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minas tirith

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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
This map is a quite good attempt at the siege of minas tirith thankyou to hitman and synster for the advise, just for people who want to know:
archers=orc archers
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Alien Lord92 How long it took to make this map. Seems to´be too plain.
Hypernova90 Try to make round walls instead. It's very hard and patciencly work! There are articles to be found on the internet to make round walls. Try to read and understand these so you can practice. This will make your map way more effort in design. Also the map is very plain, try to make it more varied with more type of grounds.

[Edited on 02/17/08 @ 07:56 AM]

Map Design1.5
Hi there,
First of all I want to say that I do not have anything against you, and I hope my tips can help you a lot with your next maps, because they do need a lot of improvement.

Playability: 1
The playability of this map wasn't great. The AI didn't work well, and when I finished the map there were two little annoying slave into upper left of the map which a had to kill. Get rid of them because this is really annoying. AI is way to slow in attacking and the diffculty of the map is defenitely bad.
Just a few tips:
- Make small gatehouses behind the larger ones.
- Make invasions of only one color, or did you did this on purpose to recreate the easterlings. Still it is one faction and i think it is best to maintain only one color.
- Use battering rams to destroy the main gate. Edit your map design long enough/ or invasions until you have discovered the trick to work in your map design.
- Make a second invasion. And put the easterlings in here and not in the first.
- There are articles to be found on the internet about how to make your AI work correct. Since I can't refer to these links I should say you can search for them on the internet.

Balance: 1
I'm sorry to say but this is terrible. The map lacks of balance in a way of: "WATCH AND SEE" you simply don't have to move a single unit and can still win. This directly refers to a 1 for balance. I tried to have the Mangonels fire and move all the forces up and down the city but it doesn't even matter. They still lose.
Just a few tips:
- Make a second invasion or more invasion. Don't hit the sprite limit because this will make a lot of problems like siege engines not being build.
- Replace the mangonels with Trebuchets on the wall of the first and second floor of Minas Tirith. You can place a terbuchet on a high or medium plane !ON ONE TILE! and then lowering the rest. This will show your effort and recreates the Minas Tirith even more.
- Preclaced units are a very good way to maintain Human intellegence. Press Alt+H to pause the editor. Place some enemy units of your desired color on the map first and then press Alt+H to pause the editor. Then order them to attack a specific object/friendly unit. Like siege towers in the movie.
- TEST YOUR MAPS VERY VERY LONG AND PATCIENTLY. I know I sound like a mother of 45 trying to give wise lessons but it works. Just to get the balance right means you will have to playtest it yourself/ or someone else over and over again.

Creativity: 3
Minas Tirith, the white city/ capital of Gondor recreated in a book by Tolkien and a movie by Peter Jackson. This is a creative idea to recreate this. Still I always say that there are many maps like this, but it shouldn't be supressed. The only fact is that your map doesn't have any special touches which increase the creativity.
Just a few tips:
- Try adding Rohhirim Cavalry into your map. You can do this by creating "a cave" and then blocking the entrance by some ENEMY WALLS. Just before you place the Rohhirim in the cave and order them to "PATROL" to the Pennolor Fields. Then pause the editor ( Alt+H ) and place the wall of your desired lenght. After that order one unit to destroy the wall. Once the wall is destroyed the Rohhirim will patrol between the cave and the Pennelor Fields. But if you let them face the enemy at the correct moment and set them on aggresive stance, they won't run back. This looks really great. Remember to make the cave invisible ( only one tile by one tile in a straight line makes it less visible.
- Try adding a lot of personal eyecandy. This will make the map look nice. Look for some tips and tutorials on this site.

Map Design: 1.5
This was not good! Minas Tirith has round walls. I know these walls are really difficult for some average/beginning map creators but it will make you show some effort. Also the city is WAY TO SMALL. Also the map is too plain and the lanscape doesn't remind me of Minas Tirith at all. Well let's sum up the tips:
- Make a 400 x 400 size map. This takes a lot of time I know. But it will recreate the movie a lot more. Also you can add Osgiliath better then the few houses you placed right know. Even the docks were Aragorn, Gimily and Legolas enter in the movie could be on a 400 x 400 map. Although the city may decrease a bit in size.
- Watch the movie and prints on the internet to make you feel the map design as it should be like Minas Tirith. The current map design didn't remind me in anyway. The trees in the north, the pitch in the lower right. Also the wall was really ugly and looked like a "wave" on the right part of the city on the second wall.
- Make round walls as early suggested. There are articales to be found on the internet how to make these in Stronghold. But since I can't refer to these links I will only give you this advice.
- Make Eyecandy to astounish us, like trebuchets on the walls and lowered walls tricks and even more. Search for tricks on this site and the internet.
- For a great example if you have Stronghold 1: MINAS TIRITH BY WARLORD DESIGNS. This map breaths like Minas Tirith and is almost an exact copy. Also this map has great working AI and good balance. But just to make you wonder how a Minas Tirith Map should look make some inspiration there. And for Crusader: Minas Tirith by Dark_Albino. This map has great design and very clever use of preplaced units.
- Try adding more ground types and make the ground look realistic. You can do this by using different types of ground, a lot of rocks which you could say that look realistic. Also if you want a river to be made like in Osgiliath you can make a bridge ( by lowering wall tricks, to be found on this side ). Also I would refer to this site for some articles for map desinging.

Story/Instructions: 2
Few instructions only about what units and what they represent. Try make a long good story which shows your effort in making the map.

Additional Comments:
This map could use a lot of improvement. Still I know you are just beginning with the art of mapmaking and I wish you the best. I hope my tips could help you out and the criticism isn't meant insulting or anything. Again MAKING MAPS COSTS DAYS, SOME WEEKS EVEN. Just to make a map isn't something you can put up in 1 hour. This is very patciently work.
Only one additional comment left:
- You named your map: MINAS TIRITH BEST EVER. I DO NOT mean to insult you but this sounds very selfish. Just call it: Minas Tirith by ... or something. Still hope you will find this usefull and improve your next or this map.


[Edited on 04/07/08 @ 05:46 AM]

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Map Design1.5
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