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The Castle Rock

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
It is the year 1160!
The once venerable and distinguished Knight Robin Pearson of Portsmouth has fallen from favor in the royal court. Sir Pearson is under suspicion of treason to the crown for selling armarments to the crown's once ally, Sultan Sahib Ibn Al-Hutad. Even though Sir Pearson protests his innocence to King James himself, he is stripped of all his titles except that of Knight. However, because Sir Pearson and King James were at one time the closest of friends, King James decides to send Sir Pearson to the most barren and hopeless of all the providences in the Kingdom.
Sir Pearson recieves a small amount of cash in exchange for his acceptance of the governorship of the providence of Bad Turuk. Hearing that he would be executed if he did not depart soon, Sir Pearson spends what was left of his personal fortune on a small detachment of mercenaries. With fewer than ten men, Sir Pearson arrives by way of sea in bad Turuk. The state of the economy is so bad, that the walls of the once great Castle of the Rock have fallen into disrepair. Stones from the gatehouses were taken to build foundations until no gatehouses were left.
Bad Turuk was not only afflicted by the problems of commerce: Their country militia greatly lacked in all things and was composed of inexperienced, unprofessional people of the lowest rank in both military and social order. Sir Pearson, under pressure to make the best of his situation lest he be blamed for making the miserable state of affairs there, sends for funds from the King. However, when Sir Pearson's messenger returns, he brings with him only 4000 gold pieces. The messenger also brings much more disastrous news...
King James has declared war on Sultan Sahib Ibn Al-Hutad! The reasons behind the declaration are unknown, but King James has already called upon all the Christian nations of Europe for assistance and the war has begun in ernest for all Ships of the Crown. Sir Pearson recieves this news with the upmost gravity as the borders of Bad Turuk are the same as the borders of the Sultan's land. Sir Pearson quickly mobilizes his very few forces to defend the northermost part of Bad Turuk. After doing so, he alerts the local citizens of their danger and begins to fund and construct armorer's, poleturners and fletcher's workshops within the still enclosed parts of the castle.
With the horns of war already heard resounding across the desert, Sir Pearson prepares himself and his soldiers for the fight of their lives...
Good luck and have fun! This is a very basic invasion map, but beware being caught off guard!
---> Do not spend your money to quickly, and be sure to hike up taxes. Micromanage your finances even to the point where you lose favor.
---> Enclose your keep soon, as all of the invasions have slaves. Do not forget to defend your farms and quarries!
---> Iron is not on the map, so in order to train heavy units you will need to buy weapons or iron at the marketplace. These goods cost lots of money so be careful to not put to big of strain on your economy.
---> There are several choke points on the map around important areas and signposts. Look for these choke points early on and keep units at these locations to head off the enemy, or at least slow the enemy down long enough to send in reserves.
---> Train as many men, especially archers for when you enclose your castle, in preparation for the final assault. The final assault is an entire Arabian regiment of heavily armored soldiers. Be wary..
---> Finally, when bandits join your side, your people are happier for a month or so. But be careful if enemy bandits operate in your lands. These bandits, while not altogether powerful, affect your popularity very, very negatively.
Enjoy your game play!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Castlefreak hey, it's great to see you again! good looking map!
The Hitman Tough map like always ;) But, excellent map!
File Author
I am glad to be back too! This is my first map in one heckuva long time so im sure it might be to easy. Others will soon as I finish making them. Reviews are welcome, as well as tips and other comments. It's great to be back on Stronghold Heaven!!!
SUBINDXSUBIN I am going to play this map!
Looks well terrained and hard to play.
I will rate soon!
Dembones8 looks nice very nice
kingdomofheaven Great map but a little tough. like to see more from you.
File Author
I had a few maps I was working on. However, you will not see more of my maps for at least a short time (you can still check out my old maps by searching for the word 'hobbithole') because my laptop computer's screen just cracked. Unfortunately, this computer contained all of the many maps i have created.. check out my previous maps like the starting anew chapters for some tough plays! don't feel bad about rating: i wont hold it against you! ;) :D
surajsubba Nice! Good to have you back Hobbithole
Map Design4.5
Playability: 3.5
The playability was kind of low. The travelling fairs ruined all the fun of the map. All I had to do was give no rations and put on high taxes and then get lots of wood and make spears to sell and bows to make archers. All I had to do was create a few archers and wait around. The extra archers made things even more easy. I had lots of money too. I just deleted all walls and towers and made my own fortifications. This was a very very easy to play map. There were no bugs and the terrain was nice and this is why I am giving a 3.0. This map has a lot more potential than this. If you get rid of the travelling fairs and the bandit archers that come to help, then this map will become better. I hope that didnt sound mean because I didnt mean to get mean. ;)

Balance: 3
As I have already said this was a very very very easy to play map. It could have been much more tough. The travelling fairs were the main problem. The archers that come to help are also unnecessary. You should provide the ainvaders with catapults and stuff so that the player does not just sit around while the archers clear things up. The player willl have to use spearmen to get rid of the catapults then. If you clear the travelling fair, the player will have no choice but to go for food and ale to keep the people happy. This map can be much better than this.

Creativity: 4
The position of the quarry was great as it was a good distance away and it looked reasonably good to me. I liked the lake like water body at the north west corner of the map. The ruins at the signpost and the units already stationed there were also creative. I liked the story creativity too. The name of the map is what that makes me give a 4.0 because the castle and the name are macthing. I like the sound of it too.

Map Design: 4.5

This was one of the best factors of the map that I liked. The problem was that the map was empty in some areas. Very few areas. I liked the terrain at the area north to the castle and near to the sign post. The elevatiosn there were well set or at least it seemed like that to me. The origin of the river could have been better though. There was a part in this map where many shrubs are placed together near the lake. The problem was the cactus. They didnt seem to fit in.

Story/Instructions: 5

The story is long and descriptive with nice names in it. I liked to read it. It is long enough and has some hints. This story deserves a 5.0 if I am correct.

Additional Comments:
This is a very nice map. All it needs is a little update to make it much more hard.
Keep up the good work.
File Author
thanks for the rating. I will update this map soon according to your comments! thanks again

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Map Design4.5
Favorites: [Who?]0
Size:465.87 KB