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Helm's Deep the best

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
The one of best map Lord Of The Ring.
Write to my MSN
Thanks for minimap richard bowden-reid.
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File Author
I tray
File Author
Sory if I dont write god that is becous I am from croatia and I cnat speak english very god
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
It's good playable, the invasions are ok. and you still need to manage your troops instead of sit and watch. But they go most of the time to the west gate, instead of the two gates on the east. Also, the weapon makers create weapons u can't sell or make troops off, so the armory gets full quickly.

Balance: 4
It's pretty balanced, and not to hard, and the scenerio endures for 12 in-game years. But u should have disabled options like moat digging to make it more realistic.

Creativity: 4
The idea of the LotR maps was there already of course but it's still a very nice map that also looks good and really looks like Helm's deep from the movie.

Map Design: 5
Very nice map design, really like the in the LotR movie. Also the Archers you get at the start are cool too, The Elven archers like in the movie.

Story/Instructions: 2.5
There are no Instructions at all, altough we all know the story from LotR. U could have done more here if your English was better.

Additional Comments:
I really enjoyed the map, both gameplay and design were good.
File Author
Thanks to richard bowden-reid
The Dragonheart
Map Design1.0
This is the lowest scoring review I have ever given someone but I feel that the author of this map needs to realise their faults and weaknesses. Being your first and only map, here is a review. I'm sorry.

Playability: 1.5
While having invasion after invasion, I spent 25 minutes waiting for the invasions to stop... but they didn't. So I saved the game and loaded it in "Load Scenario" to look when the last invasion was: 1200 AD. Which was 185 game years from my current saved point. How is it possible to win without playing this map for 48 hours?
At the beginning of the game, I sent all archers to the keep from the deeping wall. Game Won. That is all you have to do. The enemy makes no progress because of the hundreds of archers. Therefore, 1.5 for playability.

Balance: 1
This was shocking, but because it is your first map, I'll be nice. The balance was unfair to the enemy and hilariously boring. I simply had to do nothing, I even went off and watched a bit of t.v. and when I came back, my forces were still firing arrows. The reason why the enemy had the unfair advantage was due to their few attacking unit types. Spearmen, crossbowmen and a few pikemen. Wave after wave they charged at me just to be assaulted by arrows.

Creativity: 1
Helm's Deep, most original idea in the medieval games. Even I have made one based on the LotR. The creativity jumped way out of the movie or books. Not much to say here.

Map Design: 1
If I could, I would give the map design a 0. You and everyone else know the basic layout of Helm's Deep, but this map was a few thousand miles off-target. In the real LotR, there were no towers along the deeping wall, no lookout towers at the bottom of the causeway, no farms and grassy areas, no straight thick causeway and lastly, there was NO grass in the Helm's Deep area or anywhere near it. Also, the keep was circular, not square. Why there are trees in this map, I do not a single whizzing idea. I'm sure there are a few other things wrong with the map design, I've just forgotten. But the list goes on...

Story/Instructions: 1
No story, score is 1. At least add something apart from "the best helm's deep ever". Not much to say here, simple comment.

Additional Comments:
I'm sorry for the bad review, but new people to the SH site are mostly bad. My first map was bad, but I got better mostly because of Mapmaking 101 (and lots and lots of practice). Have a look at some great maps with high scores and learn some mapmaking skills from them. You will get better with every map.

The Dragonheart
Hypernova90 Wow Dragonheart you are really really hard!
Well I agree on you on every point except for creativity could use a little higher and also mapdesign, because I think the elven archers are somewhat creative, and the map doesn't have to follow the movie as that correctly but still I agree that he should have created it more like the Helms Deep in the movie like your map. Creativity by meaning of recreating a scenario from a book/movie is very hard work.
I would give it a 3 because there are no personal touches in the map. It's all standard. But yeah Map design would give a 2 because it doesn't follow it really correctly and there are no outstandig map touches, it's standard and it doesn't look that good.

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Map Design3.0
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