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Broken Bridge

Author File Description
Black Flames
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Ok, i have deceoded to update this map,, i a have changed quiet a bit, i have placed the signposts on your side of the map and lowered the amount of oasis. Also i ahve made the map harder... not even sure if its beatable... so please comment if too hard...

After many years of war, the lands became a barren waistland. After the destruction of the bridge, all connections to all other civilisations was hopeless. The little village that had once thrived there, has long disappeared because of its lack of trade and the intense heat. Each year was a lifetime, the granary became low, death was now a day to day experience. After trying to rebuild there civilisation many times over, they deceided to head south to try and find better land. None of them have been seen since. Will you be able to build a successful castle, or will you fail and die in the harsh landscape?

A quick explanation, in bullet points:
Rebuild the Bridge
Collect the iron ore
Collect and make armour
Do not let your lord die

I hope you like it this map. Please review.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
AZ ViTrAzhAs Black Flames, adding a simple text story won't make the connection much slower, I think I will try Your map, but really advice You to write a narration as the idea is interesting!
Stratego What a beast of a map! It took me several attempts until I figured out how to get to these 100 demanded swords (finally, victory in January 1194) ... you think it's been easy? No, not at all guys, test it yourself!
Stratego Playability:
I would be lying if I said that this decent scenario was a walkover. Broken bridge contains all proper stuff that keeps a player’s heart beating, and each time you’ve missed victory you will be spurred on to tackle the mission once more in a diverse manner. Regarding the economic part, I’ve noticed a stringent sequence of events that you cannot influence directly no matter how you start playing. It keeps you busy to stabilize food supply on a high level, and you have to deal with fires, lion attacks, annoying rabbits, plague, bandit raids etc., just to mention a few of those unpleasant troublemakers. It’s decisive when you start repairing the ruined bridge, and where you relocate your stockpiles. It’s useful to transfer the stocks, as the initial location adjacent to the keep does not seem to be ideal.

This item can be decisively influenced depending on your strategy. According to your safety measures, either if you protect the delivery of iron directly by walls of if you charge any military units along the transport route. Besides, it was funny to view the bandits and lions mangling each other...
The period until defeat has been well defined, though not being visible on the screen in form of a time scale during the game. Any way, I would be interested to know how the mission turned out if two signposts would exist on either side of the ravine.

This convinced me very much! The entire scenario is based on the idea to forge a certain amount of swords within a fixed time limit. This task in connection with the repairs of the bridge comes to the fore no matter what you’re planning or doing. Furthermore, I liked increasing the efficiency of the working people up to a maximum burden by setting up several torturers’ devices, and simultaneously the popularity up by building some churches, rising food consumption, and providing the population with ale.

Map Design:
There’s a river on a straightforward course dividing the map diagonally into two parts, and flowing parallel to a three rows mountain range. Adjacent green fertile land mostly covered with palm trees is providing enough space to cut wood or cultivate wheat and hops intensively. The bridge being the only passage across the ravine, and leading to the iron ore is unfortunately demolished; thus has to be repaired very soon. The terrain is neatly modeled, but I’ve missed some originality so to speak. Eventually, you could reconsider the sufficient number of trees right from the beginning. Maybe you could also diminish the rapidly breeding populations of hopping rabbits.

Alas, no real story! This interesting scenario would have deserved a thrilling story. Black Flames, where’s your inspiration? If you invested a little bit more effort on this concern, your map would have got a substantially better rating than the present one.

I enjoyed playing your map, Black Flames!

Black Flames
File Author
Thankyou Stratego, for the review, the point you made about the story is true, i dont write enough.. but im not really good at writing stories and had no clue what to write about.. Also i thought if he map was good enough it wouldnt matter about the story.. Also i thought the story was quick and to the point.. so people dont have to read a desk full of writing.
I am glad you liked the map and if i have enough time, i may lengthen the story.

Ty Black Flames
peter2008 Best map to train "relocating the stockpile" (as Stratego recommended).
So much effort all around for the aim of one special good only. Had about 106 population, about 18 wells. Fear factor -5 was not enough. As soon as the lions were eliminated I raised game speed to 90. Was in abundance of everything and bought xbows and leather jerkins en masse.
The map looks attractive, the numerous slightly parallel lines of rocks, the dunes, and the river provide a notion of flow. A welcome distraction when I was waiting for iron ebentually to arrive. While the big of the map size fits to the mission the flat area around the keep isn't nice (the space between ford and bridge is sufficient for all the buildings except the mines and wells next to them).
Two funny moments: placed the bad things along the way from the keep to the working buildings, so all newcomers would recognize their destiny.
When I sent archers against the lions I carelessly had not overlooked the huge number of packs. In contrast to human enemies approaching, you're able to change buildings in front of lions. So poor archers fled on this side of the bridge and I removed a line of stone in between. Took a screen of the following slaughter:

[Edited on 10/19/08 @ 10:07 PM]

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