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Border Wars

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Easy
Like I Said before this is my frist map so if you don't like it you know what to do.
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Crossbow Dude Minimap?

No download from me, the description dosen't give any clues about the map. A map PNGer in the utilities section.
Crossbow Dude Sorry, my mistake. I somehow deleted half my sentance, oops.
Map Design1.0
This map is so bad that it is not even worth reading this review.

Playability: 1
No playability. You need wood to build things in Stronghold, but in this scenario you have no wood at all so you can build only one woodcutters hut and even that wont help you, because the "forest" is so far away that before the poor woodcuter can bring in some wood for other buildings, the invasion will crush you.

Balance: 1
I managed to create some 10+ archers and some pikemen, but they were killed by the first HUGE invasion. They had no chance. I put the engineer men on the towers (to operate the mangonel and ballista), but nothing changed anyway.

Creativity: 2
Well... Why did I gave you 2 points? I dont know really. Maybe because you put some events and the gates were designed... good?

Map Design: 1
Too bad I cant give you 0,5 points. This map could win the "most unrealistic looking like map of the year" prize. I know that you can use the "hill tool" or the "raise land tool", but obviously you didnt bother to do ANY map design here. For someone else reading this - there is a round pool of march, round hill of stones and ore, round place that you could call forest. The deer is running tear about like an astronauts on the moon... What else to say? There is a blind castle with lots of towers, a cathedral with church and chapel right next to each other etc... Maps like this shouldnt be allowed to be posted.

Story/Instructions: 1
No story.

Additional Comments:
You should really try harder before you post a map like this. I believe that it is so lame just because you didnt want to spend the time working on it. Not because it is your first map.
Alien Lord92 (edited by Sulis: unsuitable comment)

Forest is so far and before that woodcutter brings the wood to you you are already crushed.

I managed to get some archers and used them tactically and did even a little damage to that huge invasion.

I give 0 score.

[Edited on 02/21/08 @ 08:38 AM]

JuBuOrangie Youre supposed to leave some positive comments with the negative you know. Its not nice to just smash a map; you did'nt even leave how he could better.
DefendHer Yes and thats because he obviously know how to do better, but was too lazy to do so. Savvy?
Swordsman94 Go easy on him, its his first map. If I were you I would keep trying. I believe eventually you will be able to make good maps, just keep practicing.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1

I agree completely with DefendHer. This map Is the worst map I have ever played, and believe me, Ive played 'em all! It is absolutely crap. Normally with my comments I try to be tactfull, but this map has put me beyond that. If I could givew Zeros, I would.

This map is unplayable. You start with NO resources. The forest is so far away that by the time you get a load of wood, you are wiped away by a massive invasion.

To add to this, you placed the EXCUSE for a marsh right behind the forest, so when the woodcutter FINALLY gathers 12 planks, he has to walk through a huge marsh, making the Painfull wait even longer. I musterd 2 bows and 2 spears before the invasion of 100's af archers arrived.

Balance: 1

The opposite of balance. EXTREMELY poorly scripted, the occasional "Your apple orchards are barren my lord" or, "Our hop plants are overrun with hop weevil"

Creativity: 1

The most basic of basicness, nothing new here

Map Design: 2

Absolutely horrendous. The worst I have ever seen. The only reason I gave it a 2 was because the keep looked like it took you over 2 minutes to make.

The "forest" is made up of every type of tree you can get, all squashed into one circle.

The hard resources (stone and iron) is just a hill surrounded by boulders and topped by iron.

the "marsh" was a cirsle of marsh with a blob of oil in the middle.

the moat was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I do not know what you tried to accomplish by doing what you did.

Whats more, no minimap, but although you are new, I do not criticise you for that. We all start at that stage.

Story/Instructions: 1

A brief heading, so I cannot give it minimum.

Additional Comments:

Keep trying, you are a begginer, and you tried your best. Try reading the map making tutorials.

Lord Chuffnell Playability: 2
Well, there are no game-breaking bugs or mistakes. This scenario gets decidedly boring towards the end tough. There is no real challenge, in fact this scenario is more like a freebuild with some invasion elements to distract you. It is a nice relaxed game, but if you are looking for action you will be disappointed.

Balance: 1
The balance is completely off here. Your position is very easy to defend and you have ample resources. So while the enemy force is quite large it does not take long to figure out what to do, and then you can basically just sit back.

Creativity: 2
The map at large is hardly creative at all, the terrain is very... homogenous. But I like the moat and gatehouses, and the town is not that bad, so ill give you a 2 here. Also, I liked how you restricted the access to wood, that is a nice challenge. Unfortunately, it is not enough to save the scenario.

Map Design: 1
It seems you have not put very much work into this, and the map is pretty uninspired. All the resources are just big blobs on a huge plain. It works, but it is not very pretty to look at.

Story/Instructions: 1
The introduction and instructions are extremely short, so I give you one point. Personally I do not see these elements as essential, altough they can be great.

P.S.: What are you guys talking about, difficult? I finished it on very hard with like 13% losses. Maybe the map has been changed since you posted, if that is the case I apologise. I could not find any notes about it tough.

[Edited on 08/15/08 @ 03:57 PM]

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