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Downloads Home » Stronghold: Invasions » Mountain's Fist - The Healing - Resubmitted! (Map 9 in Saviour of Léugìm)

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Mountain's Fist - The Healing - Resubmitted! (Map 9 in Saviour of Léugìm)

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1

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2. Bealaigh Hill -The Ambush
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Mountain's Fist - The Healing

Map No.9 in The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign.

The Mountain's Fist
Short Description: Collect stone to rebuild the cracked walls of Mountain's Fist, as you need to survive yet another attack from Dayon. Recruit your army for the war, produce armors for your men. Mountain's Fist has been your shelter once, now it is time to see if its walls can protect you once more. But hurry!


You were drinking some tea and eating some biscuits, taking a break from your father�s story, when someone knocked on the door.

�It must be that darned tax collector again� � Said your father.

He slowly got up and walked to the door and opened it, revealing the person behind it. He was tall and bald, and slightly overweight. While you examined the person, you also saw your fathers� face, smiling.

�Aylma! So great to see you! I thought you were over at Irlim! � That�s a ki

ngdom north to Léugìm, son � Have you finished studying Irlims� plants and their magical purposes?�

�Hmm, not really. You see, there are pretty unpleasant people over there, you know. Sometimes they threw me rotten eggs or tomatoes just to make me mad� They didn�t let me work, so I decided to leave that horrible place and pay you a visit � Why, but we have another member of the family! Nice to meet you, young chap� � He shook your hand.

Your father indicated the really old Aylma to a seat, and gave him some tea and biscuits.

�So � Your Father started � Umm, no offence, but, what has kept you alive for so much years? When we freed these lands, you were pretty old enough��

�I suppose � answered Aylma � it�s all those green stuff I eat. When I was at Irlim, I tested myself, and ate almost every herb, vegetable or anything edible to see what would happen. Some of them were really good, and I included some in my daily meal. I guess some of these herbs really have some magic inside, �cause it kept me alive�

�Anyways � Spoke your father � I was about to tell my son here about those days when you were in charge of Mountain�s Fist while I looked for help from the Ice God. I was already coming back when you wrote me a letter about a second series of sieges to Mountain�s Fist, do you remember? I was going to give him another oldie letter, but I think it�s better for the man itself to tell the story�

�Yes, I perfectly remember those days� Good thing we have time in our hands�

- I don�t remember exactly the year� but who cares. Your father was coming back, allied with the Ice God� But my men only had moral support by that fact. Still, the ice army was on its way, while we were slowly repairing the great Mountain�s Fist, just in case another attack came along. I ordered the installation of many iron and stone camps. The iron would be used to make armour and swords, to re-arm my men, and the stone, to start a reserve of stone just in case another siege came along and we needed a quick repair of the walls...

Full story follows the zip. file.

Campaign Map

Click thumbnail pic to see 250k JPEG


Start by building 2 - 3 woodcutters, to get your wood income stabilized. Then start rapidly doing Dairy farms, and don't forget to supervise military productions.


    On Normal Setting:
  • Survive the attack at the end.
  • Lose if your Lord is killed, or when all villagers are killed.
  • Game starts June 1088
  • Game ends around July 1095

Author's Note

I apologize for the past event, the map wasn't fully playtested or thought out. I hope my new version is acceptable.

Zip Contents

- Map
- Story
- Mini map


Lord Michael I wrote the story; and playtested the map.
Also Thanks to: FroobaChoob for starting and organising the campaign;
Younghappy for taking over from FroobaChoob when he had to go offline;
Sir Ravenclaw for the campaign logo graphic;
Younghappy for creating all the campaign maps and submitting news articles;
SHH staff for posting up the news articles;
Ericgolf for the DL page template.
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Hitman Ah, yes! Another one, w00t! The map seems to be satisfying like always... BUT! I don't know what font have, you guys, used for the story, but all of the letters are mixed with cyrilic letters... including the map name - it shows me "Saviour of Lйugцm" :-/ However the map is the important here :D besides how many will be the missions of this campaign?
younghappy One more map left in the campaign...this is the penultimate. Sorry for being vague.

Hope you have a good play :)

[Edited on 01/10/08 @ 03:17 PM]

The Hitman Can you be more understandable? Thanks...
File Author
The Hitman, that happened to me once. I don't know what causes it. And yeah, there'll be 10 maps in total.

Younghappy said there'll be one more after this one... I think. Never heard the word 'penultimate' before but I suppose that's what it means.
The Hitman Thank you for editing the message and making it understandable to me, I'm not english, that's why i got this problem :) As I said, the map is awesome (like the rest from this campaign), however I don't think I can give you a review, because I can't rate the story, altrough I couldn't read it :(
Captain Diablo I just got done with a huge long review of DoY's new map, I'll try to do the same with this, looks fun.

Btw guys, great series.
Captain Diablo Review submitted.

Lordkiller, I'm not sure you can advertise your website on the comments. Try doing that in the forums. : )

File Author
wow it was along time ago I got such a low scoring. But you had valid reasons and I think I probably deserve it. I should've added something more to the playability, and playtested it more.
I'm disapointed, but only at myself.

[Edited on 01/14/08 @ 09:21 AM]

Sulis I've played this myself a few times over the weekend. I tried playing the scenario by tearing down the walls too in order to meet the stone requirement, as well as using a more 'conservative' approach and only extracting stone by using the quarries which, I might add, ensures the map plays like it is supposed to. But there's nothing to stop people playing the map how they desire, regardless of whether this brings into equation the moral aspect of the map.

I promised to review all of the maps in this series, and I will, but my review will be based on leaving the present stone structures in tact to counter-balance the perfectly fair review that already exists. I hope this might help you, Dougleass.

If you choose to update the map, please let me know and i'll review the current version for accuracy, etc.
Captain Diablo I will also update my review (of course!) to fit the new version if you choose to do so. : )

Edit: Also, if you think it's unfair of me to count off points for the stone cheat, just say so. I have a habit of scoring down if the player has the ability to cheat somehow, and maybe it's not fair.

[Edited on 01/14/08 @ 12:48 PM]

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