I've made this one, to see If I'm any good at mapmaking." You've done what you said with flying colours. A hearty well done to you.
File Author
Thank you so much for Reviewing my map, It has given me much to ponder.

I do have the problem of adding Knights, which aren't that smart as an A.I. sometimes. I've done that in some of my favoraite maps and ended up having to spend the last half of the seige having the knights charge up at my castle and get shot by archers.

This map is one that I've spent ages on, but I'll to spend more time on the next one, for I still need some more experience in making castles. I've been told that I should try making Invasions, hmm, A Risky Step for me, but nonetheless I'll try it.

The Map Maker 101 has also helped me find out how to blend stones and castles together, I need to look further into that, but soon enough I will have learnt enough about them.

The fact that the Troops are too spread out is a problem too, I'll try to learn from my mistakes and sort this out.

The Storyline does need more working on, Next time I'll revise other people's Instructions/Story and see how to improve it.

I also have the tendancy to have good and bad things, They do improve a seige in some ways but sometimes are a bit too much.

Once I again, I thank you for your review and everyone who has reviewed and commented my maps with constructive criticism and help improve my map making abililty. One day I'll make a map that will make you proud!
Dragons Rider You're very welcome Skullus :), I'm sure you will
Lord Ephraim Good map design. I saw your other maps, and I've noticed that your map making skills have improved.
File Author
Thank you very much Lord Ephraim, I will try to make more maps of even greater quality in the future.

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