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The two hunters

Author File Description
The Hitman
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal

16:24 @ The Jungle near Al-Ras-Hafun

- James, what is this?
- Looks like a lion, we better get over it... Move smooth and slowly, we don't need its attention...
- You are in our kingdom's territory, surprised?! You guys need to be punished by the most mean way... Oh, well, what we gonna do now?
- I don't know...
- Hey, you little, tell your folk what we have to do now! HA-HA-HA!!!
- Oh, James we have to... ummmm... RUUUUUUN!!! Rendez-vous at our place!
- Get them, what are you looking at! Aim and shoot!


1:46 @ Castle Al-Ras-Hafun

- Deek, this beer stinks!
- Make your own beer, then... i ain't gonna make beers whole night...
- Ha-ha!
- Hey, you hear that?
- I don't think so...
- Get on your post... Tomorrow we go home, we gotta be ready...
- Sure...

1:51 @ near castle Al-Ras-Hafun

- Wheew, we escaped Mac!He-he!
- Yeah, but... Huh, look at this castle, if they are friendlies we could find cover in there...
- You're right, lets go...

1:57 @ castle Al-Ras-Hafun

- Argh, again on guard, this is tiresome......... What the **** ?! Moving shrubs! Deek, an intruder, alarm, alarm!
- Come on lads, up two! There's someone out there...
- Who are you and what do you seek here?!
- We just escaped fom the sultan's troops, we know their positions, they are increasng their territories, you gotta get out of here... so we have too!
- OK, guys, those are friendlies, they know where they are, take their weapons and feed them! It will be a massacre tomorrow... (Altrough we overwhelm them)Get the produced iron to the ship and get ready!


One of my best invasions... The castle and the two hunters are there like in the story, more of the detals aren't seen from the minimap so this is not the right way of showing the map's beauty... However I forgot how to insert pictures in the blog, so you'll have to excuse me... The map will be normal/hard for begginers, easy/normal for intermediates and very easy for experts...

1. Survive enemy attack waves
2. Collect 60 iron

Expedition leader killed (a.k.a. the lord)
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The Hitman
File Author
I know it will be easy for the old players, but I made it so, because I want all could pass it... I mean I was really funny when playing before 4 years... Most of the invasions in SH1 seemed to be impossible for me then, but now they are too easy for me even on "Very Hard" :D It's more like castlebuilder based on a story, but please don't fill the page with only "This was too easy!" :D I think you should ready the story, because it will help you, altrough I don't think anyone will need help for this :D I'd like obective review from someone if it's possible...
AZ ViTrAzhAs Yeah I know You created this mission to be easy enough, but what I really missed was the second attack wave... I managed to train a lot of pikemen and spearmen as I thought there's going to be a second invasion, sad, but there wasn't...

[Edited on 01/15/08 @ 02:52 PM]

The Hitman
File Author
Map updated - version 1.1, please redownload if you think to rate it... Does someone even played it? :(

[Edited on 01/16/08 @ 06:34 AM]

WingSephiroth i would have to say, not judging from the lack of invasions, that this is a nice map. the castle looks very original. one thing that i would say is a bit weird is all the dotted things you put across the map. Overall, its a good try.
The Hitman
File Author
Dotted things? :D What do you mean, lol? You mean, the details are too mcuh and it looks weird? :S Thanks for comment :) Map updated to version 1.2 Harder win conditions with more attack waves and fixed some minor things...

[Edited on 01/17/08 @ 02:43 PM]

AZ ViTrAzhAs
Map Design4.5
The two hunters

This mission offered both an interesting idea and a story, and I thought I’ll have a go. As you already mentioned the mission is fairly easy, and later on you get the feeling that it’s more a castle builder rather than an invasion map.

Playability: 3.5
While playing I never had I thought that I might lose, but You said that it’s though, so I can’t blame the mission about the difficulty level, but still I’m always looking forward to a good challenge. It was quite hard to realize from where to start as You’ve already build the economic and defensive structures; I’ve built more workshops, woodcutters and pitch rigs. After the first early invasion (combined from two assaults – interesting idea), I thought I ought to have a stronger defense and started recruiting more and more troops. Time passed but there was no enemy, finally I collected the 70 iron blocks and the victory was achieved. The first invasion burnt a few buildings, damaged the walls, but clearly this couldn’t stop me. Later on I destroyed my granary and replaced it near the apple orchards to save more food supplies. The iron producing was a bit slow due to the workshops (pikemen are great warriors!). All in all, the playability had no problems, but I found it a bit too straight.

Balance: 3
Well I know You designed this mission to be easy but I think everyone will agree that a second invasion (a few years later than the first one) was needed. If the player doesn’t know the script he/she’s usually sure that there’s going to be more attacks, and he/she’s concentrated on the number of the troops to defend the castle, while achieving the iron becomes a second objective – it’s a simple and logical move to make the playability more thrilling. I mean this won’t make the mission hard if You add small invasions… Another interesting feature would be the iron mine building prohibition – this fact would enforce the player to defend the iron mines very carefully as long as the lord. The win and lose conditions were fine, but the scenario needed a bit more work. I liked the idea of the constant food decrease – the player has to concern about the popularity. I’ve managed to solve the problem by replacing the granary. A good idea was to slow the production of the weapons by placing the armory and the stockpile far from each other, although recruiting troops wasn’t a necessary thing. Overall, the balance needs a tad more work.

Creativity: 5
Great features here! The map idea was amusing, with interesting objects and sights. I liked the irregular shaped castle with narrow paths, different sections, hidden entrances and other things. A great touch was the fire ballista placed on the wall, the shields created an impression of a small wooden wall. The ship feature was great too, although it needed a bit more details, for example a sail and some flags. The whole mission mingles with the story well, too! The coast of the lake looked great, while the whole map was slowly becoming a barren when travelling to East. All in all, You’ve showed some great ideas in this mission, mate. Bravo!

Map Design: 4.5
Great work here! The map looked realistic and interesting in the same time. The castle was designed creatively, mixing various heights and this made the hill impression – fortresses on hills look great! The desert or the wasteland were filled with various rocks, boulders, shrub and small oases which were created with a mix of big and small rocks and palm like plants. They looked fabulous! A big rocky oasis was near the castle too. The jungle, which was described in the story, was created using different types of scrub and adding various trees and plants; to make it livelier, You’ve added lots of farms – this aspect shows that the territory is inhabited. A good touch was the big lake. I’ve missed a few hills, some trees and shrub near the marsh, a bit more high rocks throughout the map but I won’t drag the score down.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
The story merged well with the map, and explained the main features correctly and accurately. I’ve found the diary type story amusing (I’ve used it my Father’s sins Chapter two map), as it creates the impression that the reader is right there, near the Al-Ras-Hafun castle. Furthermore, the story starts with two completely different packs of characters but later You combine them and create a interesting narration. However, there were some mistakes and slang words, but I respect Your work with the story, good job!

I’d advice everyone to try this mission, You will surely have a few great moments!


[Edited on 01/23/08 @ 12:33 PM]

The Hitman
File Author
Thanks a lot, folk, I appreciate your review very much and I hope it's honest... However I do think it's so, because you give your arguments for the rating, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you understood my whole idea for the map... Also thanks for the tips for the ships, I haven't made such try before, this is my first ship[ I create :) I had lots of problems with the playability, it's too hard or too easy :( Still trying to fix this. I'm happy surprised that anybody liked my story and understood with with so many gramatical mistakes :D(I'm not english, sorry) However I'm already looking forward to make some new original skirmishes, thanks for sparing you time!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
Sure it play juts fine. Actually even by itself! I need not do almost anything to win! I put the armorers to sleep to save the iron. Then set speed to max and watch the show. For 3 or 4 enemy swordsmen, I had to aim archers because they couldn't see them as they smash my wall. I lost maybe 5 units even without doing nothing.

Balance: 1
This is easier than easiest. See comment above.

Creativity: 2
Not much interesting.

Map Design: 4
Realistic and natural. I was missing some height features. But what's up with ballista on 'stick of rock'? That look bit odd.
Why not put up a big tower with ballista instead?

Story/Instructions: 3
Not very connected to game. Where are the two hunters in the game? Where are the lions?

Additional Comments:
You have decent map and castle design. I wish you could spent more time making the balance a bit tougher.
The Hitman
File Author
xDDD omg! lol, thanks, man!
Map Design4.5
Playability: 3
Quite enjoyed this was good fun =D... Only thing is i found it quite easy really and i think it should be made just a little bit harder... the attacks are fine but maybe alot more waves in smaller numbers will increase the playability =D

Balance: 3
Like I said was fairly easy, although I got a bit scared on the first wave and thourght I would be beaten but they only knocked down a small amount of wall and didnt even enter the castle... I didnt even really need to move any of my units around...
Nevertheless like you said it was more of a beginners map =)

Creativity: 5
Wow the creative side of this map was excellent I spent the first 5 minutes looking at the castle and the little boat with the stock piles on it that was just so creative i loved it!

Map Design: 4.5
Map design was excellent once again the boat and the castle was great and the map just looked awesome... -0.5 though because the random dots of iron and rock near the signpost looked weird on the map if you looked at it closly and I think that just using different terrain tools like Earth and Stones and Driven Sand would be enough to make the desert area look alot better.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was great and I loved how the Iron goes straight into the boat just like it said in the story =D

Additional Comments:
Quite a good invasion for beginners and the creativity on this map was awesome... Once again..... I love the boat!!!
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