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Silician salt flats

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 6
Balance: Balanced
Difficulty: Hard
Silician salt flats

the story (ficticious)

Many years ago there was an island named Therzamana which was currently the world's greatest salt commerce area in 1126.

Then one day the island trembled and shook and most of the inhabitants were swept by giant waves off the island or killed by robbers raiding storehouses for goods.The shaking of the island was a result of a giant serpentlike underwater monster who was stuck under the middle of the island,the pressure and force of the rocking made the middle of the island sink down further than the rest of it and also broke many chunks of rock off the cliff face into the water making it very hard to construct a dock to continue to harvest salt from the flats in the ocean (far right of map).

Eight lords came from the mainland to defeat the others and to claim the minerals and more importantly,the salt flats.

Arguments in each camp caused two of the lords to be assasinated and three lords took positions on each side of the island and each group swore their scimitars and maces would meet the necks of their enemies' before the flats be claimed by either side.

Author's Notes

Each position has roughly 5 iron mines' worth of minerals and 3 stone quarries to everyone

the amount of oasis is roughly the same and there should be enough lumber to go around and there is only one way through the trench and that is the lowest path to make it hard for the archers to target.

I made this map for the people who like having all the resources they for a long,drawn out fight.

hints and tips

try to put pitch ditches or killing pits in the trench,since it is the only way to get to the other side it would do a lot of damage.

If you build trebuchets on the cliffs near the trench you can fling dead cows into enemy troops massing on the other side and possibly even stone-hit his castle.

Evidently getting a lot of towers on the cliffs with mangonels and ballista while also being filled with xbowmen and archers and shields would be an unbreachable defense so you might want to make rules like tower limit and mangonel restriction to make the game fair if you are doing multiplayer.

The map will work with ai but it is probably better on the internet (some ai's will build over a bit of oasis but I saw no major problems but the abbot might lose a small corner of his large castle design and the wolf might not be able to make the scorpion castle.


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The Hitman what the... scorpion castle? lol, you're in some mistake, dude.
File Author
I can understand your confusion about what I said The Hitman,what I meant by that was the spider-shaped castle wolf sometimes makes.I made a mistake there.

[Edited on 02/21/08 @ 11:51 AM]

The Hitman It reminds me of the Corrint pass... this narrow tunnel is a great idea and observer of great battles and blood... the design of the sea, resources, oasises is good, but there are a little bit more empty spaces (desert), but this may be discounted, when we add these lands are swarmed by silicium ;) fairly good map, the design is medium and unfortunetelly too narrow for both AIs and humans... after a small corrections, I think, it will be a real little bijou :p
File Author
Most of the comps had no problems with this map but remember this only doubles as a skirmish map,it was meant for the people who play on gamespy and want all the resources at their disposal. (I didn't feel it would be good to include pitch)

This map is not really aimed at amazing detail,just to satisfy those massive death count battle needs without having a map that looks horribly unfinished,you know what I'm getting at :.)

What was the problem with building space for humans? I feel there is enough space even in the back to make all the structures you need for a castle.


The Hitman well, in GameSpy all the humans make huge castles... personally my castle is as big as the island from our side... when 3 humans on this island, there will be too narrow for building all the structures, you know... but like the map, no matter of this :)
File Author
Ok,thank you for telling me,I will keep the castle size issue in mind next time I make a gamespy map. :.)
monkcrazy5 Big castles are fun =)
Anyway let's give this one a shot!
"guy next to me pulls out a gun"
Not that shot!
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4
Very nice map except I played with pig, wolf, and wazir, who got stck together and blocked pig. So when I killed Wazir, guess what happened? 500 macemen, 250 pikemen, 200 swordsmen, 50 crossbowmen, all came at me. lucky for me, I had 145 arab archers 8 ballistas 8 square towers 5 lookouts and 120 x-bowmen. Miraculously, I survived. Without losing one archer, lol.

Balance: 5
The sides were equally balanced everywhere, I could put seven iron mines, if you try hard enough maybe eight.

Creativity: 4.5
The trench was very creative, might think about making some kind of pass in my next invasion.

Map Design: 4.5
The trench was well made but the keeps need to be a little further apart.

Story/Instructions: 5
I loved the story! I love Sicilia, and I love salt. =)

Additional Comments:
Great map!
File Author
Thank you very much for the review, Monkcrazy5,I am glad you had a good tough game on my map :.)
peter2008 Dear Venomrider,

would like to offer some comments to your map. Please be sure that my aim is to honour your efforts. :) If I utter critics it's my honest way of trying to help make Crusader maps better.

The middle section is well designed. I noticed myself watching the sea !while fighting!
Indeed there's plenty of recources spread over the landscape. I wellcome your wish to bring natural looking maps to Gamespy. (Hope to meet you.)

The idea of the trench, of a narrow pass seems very interesting. The main thing in Crusader, I think, will always be to find a balance between the devastating power of marksmen/tower ballistas and the so to say remaining kinds of troops. This trench cannot protect the attacking forces, because it's straight and too short. Maybe a pass should be longer and in winding roads?

The map is NOT balanced in tactical respects. As we can see from the minimap 2 keeps south to the trench are placed nearer to it than the 2 ones north. So when I played the south-eastern position all I needed to do was to close the trench and build ONE big tower (and another tower to deal with poor Sultan west to me). But this way a match turns out boring. - Quite different when you play on the north side of the map. The trench's too far away to be closed or filled up with ditch and traps! Then two towers full of xbowmen etc. are still enough.

As monkcrazy5 has already told, 3 AI don't work: in the north section. It was really fun to watch Saladin being blocked with hundreds of soldiers inside his castle and only his assassins ans his usual messages coming out to me. (Solved that immense danger by setting Saladins castle on fire before I destroyed a neighbour's one. - On the SOUTHERN side 3 AI work, but their laid-down way of castle building takes away a lot of meadow.

[Edited on 03/15/08 @ 12:00 AM]

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Map Design4.5
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