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Helms Deep

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Helm's deep, The great mountain fortress of Rohan. Are you good enough to hold back the Uruk-Hai of the wolf? It is not easy to hold back this storm!

Now new ramp to outerwall has been added behind the deepingwall so you kow really have to defend the deepingwall. Also more texture overall and the big rock (the rock on where the uruk-hai captain stands in the movie) right infront of the hornburg has been added.
You can make some knights now which should be a little like the last ride of the king.
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da_CONQUEROR Helms Deep looks good but the surrounding terrain is so plain. You should add some trees and shrubery and I am sure that many more people will download your maps.
IrishKern everything is so plain and squared..... 2*
andyator55 hi i like this it has inspired me to create a minas tirith 1 for crusader can u make this crusader pls the problem is the terain its plain maybe some mountains and trees??? 3*
Matej13 Dont copy map from other player
File Author
I'm not sure it was for me but i didn't copy any map. And people, look to the movie once more because it isn't relly a nice landscape with nice trees and bunnies. the valley point northward in every book and movie so there doesn't come any sunlight, ever seen a tree grow in a shadow?
File Author
And i can't make a map for crusader, simply because i dont have the game.

[Edited on 01/05/08 @ 09:01 AM]

Dragons Rider
Map Design2.0
This map was played twice, once on normal and once on hard.
Playability: 3
This map pitted a vertiable swarm of troops against a virtually impengrable fortress( for me anyway). The game starts with a huge amount of archers on the Hornburg, more than 300. The Deeping Wall is absent of any troops, but Good Bandit reinforcements that symbolise the Elves come to plug up this gap, numbering 80 or so. I sent an additional 50 onto the Deeping Wall. All pikes and spears provided were placed at regular intervals across the ground, with a large concentration on the Culvert. You are also provided with some weapons to build Knights, but I just built swordsman since the stairs limit their manourevability.
I had just enough time before the Invading troops arrived to see to these sundry arragements. Then I turned to the real business at hand. I observed that the Engineers were quite vulnerable as they walked up to their tents. Thus I sent my 15 or so Knights to sally forth and attack the sige weapons. I did so, managing to destroy nearly all of them before the macemen began to do any serious damage. I then fled back to the castle, leading a right merry dance to 40 odd macemen who I then incarnated as they neared the gate, for loss of a mere two Knights. The Archers managed to destroy the remaining catapults and rams without too much harm done
Having dealt with the main threat, from then on I mostly sat and watched my ridicolously large archer force decimate the spearmen and macemen attacks. When the Pikeman and Swordsmen arrived the archers would concentrate on single targets. Even Swordsmen can't last long with 40 arrows sticking out of them. This went on and on with them very gradually wearing down the Deeping Wall. The ladders were completly ineffective, since the wall was on a DIAGONAL. These need to be on a straight section to work! Besides that they were shot down in droves.
Anyway the force managed to knock out a tower on the wall, but I had had the foresight to pull back my archers, with the pikeman holding a rear-guard. I then ALLOWED them to smash down the back gate, because I had 4 guys with boiling oil at regular intervals, with 400 odd archers backing them up. That pretty much was the end of their siege. It was not that much of a challenege;
Troops losses: 21%( My pikes and spears)

Balance: 2
The sheer number of archers made the venture silly in my opinion, with the amount of enemy troops equally foolish. It was just plain dull and boring; the wrong troops were used and in the wrong amounts. Cut down on your own archers by a lot, get the reinforcements that come with Gandalf and Eomer, get rid of almost all of the A.I.'s and replace them with some cross bows. Forget having spearmen, just employ macemen by the hundred, with some pike support and some occasional "elite" squads of Swordsman. Concerning the choice of Siege weapons: Siege Towers are quite simply a must have, since they will pick the pace of the game by so much more and furthermore should be pre-placed on the map. More Battering Rams are needed, again these should be pre-placed, to protect them from what I did.

Creativity: 2
The sheer volume of Lord of the Rings maps has started to make the novelty wear off, so something original and inspiring is often required to make it stand out from the mass. This includes things kie the scripting, look of the map, Reinforecements, custom messages and a god storyline to go with it. Unfortunately this map was lacking any of things, which makes this score a rather low one

Map Design: 2.5
*Prepares for mapmaking lecture* This map is so drab, plain and square. It requires a much more detailed and realistic look for it to succeed. How to accomplish this? Simple. There are a LOT of tools at your disposal to enhance this map. Start with the dirt tool. In the second smallest brush, place it randomly all over the map. Then move onto single stones, then onto rocks and small boulders. Go for slight change in altitude in some points. In the mountains, add dirt and Iron and some stones. Ultimately its like throwing all the tools into a pot, mixing it up and spreading it out nice and even.
Then we go onto trees. Pines look best on steep slopes and mountains. Oak is sutiable for vally floor. Don't clump them up, but don't have them too far spread out.

Story/Instructions: 3
I'll let this one pass, but really a paragraph is just not acceptable. There is a whole webpage availble for you to use, fill it up!

Additional Comments:
Every designer will have to start somewhere, and I must say that you have started higher than most people do. Just follow my advice and you'll get there!

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Map Design2.0
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